Let’s just dive into all the questions that you may have about construction when you decide to partner with us at Pools in Tulsa. Let’s start with the most important question. How long Does construction take? Construction time will vary based on the size of your project, as well as any special features being added to your design typically construction of eight and 12 weeks. What about obtaining permits? This process on what city or county you live in. For example, the city of Tulsa can take up to four weeks, and Wagner County takes about 10 minutes. We are going to be upfront and honest with you so that you can always know what to expect.

I have a party coming up, will Pools in Tulsa have my pool finished by then? Your happiness is our number one priority. We strive to be the best of the best and calculate exactly when we will be finished with your project with weather and delays in mind. The reality is weather is unpredictable and cannot be controlled. Please do not plan any special vents until the pool is finished. How about, what happens to your yard during construction? There will be a point of access to get to your yard to install your pool. The sod of the access point, and any area we have to drive over with equipment, will get torn up. We will regrade your yard once construction is complete.

A common question we get at Pools in Tulsa is what happens to the dirt that is excavated for your pool? Dirt that is removed at excavation is hauled off or used for re-creating areas around the pool. If you want a huge pile of dirt left behind, just let us know. Your kids will think you’re awesome! What is the area of your property where you want the pool to be installed is sloped? We will access your yard at your free in-home consolation. Based on what we see, we will create a general design to account for the slope in your yard. In certain cases, a retaining wall or channel drain may be necessary. This will be better determined when we shoot evaluations to form your pool, and all options will require your approval, as the client, before moving forward.

When can the pool be filled with water? The plastic will begin filling the pool with water as soon as they are finished with your interior finish. It may take a couple of days to fill up. It is your responsibility to monitor the filling water level. How long do you have to wait to swim after the pool’s full of water? How long do you have to wait to turn on the heater? We recommend waiting at least seven days after your pool is full of water for pH water balancing. If you have a heater, week 21 days before turning on your here to allowing your interior finish to completely cure. How long until the salt is added? If your pool is a saltwater pool, we will brush in the salt 14 days after the pool is full of water. In the meantime, we will sanitize your water with chlorine tablets.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. You can call us on our main number at (918) 884-8427, or check us out online at our website sierrapoolsandspas.com. We will forward to working with you in creating your perfect backyard oasis.

What’ll Some Of These Pools In Tulsa Get You Doing?


Pools in Tulsa will take care of your needs even after the pool is installed. We understand that there are a lot of questions about maintaining the pool. We have you covered. Let’s start with what maintenance is required for an inground pool? Regular water testing and chemical balance, as well as skimming and brushing, if necessary, are part of maintaining your pool. What about the average maintenance cost? This will vary greatly depending on size and type of pool. There are multiple pool service companies in the Tulsa area, and offer different packages. On average, you can expect to spend $40 per week for weekly cleanings, plus the cost of chemicals.

Why does Pools in Tulsa recommend an in floor cleaning system? The system can reduce the amount of maintenance required by you, as far as cleaning the inside of the pool. Heads are plumped at the bottom of your pool, as well as on any benches or ledges. These heads pop up at different times and spray 360°, pushing dirt and debris towards the main drain. How often do you to replace the sand in your filter? You will need to replace the sand in your sand filter around every 5 to 7 years. How often do you need to skim your pool? You should skim your pool when large debris is seen floating in the water. If you have trees around your pool, more skimming may be required.

How often do we, Pools in Tulsa, recommend you replastering your pool? A well-maintained pool’s plaster will last around 10 to 15 years. Now how much does it cost to replastering your pool? We can’t exactly answer that. The cost of replastering and of the size of your pool and what type of finish you desire. How about what cleaning equipment do you need to clean your pool? At the completion of your pool, we will provide you with the net, brush, telescopic pole, and a test kit. These are the basic tools needed to routinely your pool.

Do you need to cover your pool? Covers are not necessary, but are nice to have if you will be closing your pool in the winter months. That’s probably making you ask, should you close your pool in the winter? It is not necessary to close your pool in Oklahoma during the winter months. Some people like the pool open and maintain year round while others like to cover their pools until next summer season. What is backwashing? Backwashing is the act of reversing the water through your sand filter to clean up debris and flush it through your waistline. How often should you back washer sand filter? Generally, you should back wash filter once a week.

We are always here to answer any questions that you may have. You as our client are our main priority. We are here to make your back your dreams a reality. We are here to help you maintain that reality as well. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us at any time by either calling (918) 884-8427, or going to our online website sierrapoolsandspas.com. And remember, there are no stupid questions. We are always happy to help.