Pools in Tulsa | Make your deposit

This content was written for Sierra pools and spas

Sierra pools and spas makes it extremely easy for you to be able to design your own site. One provide you with one of the most amazing pools in Tulsa, which is why we’re in the help you throughout the pool provide. If you would like to find out how you can get started on the design process today calls at (918) 884-8427, because by using virtual reality, you and your family will be able to confidently design, and see the outcome envisions effortful before we even break ground. So if you have any questions or concerns please contact us complete with love to interview for you.

The first step in the design process, is our consultation. We do offer this consultation to you for free because we really just want to get an understanding of the dream that you have for your backyard. With providing pools in Tulsa for you. Able to schedule appointments Monday Tuesday and Thursday between 4 and 7 PM. So if you have plans from architects or other landscapers we do welcome those. We want to make sure that we cover everyone’s wants and needs for your pools in Tulsa’s we want the entire family to be there.

Next we will start with the design process. We will be asking specific questions to understand your needs and desires. This discussions that we may ask you, is what style pool are you interested in, if an infinity pool, or a circular pools. How deep do you want your pool to go, whether it if you want a saltwater or a clearing pool. We will then also asking many questions like you want us to add a diving board, are you interested in landscaping around the pool, or if you want wormlike with outdoor structures such as an outdoor kitchen, covered seating etc. These questions are extremely important to our design process, because we were able to really understand what it is you need and what services we should provide for you.

Then we’ll go want to analyze your background. Because of that analyzes your background we are not able to provide to the best pools in Tulsa. Beat need to make sure that we are aware of books, or dips in your lien, that way if we need to make adjustments for the level of the plot we can. Then you get down to creating your personal design. Because after you meet with our designers we will use the consultation information and measurement plus photos to create a 3-D design back at our office. This 3-D design is provided to you for free. And we will pay attention specifically to detail the 3-D design, because we want the treaty designed to reflect your backyard, as well as add in the personal touches such as beach towels, covered seating, lounge chairs etc.

It is after that 3-D design that you are able to really see your vision come to be, and see that it will be one of the best pools in Tulsa. We then will want to move forward with construction, which is why we require a $500 deposit to get started. This deposit allows us to write up the official contract and get the permits that are needed to start building. So if you want to schedule your free consultation, or meeting today go online to our website@www.sierrapoolsandspas.com and schedule that meeting today. We can’t wait to meet with you, and we provide many wonderful financing options available to you.

Pools in Tulsa | Making adjustments

This content was written for Sierra pools and Spas

By calling this number (918) 884-8427, you’ll get in touch with the most amazing design, and construction teams there are in Oklahoma. That is because Sierra pools and spas only hired the most educated, well experience, diligent hard workers there are in the industry. That’s how we are able to provide our customers with satisfaction, and not only meet their needs, but go above and beyond expectations for their pools in Tulsa. So if you are wanting to get started today call that number, and we can send one of our design numbers out your home to provide a free consultation and design meeting.

We make the creation, and follow-through of your dream pool easiest possible. Because after that free consultation, and design meeting we will then go back to our office and create a 3-D model of your pools in Tulsa. We’ll make sure it go above and beyond that I make sure that every was and is tied up, and all the details are there. Starting from streets out on the lounges, beach towels hanging up, and decorations and features such as purchase, LED lighting systems, and serious. So whether you are looking for a more creative outdoor patio, or if you are looking for an outdoor kitchen we will make sure and include those in the 3-D designs he really get the feel for what your pools in Tulsa to look like.

After we create that 3-D model then we will have a follow-up design meeting. Because it will begin with a short overview video of your personal 3-D design, and this will show your pool in relation to your house and yard. It will walk you through a 360° possible to our virtual reality headset. And then if we need to make any adjustments, or if you decide that you do want to add that outdoor patio and you will make adjustments to be design and construction plans. Then we ask that you just place a $500 deposit. The $500 deposit helps us be able to purchase all the permits required and needed to start construction on your property.

Then we will finalize the contract and again just verify the any detail of your pool project ensures and reflects exactly what you were hoping for. Because we want to make sure that your pools in Tulsa will not only last throughout time, but that you will not be needing to change, renovate, remodel anything for your pool within the next years. Then construction is going to begin. So once we receive those permits and have been approved by county or city officials and you have signed all the proper contracts then we will move forward with the entire process. If you’d like to learn more about our construction process just give us a call at (918) 884-8427, or go online for website@www.sierrapoolsandspas.com.

We know how extremely important it is for you to be able to visualize your dreams before ever signing any contracts or breaking down for construction. So if you want to know more about the virtual reality process that we will walk you through as well as creating that 3-D design, give us a call because we love to answer any questions or help these are concerns. We are here for you, to make sure that this process goes simply and efficiently. We provide many financing options for you, you can even make monthly payments as low as $299 a month.