I’m feeling for the best pools in Tulsa then that’s an easy choice, we recommend that you visit Sierra Pools – Client. We have a very specific process to map out your pool design and make sure that we meet your expectations at the end of the job. The first phase of that is the consultation., This is a short phone call designed to set up your free in-home consultation. We wanna make sure that we get you the backyard of your dreams in order to do that. We wanna take careful note during a consultation process to make sure that we get your expectations on paper.

For searching for the best pools in Tulsa then you might as well to use your pool Zanzibar‘s, after the consultation, you’ll move to another design question phase. During this time we may take time to answer any number of questions designed to get Your vision for your backyard out of your brain and on the sheet of paper. We also recommend that you have anybody that’s going to be occupying the house and landscapers available for this consultation, so we can ask them questions as well. We wanna make sure on the new day that we get everyone’s expectations on a sheet of paper so we can meet those expectations at the end of the project.

If you’re searching for the best pools in Tulsa then Sarah pools and spas is the best choice for you. After we have done the design questions, we will move on to analyzing your backyard. During this time we will take the questions that we answered and take any necessary measurements. For example, if you have a desire to ultimately have a pergola in there, we will make sure we take measurements that leave room for a pergola whenever you choose to do so. That’s why the initial design question is very important, so we can make sure that we are proactive in making sure these are able to happen.

After this, we will move on to creating your personal time. This is a free 3-D design that we give you so you can conceptualize what your pool ultimately looks like in your backyard. This is after the consultation meeting and we will use the consultation information that we have collected as well as measurements and photos to create a 3-D design of your backyard. We absolutely love this place, as you can have a tangible representation of what the pool ultimately looks like and give you a good idea of what you can be expecting.

Visit www.sierrapoolsandspas.com or call 918-884-8427 to schedule this initial consultation so we can get this project underway. Again, we will move fast, but we also will not cut corners, this is an important part of the process, as we want to get your expectations down on a sheet of paper so we can make sure we meet his expectations. You will get all this and more as well as great Customer service whenever you choose to ask for your pool design. That is why you should use us, so go ahead and get scheduled today.

Pools in Tulsa | let us design your backyard

If you were looking for the best pools in Tulsa, Vincent, Care, pools and spas is the best choice for you. By now we have reviewed the consultation process through the first four steps of getting your pool. Just a recap, this includes a consultation, as well as the design questions, phase and analyzing your backyard while we take measurements. This also includes the submitting of the 3-D design that we get you, so you can see where our expectations are, and see if they align.

If you’re searching for the best pools in Tulsa then zero pools and spas is the choice for you. After that we have submitted the 3-D design to you we will move into the design and bid phase. Once the designers finish with the design, we will get you a series of renderings, and a short video that will be prepared for you. This whole idea sees what the pool will look like in the backyard, we also make sure that we provide this example for day and night time. During this time, we will take those exact measurements and also get you an idea of what the conditions, such as pergolas, spas in more as well.

If you were looking for the best pools in Tulsa then, zero pools and spas are the choice for you. After we move on to design a bid phase, we wanna make sure that you are so you can make an informed decision. After that we will require a $500 deposit to move forward. This allows us to write up the official contract and get the permit submitted to the city. We can accept any form of payment, including, cash, credit, check, or even debit for the deposit. We will then have a payment schedule that is designed to help both of us during the build schedule, after this initial deposit is paid.

The payment schedule is as follows, we will do 25% down at the signing of your contract, after that we will do 25% down excavation. Excavation is. We took out the section where you pull ultimately. After this we will do 25% down when we leave the gun night, after that, we’ll do 20% down when we set up the deck and then ultimately we will finish with 5% of the interior finish. Again we can accept cash or check for these payments, but with credit it will require a small fee for processing.

To get this process underway as soon as possible visit www.sierrapoolsandspas.com or call 918-884-8427 today. Whenever you do that we will begin as quickly as possible, but we will also not cut corners whenever we start the process. That’s because we want your project to go out exactly the way you want it too, and we want you to have the end. Result of you were happy with. We know that you will be happy with us, we have been doing this long enough to know what we are doing a week. I hope our experience will provide the results you are wanting.