Design Videos

Our 3D design software is a great tool to model how your pool will look upon completion. This software allows us to capture to scale the existing space you have in your yard to give you a solid idea of what to expect the space to look like after we have completed the pool. When we have our consultations, we like to ask our customers if you have any specific requests or specifications about the design of the pool itself. For example, if your dream pool has a tanning ledge, diving board, rock grotto, waterfall, a bench – you name it! – our 3D design software can capture it and bring it to life. We feel this is a powerful tool that allows our customers to have a firm understanding of what the finished product will look like. Building a pool is a big decision, and we want to really bring out the best in each of our projects to hopefully exceed your expectations.

As pool builders who specialize in custom in-ground pools, we have built pools of all shapes and sizes. We feel that giving our customers the opportunity to customize their pool makes it more unique and meaningful. This also allows us to build projects that are tailored to the wants and needs of each of our clients individually. Over the years we have encountered situations where the initial design may not be what our customer was expecting. Mapping out spacing can be difficult when dealing with complex and tight areas. This program alleviates these issues entirely. If there is something about your design that you want to change, we are happy to make adjustments during the design stage to make sure the pool is everything you want it to be. The possibilities are endless when it comes to building custom pools.

If you have an existing patio or porch area that will be located in proximity to the pool, our 3D software program can capture how that space will look in relation to the pool itself. This is particularly useful for those customers of ours who want to envision how their existing space will look in comparison to the finished pool. This also allows us to remodel these areas, as requested, to capitalize on the space you have and really bring it to life.

We feel it is important to ensure you are happy with the design of the pool. If you feel there is a specific feature that you would like to modify, we are happy to accommodate any requests you have. No matter the size and scope of your project, we know details matter. We want to build a pool you are proud of – and we feel utilizing this software can make that a reality. Some pool builders will use cookie-cutter designs to build as many pools as possible, as fast as they can. We find our customers are happy with the ability to customize their project to their specifications. That is why every single pool we have built has been unique to the previous one. Building only custom pools, we are careful with every one of our pools to make sure we are building it to the highest standard. By choosing the highest quality equipment and materials, we can showcase our craftsmanship and build durable pools to last a lifetime.

A common concern we have occasionally been asked is if we also do landscaping. We are proud to say that we do offer landscaping to go along with your pool to really bring out the best in your yard. Landscaping can be difficult to choose, given that our climate in Tulsa allows for many different types of foliage to prosper. We are happy to assist in the decision-making process by making recommendations based on our experience in the industry. Ultimately, we feel that the 3D design software that we use is a fantastic tool to aid in this process. The software allows us to generate dozens of different types of foliage to allow our customers to get a visual representation of the different options available to you.

Another request we have frequently is to build fountains and fire features. Depending on the size, scope, and materials used, these features can add up in cost quickly. By utilizing the 3D design software we use, we feel our customers could end up saving money by having a better idea of what their design will look like in real-life. We are able to model different types of materials ranging in price and quality to determine what will work best for you and your budget. These features can really complete your backyard to make it the ultimate hang-out spot, no matter the season or time of day. We hope that the usage of our design software will allow you to be comfortable with the design that you choose from start to finish. No one likes surprises in the construction industry – and we know our customers want to feel they have a solid understanding of what to expect when their pool is finished.

At Sierra Pools, we feel that the 3D design software we use sets us apart from other pool companies. Sometimes looking at detailed construction plans can be difficult for an untrained eye to picture how the finished product will look in person. The patented software we use is capable of more than the systems that many of our competitors use, and we hope the software will be able to capture exactly the vision you have for your backyard so we are able to turn it into reality. The capabilities this software provides us with allow us to create memorable experiences during the design process that we hope will impress you and alleviate any concerns you have about the design of the pool itself. Please contact our office by clicking here so we can begin designing the perfect pool for you. No matter the request, we are happy and prepared to begin building a piece of your home that you will never forget.