Here at Custom Pools Tulsa we offer a variety of services starting with but not limited to some Gourmet outdoor kitchens. If you’re wanting to expand your backyard not just with your pool but also create an outdoor space to host events and parties this is a great step. With 3D modeling, a virtual reality headset that will allow you to see all the ins and outs of it, adding an outdoor kitchen to the list is a must-see item.
If you were to purchase an item from Custom Pools Tulsa such as a gourmet outdoor kitchen you can also choose other things to go with us such as porch additions a pergola or Pavilions if you want to do add that into the mix and what does portrait innovations that sure to definitely tie everything in together from your kitchen to your pool do whatever you choose to cover your outdoor kitchen. Don’t forget also with choosing your Gourmet outdoor kitchen, you have a choice of just about everything from brick pizza ovens to outdoor refrigerators creating the perfect space.
Get some fire from Custom Pools Tulsa with a custom fireplace or fire pit to add to your entire Backyard Oasis. It’s an aesthetic compliment definitely to have a fire pit to tie it all together. Knights roasted marshmallows or maybe even just cooked a wiener. you can be sure to have a great time swimming all the fire burns. Having a fire pit is not enough. You can also choose from a list of fire features you can add to put around your pool. Feeling like you’re a bit of a pyromaniac I’m sure we can help.
It could not be a pool party with a fire pit in the outdoor gourmet kitchen with a pogo Leah and a waterfall feature without some pool noodles. Make sure that if you were to purchase one of our extravagant and extraordinary pools, you have a staple part of pool etiquette and get yourself some pool noodles. Thinking that this is something that is leaning your way we are still struggling to believe, make sure to ask friends and family about what’s more important. having a perfectly good burger or pool noodles. if you can agree with us I think it’s time you should give us a call.
Now that you’re ready to set up your design and take a look at how your Gourmet Kitchen may look, go ahead and give us a call at 918.884.8427. and if what you’re saying is not enough for you definitely recommend going look at her video testimonials and see what other customers have gotten and what they have done. Because they too might have some pool noodles. Here’s our website to get a pool so you can get pool noodles.

Custom Pools Tulsa | Sharks And Minnows

Hello from Custom Pools Tulsa If you’re looking to buy a pool today this is the best place to because we have the best products and the best people to help service you and your journey to creating the best backyard for you. Backyard products not only range from the pool to a possible outdoor kitchen that you might want to choose. But we also have Hardscape and soft caps to add to the back to create the perfect drop between The Sunset and the water. Besides the Landscaping doesn’t forget about the awesome Pavilions we have something that’s even more upscale than a pergola. The designs to choose from are endless. When in an outdoor kitchen bar area we’ve got you. Or you want something Shaded and just married and relaxing. We have that too.
One of the best things about choosing Custom Pools Tulsa is that we are always striving to make our customer experience better and provide them with the best quality materials and the best possible experience throughout the whole process. because what’s the point of having a horrible process and then trying to enjoy something afterward? Exactly, there is no point, that is why whenever you choose yes you will have the best experience I’ve ever had when purchasing something. partly because you get to be involved in the design experience and you get to watch it all unfold before your very eyes.
Custom Pools Tulsa Is the leader in backyard additions such as arbors, hardscapes, and saw escapes. make sure that before you call us you have kind of an idea planned out but if not that’s perfectly fine too because you can describe it to us exactly what you want. That’s another bonus of working with us is if you have an idea change we can always add it in later. so if you want to add a waterfall feature to the design of your brand-new pool. We can do that because how else are you supposed to hide when playing fun pool games.
Part of these Cool games include Sharks and Minnows having a waterfall to hide behind 4 having an awesome flame feature to scare away the Sharks while you’re a minnow is an awesome addition to adding elements to the game that makes it even more fun. We are really passionate about providing customers with the best product so that their children are able to have a safe place to have fun and enjoy the water. Guess what’s more important than having a safe place for your child to play in the water where you don’t have to worry about anybody else coming to enter your personal space and dealing with what might be swimming around in the water in a public area? Complete with your own recirculating filter system you are sure to know that whenever you walk out into the convenience of your backyard that you will have a safe clean environment for you and your family.
If you are ready to have a safe clean environment for your child to play in and have full in the convenience of your backyard and not have to worry about any nasty things that might be floating in the water go ahead and give us a call today at 918.884.8427. If you’re interested in seeing some video testimonials and looking at pictures of other customers’ builds go ahead and check out our website.