Swimming Pool Design

Elevate Your Expectation in Pool Design!

Sierra Pools and Spas of Tulsa uses the best 3D design software to give you the most accurate and realistic pool and backyard design.  Through the use of virtual reality, you and your family can be confident in your pool design before we ever break ground!  Contact us today for any questions regarding your pool design.


Consultation: A designer will set up your free in-home consultation to get an understanding of your backyard dream.  Consultation appointments are scheduled Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between 4:00pm and 7:00pm.  Plans from architects and landscapers are also welcome.  It is best to have the whole family at the consultation appointment to make sure we cover everyone’s wants and needs.

Design Questions: During your free in-home consultation, we ask you specific questions to better understand your needs and desires.  Some of these questions include: What style of pool are you interested in?  How deep do you want your pool to be?  Do you want to add a spa to your pool design? Are you interested in any water features such as waterfalls, deck jets, or bubblers?  Do you want a saltwater or chlorine pool? Do you want to add a diving board?  Do you want to add a slide?  Are you interested in landscaping around the pool?  Are you interested in any type of outdoor structure e.g.: pergola, outdoor kitchen, covered seating? How much decking do you want around your pool?  We make sure to ask every question to ensure that we create the pool you envision.

Analyze Backyard: We will analyze your backyard for best use.  We will look at your yard with you to get an understanding for where you envision your pool.  We will then take detailed measurements of your yard and house, as we will put this all into your personal 3D design.  It is best if you can have a copy of your property plat map available for us at the time of your consultation.  This will help our designers locate any easements and have a more exact measurement of your property lines.  We will also take pictures of your back yard and house to ensure our designers include every detail in your design.

Creating Your Personal Design: After your consultation meeting, our designers will use the consultation information, and measurements and photos, of your yard and house to create a 3D design back at our office.  We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail and your design should reflect your current house and help you visualize your pool in your backyard.  We include everything from landscaping, to furniture, to drinks on the tables and beach towels on the loungers.  We want you to get a feeling for what it will be like to have a pool in your backyard.


Garrison Pool With Patio

Crisp Pool With Waterfall

Cardoza Pool In Green Grass

Design Meeting: Visualization of your ideas will be presented to you in a free design meeting through the use of 3D design software.  We bring the design to you making it convenient for any family schedule.  You don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter and driving out to our office.  Your design meeting will begin with a short overview video of your personal 3D design.  This unique video will show you your pool in relation to your house and yard.  This video will then be uploaded to our youtube channel for you, and your family and friends, to look at and share.  After the design video, you will get to experience your pool in 360 degree visuals through the use of our virtual reality headset.  This one of a kind experience will allow you to actually move within your personal design and see the details of your pool project.  The kids will also love trying on the virtual reality headset!  After the virtual reality experience we will present your official bid.  Your bid will outline the details of pool construction and will break down the prices of each part of your pool project.  Finally, we will answer any and every question you may have about the design or bid.

$500 Deposit: To move forward with construction, all we require to get started is a $500 deposit.  This deposit allows us to write up your official contract and to get your permits submitted to the city and/or county.  We accept cash, credit, check, or debit for the deposit.  After your deposit, our payment schedule is as follows: 10% down at the signing of your contract, 30% down at excavation, 30% down at gunite, and 30% down at deck setup.  We accept cash or check for these payments, but can take credit for a small fee.

Design Adjustments: Before finalizing your contract we can adjust any detail of your pool project to ensure your design is exactly the way you want it.  We know that you may change your mind on details of your pool project, and that is no problem.  If there is anything you want to change after your contract has been signed we can always write up a change order for you to make those changes.  The change order becomes a part of your contract and we will adjust the contract price accordingly. 

Construction Begins: Once the permits have been approved by the city and/or county, and your contract has been signed, we can move forward with the construction process!  To learn more about our construction process please visit our Swimming Pool Construction page under the Services tab on our website. 

At Sierra Pools and Spas we know how important it is to be able to visualize your pool project before we ever break ground.  If you want to learn more about how you can get your free personalized 3D design please call 918-884-8427 or fill out a contact request form on our website and we will call you to set up your free in-home consultation.  To view video samples of previous designs we have completed at Sierra Pools and Spas, please visit the Samples page on our website.