If you’re considering buying custom pools Tulsa, but you still ensure what the overall costs are going to be then we are going to help answer some of these questions for you. In general, it the cost it takes to build a pool or maintain a pool, and other costs associated with the custom-built pool are going to vary depending on a couple of different factors but most often of course size place most important role. So we’re going to give you the most basic answers for average size and generalities. We were going to answer how much it cost to build a pool, and we’re also going to us ask how much it cost to maintain a pool.

So if you’re looking custom pools Tulsa, and you are considering buying a pool from Sierra Pools and Spas but first you want to know what the ballpark is on the price of the custom-built pool that we can tell you that back putting the side, depth, decking, and additional features. An average size or one of our custom-built pools is 34′ x 16′ with 300 ft.² of decking. Something like that is going to cost you somewhere around mid $40,000. If you’re interested in the spa, and as spot, your pool construction can add an additional $12-$20,000 depending on what kind of spa you desire. These ballpark figures in these are generalities that we are throwing out there to give you a rough estimate. This, of course, can be more or less depending on what you want to the features that you like.

If you look here custom pools Tulsa, then you may also be wondering how do I pay for my pool to determine how much it costs. With Sierra Pools and Spas you can use your money down every we do require a $500 deposit. This allows us to finalize any design changes and get a contract written. The payment schedule following that is 10% assigning a contract, and then 30% excavation,. We do another 30% at can I, and in the last 30% is due at deck set up. We can do it for no money down and review offer long-term financing for some of our partners which you can find on our website. You just have to build a basic $500 for the initial deposit and then make sure that you can pay according to the payment schedule that we described above.

Many people also want to know how much it costs to maintain a pool that is inground. Of course, again maintenance cost can vary depending on the size and the amenities of your pool but if you look at most of the pool service Tulsa companies, on average they’re going to charge about $40 a week take care chemicals. You also have to consider the cost in your weekly or monthly maintenance costs as well. It will probably cost you at least approximately $200 a month to maintain your pool properly.

If you want to move forward with the custom-built contact Sierra Pools and Spas at any time in our office hours on our office at 918.884.8427, or you can just visit us on our website at sierrapoolsandspas.com, and contact us to form our website as well. We will receive an email with your questions comments or your desire to set up a consultation and will get back to you we’re open again. If you like to move forward and get the ball rolling and set up that free consultation give us a call today’s business website, or just come by and see us in person will gladly help you patient is take to get to go to the pool of your dreams.

Custom Pools Tulsa | Who Are Sierra Pools And Spas And What Do They Do Exactly?

If you’re not specifically in the market for custom pools Tulsa right now and haven’t been researching may not have heard of Sierra Pools and Spas. What does exactly what Sierra Pools and Spas is what we do. We are Tulsa’s best highest-reviewed custom pool building company. We build pools and spas everybody in the greater Tulsa area back up with any of the other pool building companies in the state. You can give us a call anytime to set up a consultation we can tell you more about ourselves or you visit our website about us.

So if you want to consider custom pools Tulsa, then you can always talk to us a Sierra Pools and Spas we can get you pointed in the right direction. Here pools is objectively Tulsa’s favorite with the most and highest Google reviews and with the most five-star Google reviews that any the other competitors in our industry. You can also view the testimonials on our website that give further proof that we do amazing work part of what we do. Sierra Pools and Spas offer service in four main ways. Most importantly we do your swimming pool design and your swimming pool construction. We can also do all the exterior design and landscaping around your pool your backyard as well as we do your swimming pool construction. Lastly, we also do any the fountain fire features as part of your pool design as well.

So Sierra Pools and Spas offers the best custom pools Tulsa, and we also offer you the best service to go along with the actual pool construction of the pool building process. We get you started the contract in three simple steps to start with setting up a consultation. Disk in touch with us at 918.884.8427, got our website at sierrapoolsandspas.com and set up your free consultation with us at any time. Because by our office and all well speak to us face-to-face about consultation as well.

After that, we’re going to make a 3-D graphic design of what your finished pool project is going to look like she can see it before we do anything else in the process or even sign a contract. Would you give us a go on the design, that we can give you an estimate and then the third step in the process of securing Sierra Pools and Spas as your custom pool builder is to just sign the contract that we create for you? That’s all it takes and that’s everything in a nutshell that Sierra Pools and Spas provide to the consumer. We make it simple for you to set up a consultation get estimates and sign the contract which is all completely free, and then we design your pool deconstruct the pool and us also to the exterior design landscaping around your pool the supplements that, and then we also do the extra features as part of your pool design also.

You feel like you would love to have a custom-designed Sierra Pools and Spas, the give us a call anytime and our number is 918.884.8427, or visit us on our website at sierrapoolsandspas.com check out more about our company, the history of our company and the founders, FAQs, any customer testimonials from very satisfied clients in the past. Just reach out in touch with us to set up the, and we get the ball rolling on designing constructing the point of your dreams you’ve always wanted.