Pools In Tulsa | Will A Pool Increase The Value Of My Home?

Many of our clients come to us and ask, “will a pool increase the value of our home”? The answer to that question is most of the time, yes. It just depends on if whoever’s looking to buy your home wants a pool or not. Your home value is estimated to go up by about 7%. So if you’re looking to up your home value with a brand-new pool you should go with Sierra Pools and Spas to build it for you! We have built some of the most breathtaking pools in Tulsa. If you’re worried about pricing we offer free consultation and design process. You all have to pay a dime until you’re ready to sign the contract before we started on the construction of your dream pool.

Sierra Pools and Spas started with humble beginnings and was founded in 2007 by yours truly, Paul and Tammy Bemies. We wanted to help Tulsan’s by providing a quality pool service that other companies just weren’t offering. We successfully ran the business for years before letting our daughter Rachel and her husband take over the business. Rachel now continues on her parents work and is still providing people with fantastic pools in Tulsa.

At Sierra Pools and Spas we have an amazing approach to designing pools in Tulsa. First, we offer a free consultation and discuss prices as well as any details you would want to be included in your pool. After that, we take pictures and get measurements of your backyard so that we can accurately create a 3-D model of your future pool. Our designers get right to work and once we have a model to present, we can either email a video of it, or you come in and look at it with our virtual reality headset. Feel free to bring the kids because we’re sure that they would love it. And if you are sure that you want to move forward this process that we can start signing the contract and only then will you need to put down a $500 deposit.

After the contract is signed we will go hard to work on getting your pool in the quickest amount of time as possible. We have a deadline guarantee where we promise that will get your pool finished the date we agreed upon. After marking the layout of your pool in your yard, we will begin excavation so we can install the plumbing and then pour the concrete. Once the concrete is set, will spray the interior with a layer of Gunite, which will help reinforce the structure of your pool. Next, we will start plastering and tiling your pool, adding those finishing touches of beauty before we fill’er up! After the pools been filled all you have to do is wait a couple of days and then you’ll be able to enjoy your beautifully made pool for years to come!

We have some of the best rates for the quality of work that we do. Sierra Pools and Spas would be honored to provide outdoor entertainment for you and your loved ones for many years. So if you’re interested please visit our website, SierraPoolsandSpas.com, and get in contact with us either by email at info@sierrapoolsandspas.com, or call us at our number (918) 884-8427, to get started today!

Pools In Tulsa | How Does The Payment Process Work?

Whenever you’re looking to build a fence new pool we expect that you are wondering, “how does the payment process work”? At Sierra Pools and Spas, you won’t have to pay upfront unless of course, that’s what you want to do. Normally, we have our customers put down a $500 deposit before we can write up the contract. After the contract is written, you’ll pay 10% once you sign. The next payment is 30% at excavation followed by another 30% once we apply the gunite. Then the final installment of 30% is paid when we set up the deck surrounding your pool. This way anyone can afford to build one of our pools in Tulsa.

We’ve been building pools in Tulsa since 2007, here at Sierra Pools and Spas. Our mission to provide Tulsa with the best pools started when we realized there were no reliable pool companies. We heard stories of people getting pools installed but the job never got finished by the deadline and was left in the weather for weeks unprotected. We guarantee that we will always finish our pool project on time at or before the deadline we agreed upon in the contract. If you choose Sierra Pools and Spas to build your dream pool for your backyard oasis, we promise you will not be disappointed.

The design process that we provide is just incredible. We start by offering you a free consultation, to which encourage you to bring the whole family. Want to make sure that everyone, even kids pool. Once we figure out what it is you’re looking for in your will take pictures and get measurements of your backyard so that we can provide an accurate 3-D model. The design team will work hard on creating this model for you. Once when they’re finished they can either email you a video showcasing the 3-D model, or we can invite you back to view the 3-D model through our virtual reality headset, and once again we encourage you to bring the kiddos!

If you’re sure you want to go through with constructing your perfect pool, then we will write up a contract and get started with the building process. We will first start by tweaking the design based on your personal preferences and then go to work on digging out the whole the ground where your pool will delay. We’ll install the plumbing first, then pour the concrete, and cover it with a layer of gunite. Once the concrete has set, will start plastering and tiling your pool, after which we will stain it with the color of your choice. And for the final touches will build the deck and if you choose the surrounding landscape work. You’ll be so surprised to see how much your backyard has been transformed into a perfect paradise.

We guarantee you will not be disappointed in our work. Sierra Pools and Spas is dedicated to providing the utmost quality you have ever seen. You are looking into pool construction go ahead and visit our website SierraPoolsandSpas.com, or give us a call at our number (918) 884-8427, to get your free consultation today! Paradise is only a click or call away!