Do you have an area that you think would be perfect for a pool? Well, here at Custom Pools Tulsa we have a wide selection and variety of different styles of pools that you can choose from. Wanting something else besides a pool. There’s also plenty more to explore and exterior design and landscaping. All sorts of things such as outdoor kitchen, fireplaces and fire pits, including porch, additions, not limited to pergolas and pavilions.
Custom Pools Tulsa is who you should call to get your entire backyard turned into what should be everything including fountains and fire features and most importantly the pool. Along with getting the pool if you wanted to add something that will also create something else in a different five to the entire environment around your pool you can look into things such as fire balls for fire pits to put around your pool. fireplaces are a great addition for friends, family and guest to come over and entertain. Weather is also good to include something to fire me is an elegant fire feature that could be added to your pool design they come in a variety of colors I can make the entire air feel soothing.
Don’t leave us in the dust whenever you’re searching for pools make sure you give us a chance at Custom Pools Tulsa because of one phone call we’re pretty sure that you can see why we would be the best choice for getting a pool in your backyard. Not only for being able to entertain your family and your guests. But have something that would be the envy of the neighborhood. Don’t worry about if it’s gonna look or not just let us focus on the design and making it look good and you focus on what you want and we will take that and turn it into something extremely extravagant. We are determined to make sure that you have the best quality and best show piece out of everyone else’s. whatever shape, design or landscape, you decide to choose we are sure that we can make it look beautiful. If this is something you’re definitely interested and it would be worth a call because if you call us we can explain everything that we offer if you’re interested? It would be well worth your time because there’s so many options to choose from.
Also along with the purchase of your pool, there are a few things that we don’t provide that you need to make sure you have. Not expensive what so I but definitely well we’re the investment whenever you have little ones running around the pool and you don’t want to be worried about something happening today that would be floaty’s.

Soon for your little one, go ahead and give us a call at 918.884.8427. So that way we can go ahead and get you set up and get everything ready for your little one to jump in the floaties on. If it’s better for you to see it, go ahead and take a look at the website at So we can start getting to work on that perfect visual aspect that would make your back yard the perfect space to entertain guest and host family get togethers.

Custom Pools Tulsa | Guest

Welcome to Custom Pools Tulsa one of the best places to come whenever you’re trying to make an area in your home an area where you can entertain guests, host parties, and maybe even have a loose business meeting. But now we offer much more we offer more than you can imagine. Such things as fire features. Fire in bowls, fire in places, fire in pits. If you’re not necessarily a pyromaniac, there is also plenty of options to pick from for motor features. Things such as spillway, water, bowls, deck, jets, and bubblers. Choosing one of these parts is definitely sure to impress your guests and create a relaxing environment. along with this relaxing environment, that your water features will be installed to. You could also include LEDs. What is cooler than LEDs. Lighting up water at night to create an ambient feature. Definitely worth it.
Also, did I mention at Custom Pools Tulsa you can also get other cool things besides LEDs. You could add something to the side of the pool that is going to also create an even better experience for your guess yourself or just having a good time. That would be an outdoor kitchen what’s better than having an outdoor kitchen right next to your pool so you can just go right over there and cook steak and then right after you’re done cooking a steak you can have a good time just sitting there eating it right next to the water. How are you and all your guests? Just enjoy a good time. And on top of that you can sit underneath your pavilion that we also provide. Now that sounds like a lot in the kitchen underneath the pavilion cooking a steak right next to your pool. Sounds like the life to me.
At Custom Pools Tulsa we offer other things besides pavilions. We also offer an array of arbors and pergolas to cover you up and keep you out of the sun on those hot days after you get out of the pool. Make sure to wear sunscreen.
Let’s talk about guests. One of the most important things about having guests over as having an area to entertain them. Take it from the experts doing this day in and day out. We know a thing or two, from all the years of experience that we have.
And if you were definitely interested in having an area where you can entertain guests, whether it’s by a fire place, or in your outdoor kitchen Give us a call at 918.884.8427. Or go to our website and take a look at all or testimonials from our customers that love our product and what we provide