Pools In Tulsa | Have You Want To Have One Of The Cleanest Pools In Tulsa Don’t Want To Have To Go Through The Hassle Of Cleaning It By Hand?

Have you wanted to have one of the cleanest pools in Tulsa don’t want to have to go through the hassle of cleaning it by hand? Well, we can provide you with an in-floor cleaning system that will do it for you! If you’re interested in customizing your own pool with this feature involved the only place for you to go to is Sierra Pools and Spas. They have the best selection of features than any other pool contracting company.

Let’s talk about costs. If you’re unable to pay upfront when getting your pool built. Can pay as the job is being completed. Your first payment will be a down payment of $500 before they write the contract. After that, you’ll pay 10% of the total at the signing of the contract. You will make three more installments of 30% at different steps throughout the construction process. If you need payoff Sierra Pools and Spas also offer financing options through their financing partners HFS financial and Lightstream Financial. Sierra Pools and Spas has some of the most affordable pools in Tulsa!

Sierra Pools and Spas has the best selection of features for pools in Tulsa. Not only do they make beautiful pools they also do landscaping and exterior design. This includes but is not limited to small structure building such as extended porches, outdoor kitchens, and pergolas. They have so many options for adding that wow factor to your swimming pool. There are many types of fountains that you can incorporate into your pool such as deck jets, bubblers, water bowls, and waterfalls, etc. and if you’re looking to add a splash of fun they also can install water slides, diving boards, and more natural-looking diving rocks. Your pool is 100% customizable and they would do anything you ask.

With all these available features we know that building a fool can get kind of pricey which is why Sierra Pools and Spas allows you to design your pool and see a 3-D model of it for putting any money down. Sierra Pools and Spas once used to be confident in your decision to build your dream pool and know exactly what it is you’re getting into before you buy. That’s why they go through the process of giving you the consultation and designing your pool for free. I don’t know of any better customer service in the pool building industry. Not only do they design three models they let you view it through their virtual reality headset so you know exactly what it looks like in proportion to your house.

We hope that you choose Sierra Pools and Spas as your custom pool builders. They can make any pool that you desire and you will while all of your family and friends with the beautiful oasis built in your own backyard just going to give him a call at their phone number (918) 884-8427 or visit their website SierraPoolsandSpas.com and get in contact with them via email at info@sierrapoolsandspas.com. There is no better family-owned pool contracting service in the Tulsa area!

Pools In Tulsa | Maybe You’re Wondering How Much Can You Expect To Pay For A New Pool?

Maybe you’re wondering how much can you expect to pay for a new pool? Well at Sierra Pools and Spas they offer the most customizable pools in Tulsa. And for a custom inground gunite pool with an average size of about 34′ x 16′ along with 300 ft.² of decking you can expect to pay around $40k. We can guarantee that you will not find any other pools that beat this price for the same quality that we provide.

In 2007 Paul and Tammy Bemies founded Sierra Pools and Spas to provide the highest quality pools in Tulsa for the best price possible. Their passion for what they do lead their company to become the most successful and renowned pool contracting service in Tulsa County and the surrounding area. You can’t go wrong with Sierra Pools and Spas as though work with you to build your pool on time and exactly the way you want it.

They offer the most in-depth design process as well as a consultation all for free! First, they’ll invite you and your family to come for their free consultation and get all the details of the pool of your dreams. Then they’ll get all the measurements of your backyard and take pictures so that they can incorporate it into their 3-D model which you will be able to view in a virtual reality headset once it’s complete. If you wish to go through with the construction process you will make a $500 down payment and then they will type up the contract for you. You’ll pay 10% at the signing of the contract and then make three separate installments of 30% of the total cost throughout the building process. If you are short on money and need financing then you can go to their financing partners HFS financial and LightStream financial and pay off your pool gradually.

Some of the features that you can include in your pool range from lounge areas and landscaping to features pool. They have many options for fountains looking to give your pool some extra pizzazz. They have bubblers, deck jets, water bowls, spillways, waterfalls and more. And if you’re looking to spice things up they have fire features as well. These include fire bowls, fire pits, fireplaces, and torches. And as for their outdoor hangouts, they can build structures like Peragols and outdoor kitchens for the whole family to enjoy! After looking for something a little different they have course have diving boards, water slides, and grottos.

There is no better choice then Sierra Pools and Spas for all of your pool spa needs. So please go to their website SierraPoolsandSpas.com and check out their photo gallery testimonials see what kind of wonderful work they do. And if you’re ready to build your own pool give him a call at their number (918) 884-8427 or email them at info@sierrapoolsandspas.com. We promise that you will not be disappointed!