Something great about Custom Pools Tulsa is our story. Our company is family owned and operated and was founded in 2007 by Paul and his wife Tammy. The spirit of entrepreneurship to carry them up from their youth is inspiring. Running a daycare in Tulsa that grew to three locations and it’s still an operation today. And now runs a successful company creating a backyard. Dreams for everyone across the Tulsa area. A story about Paul and Tammy also shows that they put the same effort into their company. They know if they feel that their customer is getting the right treatment. Knowing that they both have very strong values and even instilled them in their children, creating a new rise of entrepreneurs to take over the company. Knowing that the generation continues to create products shows how to put effort into the design, other crews put the effort into the construction, and just how much they care about the product.
Another great thing about having Custom Pools Tulsa as a local company is trying to come in here and take over the competition. Knowing that the owners and their children are both from the surrounding Tulsa area and are now creating beautiful backyard masterpieces that will last a lifetime. along with knowing that the company was founded in 2007 shows that they have been able to
Survive the worst. And crawling from one of the worst areas economically and still being running today shows that they have something truly meaningful.
Their services show that Custom Pools Tulsa is the leader in the design, construction, and completion of projects. All thanks to the streamlined effect of torpedoing Into becoming the best competitor there is. Part of this has helped the mister they offer that allows them to get 100% financing and allows you to get a quote today.
Your company torpedoes its way into dealing with problems and taking care of its customers is one way you know you’re dealing with a legit business. Especially with the on-time guarantee. Your happiness is the number one priority. Even though they can control or predict the weather. The reality of it is unpredictable. That they still strive to entertain their customers the best they can.

If you’re interested in hearing about the product services and that we have purchased or created a backyard area in your home to be surrounded by waterfalls and the sound of water fire features, and anything else that you can dream of, go ahead and give us a call at 918.884.8427. So that way we can go ahead and get started because the sooner the better. Contact us at this website.

Custom Pools Tulsa | Lounge Chair

The best part about Custom Pools Tulsa is that they offer multiple sources of financing all available at 100% and it’s possible to get a quote today. Our company is one of the highest review custom pool builders in Oklahoma. Always on time and always on budget guaranteed. did not convince me. We are a pool and hot tub alliance member and we are also screened and approved by the home advisor. Plus we are a member of the HBA in the Tulsa area which stands for our builder’s association Tulsa. If this is something you might be interested in, first you start with step one schedule, a free consultation, then step what we’re gonna do is get you set up with a free customized 3-D design and proposal plus a quote all of that for free. And then the third step is his contract signing.
At Custom Pools Tulsa our rates are as low as 2.99% and the loans up to $200,000 and we could even do terms all the way to 25 years. No equity is required. no consulting fees. We offer a swimming pool, design, swimming pool, construction exterior design, landscaping fountains and fire features, and any extras. You might need more convincing. We have zero down and long-term financing. Free 3-D design and virtual reality tour. On time, guaranteed, family owned and operated, and highest quality at the best price. In comparison to everyone else, we are the best competitor in the whole industry.
We are the one-stop shop, forgetting everything you need for creating it from a concept to reality. a free 3-D design to finish the dream pool. We have it all. Custom Pools Tulsa designs and builds each port, unique to each customer, 3-D design, software, and virtual reality. You’ll be able to experience your pool before construction ever begins. We will work closely with you throughout the entire design and building process to ensure that your backyard dream becomes reality. Because if we don’t maintain a close relationship all we do is this and it’s fine we won’t want to have an unhappy customer. So that’s why as a part of our services. We offer exterior design and landscaping. Because your backyard should be relaxing for you and your family to enjoy. Unique to each customer each design, each build, and each situation. Should be treated as if we are building an escape for you at the end of the day because if you didn’t have that, where would you go swimming? Because you don’t wanna swim in a public pool, so many nasty things. It should be your escape at the end of the day. In addition to the design and installation of your pool. We install outdoor stress landscaping to create a relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy here. For the return outdoor kitchen porch addition for Hansmann or just staying and comfort in the elements, we have it all.
know if you think it’s time for you to go ahead and sit back and the lounge chair and relax now is your time to go ahead and get in contact with us. Because summer only lasts so long, so take hold of it while you can. so if you’re ready to go ahead and give us a call at 918.884.8427. Or if you need more convincing, take a look online at our website And take a look at our video testimonials of customers.