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Welcome back to another edition of Sierra pools and spas podcast. We are so glad to be here with you. Uh, I’m Cody and I’m Rachel and we’re here to talk about your pool needs and, uh, pool questions. Um, so, uh, we are in the swimming pool construction, uh, here in Tulsa providing affordable constructions and Tulsa. Um, if you have a pool project or, or you have questions about swimming pools, uh, we are here to help. We specialize in, in ground, uh, swimming pools. And, uh, we, uh, we are the second generation of this company. Um, Rachel’s father started this business and, uh, we are continuing it, learning all the, all the tips and tricks from the pros. Um, today we are extending our FAQ, uh, content. Uh, we’ll call this episode FAQ number two, or subtitle that. Thank you. Uh, number two, uh, we’re going to ask, I want to talk about questions that are asked, uh, to us. Uh, just what’s off your mind so you feel comfortable. You don’t have to wonder what, um, these hard questions. The answers to the hardest questions are, um, so today, uh, beans, Tulsa’s swimming pool construction, uh, uh, providing Tulsa with affordable contractions here in Tulsa. Uh, we’re gonna, we’re gonna talk about some questions, uh, to ease your mind of Pool Construction In Tulsa.

Yeah. Um, so there’s, we know there’s a lot of different pool companies in the Tulsa area, so being in swimming pool construction and Tulsa is, um, can be competitive market and you as a consumer might have questions as to why you should choose Sierra pools and spas. Um, and we want to answer those for you because we know that we are the best pool company in the area and we know that we can give you the best quality work, um, at an affordable price. Um, so when we meet with customers in their consultation or design meetings, there’s, um, questions that are commonly asked. And so we just want to run through those and, um, address some of those. And of course there’s, there’s more than these, but these are the main ones that are asked most frequently. Um, so the first one that we get asked is, what’s your history? How did you get started? Where, who are you people? Well,

first it all started with my mom and dad. Uh, they fell in love and, uh, they gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. That’s where it started. That’s where I started. Um, their story is not so important. It doesn’t end well, but I’m here. Um, and then I met Rachel and, uh, I’m sure her birth story is pretty similar. Um, anyways, going back how we started. Uh, we, uh, found love and we got married and we had desires to start her own business. Um, Richard’s father, Paul Bemis, um, ah, has a swimming pool, construction company, um, as well as other, uh, many, uh, uh, businesses and, uh, we have a desire and interest in, into the swimming pool industry and we just, and was just started asking questions and doing a lot of research and kind of just jumping right into the right into the industry. Um, and so that kind of how, uh, how we come from a, is there more information about your father’s, the company’s history of Pool Construction In Tulsa.

This company has been around, the company has been around since 2007. Um, so, uh, we’ve been in business for 10 years and, um, my father, Paul has been in the construction industry for over 25 years. So, um, we’ve been around for quite some time. And, um, like Cody was saying, um, I was 14 when the business started, when my father started the pool company. So I’ve, I’ve been around it for a good portion of my life. I’m 24 now, so, um, for 10 years I’ve, I’ve been, um, yeah, I’ve been okay, well she’s been completely immersed into the construction business. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve worked for my dad in many different areas. I have done bookwork for Sierra, um, when I was in high school just to make some money. Um, I worked in his office. Um, so I’ve been around that, isn’t it? Following all of the child labor laws.

Yes. Yeah. Um, but yeah, this is a little bit of our history, a little bit of our backstory. Um, the second question that we get asked the most is, do you have a guarantee or do you have insurance, warranties, those types of things? Well we can tell you, um, being, um, so a swimming pool construction company here in the Tulsa area providing affordable constructions in Tulsa. Yes, we do have insurance in it. We do have general liability. Call us now for all the best Pool Construction In Tulsa. So if anything was to happen on our time, um, of course, uh, we have insurance in insurance is great. Um, uh, for some purposes, sometimes they’re not so fun, but yes, uh, we are completely insured, um, with our company here at Sierra pools and spas. Um, anything you would add to that? PLease be sure to go to https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/ or call us now at 918-884-8427.

Pool Construction In Tulsa | You Want The Top Pool Company?

Yeah. Um, and we guarantee that you’re going to be satisfied with the whole process. Um, we will stay in close communication with you, um, throughout the entire process. We have a great relationship with the steps with our subcontractors, um, and we only hire the best and we were only gonna work with the best so we can guarantee you that you are going to be satisfied with your product. There is no frowns in this, uh, in this company. We will not accept it. We will, uh, is do everything in our power to, uh, ensure your happiness because we come from customer service background and we totally believe, and when we know that it’s kind of at a generic, uh, the original, uh, small businesses says, Hey, we’re gonna be customer service. But, uh, we truly believe and we wholeheartedly will guarantee you that, uh, nothing but you’ll, you’ll see is, uh, fully 100%, uh, customer service and we went to, um, make you happy. That’s our job is to make you happy with Pool Construction In Tulsa.

And of course there’s going to be hiccups. I mean there’s just, that’s the way life goes. Things, um, things happen. But we can guarantee you that we will work with you to resolve any issue that you’re unhappy with. Um, anything that concerns you, we’re going to be here to answer your questions. You can call, text, email at anytime. Um, and you know, if you have any questions, just visit our Google listing and look at our reviews. Um, we, we pride ourselves on being, um, the best in customer service. Um, cause our customers are what help us keep going. So we want to ensure your happiness and your, um, ease of mind. Um, and then the next question that we get is, what is our 10% price speak guarantee? Um, you know, we, we say that we’ll beat any price and people have questions about that and how do we do that?

And, um, what is that? So just to kind of explain it a little bit more, um, in your design meeting, we will bring a proposed bid to you and we already know that it’s the best, um, price for the best quality service, um, on the market because of our relationship with our subcontractors and because of our reputation. Um, and then Tulsa area with the subcontractors, we are able to offer you the best price on the market. Um, if however you do decide to go to another pool company and they give you another bid, um, we promise that we will come in 10% under that bid. Um, we can guarantee that for you it’s something that, um, we promised to do. And if that means cutting our profit margins by 10%, we’re willing to do that because we want to give you, um, the best price and the best quality product. And we know that we are the company that can do it right for you. Yeah, absolutely. Um, uh, no. The FAQ, uh, is how do we determine the cost of building a pool pools? Our, uh, our funny creature, um, they come in lawful shapes and sizes and all different prices on that kind of rhymes. Uh, but, uh, yeah, uh, I’m a huge concern and a huge question that everybody asks is how much does a typical gunnite, uh, pool costs? And, uh, well, you know, there’s a lot of factors into this. There’s a lot of variables. Um, and so how we determine the cause is that we sit down and we have this excel sheet. We just list out all the prices are all the costs. It’s going to cost to, uh, build a pool. Uh, we just, we lay all that out so we’re not missing anything. Um, and it, and it does add all up. Um, and then we, you know, we add our, our profit margin into there, and then that’s how we come up with the cost of, uh, of your Pool Construction In Tulsa.

Um, again, all shapes and sizes, manner. Um, uh, the bigger the pool, of course it’s going to have costs. You want to a spa, it’s gonna have to cost. If you want to add certain amenities and accessories and deck jets and bubblers and, and uh, and water fountain features and fire features, all this stuff is going to add up. And if, if it’s gonna add a price, you want to add a slider dive, you’re born, I mean, that’s, it’s going to add a cost. Um, and so, uh, it does add up quickly. Um, uh, so be prepared [inaudible] uh, we have a consultation or designing kind of what your budget line’s gonna be and what you do want, and we’ll of course work with you and get to a realistically priced, um, and we’re going to beat anybody’s price and have the best price here in Tulsa. Yeah. Um, and so that’s how we determine the cost. And those numbers are, uh, you know, we’ll try to, we try to hit your budget line, um, aimed, make you happy. Again, that’s your number one concern is your happiness. Um, next question that we get asked the most is, what are the next steps? What do I need to do now, now that we’ve presented the design and your estimate, how do we move forward and the way that you move forward. Um, oh, we required the design reading as a $500 deposit. Um, and that just allows us to go ahead and start writing up your contract, get the permits ready to be submitted to the city and get the construction plans organized. Um, and then once we have your contract written up, um, we set a time to meet with you and sign the contract and then at the signing of the contract is 10% down and then, um, once the permits are approved by the city, we can begin construction. So those are kind of the next steps of the initial process. And then there’s a whole construction process that follows after that.

Um, which we go over with you as well. And then the last question is who handles the permits and the design? So we’re subcontractor, but we handle all your permits and your design videos and the construction plans. Um, we do all that part ourself. Um, it’s in good hands. Um, we pay very close attention to all the details. We want to make sure your project is done, just how you want it to, the exact detail of how you want it. Excuse me. So yeah, we will handle all of your permits and the design for you and make that a really easy, hassle-free process. Call now for the best Pool Construction In Tulsa. Yeah, absolutely. So again, if you’re looking for a pool project, if you want us to tear up your backyard and make it into the a wonderful backyard dream, give us a call at (918) 884-8427, or you can check us out on the www.sierrapoolsandspas.com. Again, we want to be your swimming pool construction company here in the Tulsa area. We provide, uh, affordable construction, um, here in Tulsa. Okay. Have a great day. I’ll talk to you next time. Adios. Bye.