Swimming Pool Construction

Our Pool Construction Process


Step 1 Plans and Permits


We will generate the construction plans and acquire the necessary permits to begin the construction process. We will also call 811 to locate all existing utility lines before the beginning of construction.

Step 2 Pool Layout

Once the plans are approved and the permits have been obtained, construction begins! The form boards are set with great care to ensure your pool is in the correct position.

Step 3 Excavation

After the form is set, the excavation may begin. An excavation crew will carefully dig your pool in accordance with your exact pool design, depth, and elevation.

Step 4 Plumbing

Rough plumbing is done immediately following steel installation. This includes the installation of main drains, skimmers, light niches, return line stubs and pre-plumbing of raised spas.

Step 5 Steel Construction


Next, the steel crew will reinforce the pool shell with #3 and #4 rebar placed horizontally and vertically. This creates the backbone of your swimming pool.

Step 6 Gunite


The next process of your pool construction is the application of gunite. Gunite is a mixture of sand, rock, and cement that will be applied by an experienced technician. The gunite is applied through a hose with highly pressurized air to achieve the desired psi to provide maximum structural strength.

Step 7 Tile And Coping

Tile & Coping

The tile of your choice is hand laid and grouted around the water line. The coping of your choice is then hand laid and grouted on the wall top.

Step 8 Equipment and Utilities Setup


An experienced technician will plumb in all of the necessary equipment for the pool, including water feature pumps and other optional equipment. A licensed electrician will install the breaker box and run electrical conduits for pool lights and pool equipment. Gas lines to the pool heater will be run to the equipment location by a licensed utility specialist.

Step 9 Deck Layout and Pour

Deck Layout & Pour

The pool deck should reflect the overall theme for the project including color, pattern, and type. The deck is formed, reinforced with rebar, and poured.

Step 10 Site Clean Up


Your pool is nearly complete! We remove any excess waste and construction material and prepare the pool interior to be finished.

Step 11 Pool Finish


The pool interior is coated with your choice of materials. Different finishes render different effects and moods upon the pool water and the overall appearance of the backyard area. When the coating is finished, we begin filling the pool with water.

Step 12 Start Up and Instruction


Once the pool is full, a service technician will check the installation and start all pool and/or spa equipment. Once the equipment has been started and is fully operational, a service technician will set up a time to meet with you and show you maintenance operations.


Now that your pool is complete, it’s time to jump in and ENJOY! If you have any further questions or concerns, we are a phone call away!