Custom Pools Tulsa is here to assist you with everything you might need. They’re going to be plenty of things you’re going to want to take from when designing your backyard oasis. Many different designs in many different things to choose from. Some cool features of the pool would be the deck Jets or the bubblers. We think about the Jets and water from the pool spa into the pool and it especially feels designed for your kids. An even more exciting water feature is the deck shops that provide a covered art of water if they go down into the pool for the use of an LED light. It is definitely a fantastic condition to have in your pool. Beautiful streams of light coming from the deck down into the watercolor, such as orange, red blue, and purple.
Another great offer that Custom Pools Tulsa offers would have to be the bubbler for the pool. The bummer creates a column of water that flowers up off the shelf of your pool. The smaller water features are a great addition to any tanning ledge or even a bench. Just like the deck jets you can get LED lights to put in your pool with the water features, and create and set an entirely new mood.
If you’re not a fan of LEDs, we have another product at Custom Pools Tulsa that might be not up your alley. Cold water bowls. They are an elegant water feature that you might consider adding to the edge of your pool design. Think I’m never riding your colors in what position they said it is up to you, but we find that it looks best sitting on a raised wall or raised pillar. They also provide a soothing sound effect to say water pours over the bowl and down into the pool. Perfect fall asleep at night during the day because you don’t want to get sunburned. No sense in creating a perfect backyard if you’re still going to get burnt. But that’s OK. Just make sure you use sunscreen.
What’s up your alley? Go ahead and don’t just take it for granted, and at least take a minute to look at what they do to enhance your pool look. Because we think that you might find something that you might actually like if you went ahead and either talk to us or visit our website. And if you don’t believe us. You can take a look at our video testimonials and see what other customers have to say about our product. I’m sure you will be impressed to see what the other customers say about our product. But don’t take it from us, take it from them. take a look at the reviews that we have and believe it for yourself.

If the thought of having an awesome LED with a pool with water features sounds great or if you just want to stay relaxed and have a water bowl in your pool, give us a call at 918.884.8427. I will take a look at our website at

Custom Pools Tulsa | Hardscape Or Softscape

Here at Custom Pools Tulsa, we believe that your backyard should be a relaxing sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy. At the end of the day, you should be able to walk into your backyard and not have to worry about what’s back there and just be able to enjoy the view. If you were looking to improve your design. That is something that we should be able to help with. We offer an array of services. To help improve the special features of the backyard. Everything from hardscape to soft scape We’ve got a handle on. If it’s something you’re looking for in a Petrolia or if you’re looking for a rock feature washer to provide. Or if you would love to have a good night after, we can do that. And I can’t be complete without having a fireplace or a fire pit.
Custom Pools Tulsa is top-tier and provides its customers with services that allow them to change the entire landscape of their backyard. Everything from creating the permit, laying it out, and digging the hole for the pool. You are sure to have the best construction plumbing and concrete installed and if any other company. Long with the best installation comes these awesome waterfalls that we have. Included in a hardscape is everything from basic concrete to stained and stamped. We also do a rocksalt finish on our concrete because it’s a unique textured concrete that is created by mixing coarse rock salt. Oklahoma is very hot in the summertime and its typical concrete can be very hard to feet. By adding this onto the concrete decking, it creates a cooler non-slip surface to walk around on the pool. Papers or another option and there’s also a wide range of color shapes in style for our clients to choose from. When you get on the phone with a specialist, we can help you decide what is best for your yard in your area.
Not only do we have hardscapes, but we also have soft scapes because nothing is complete without greenery. Custom Pools Tulsa is the leading competitor for soundscape design and turning that project into reality. The design features a bunch of plants, bushes and trees that will complement the backyard. I can always add and take out whatever plans you might want or don’t want. And before even if all of this happens. get a free design with photos as well as a free 3-D design video featuring your landscaping. We work hard so you don’t have to.

If you are interested in designing your dream backyard, go ahead and get it taken care of. Go ahead and give us a call at 918.884.8427. Or you can visit our website at hand, see the video, testimonials, pictures, and a list of all the services we provide.