Pools in Tulsa is ready to provide you with comfort and enjoyment among the elements. Whether it be an outdoor kitchen, porch addition, aesthetic pool enhancements, or landscaping. In addition to your design and installation, we also offer an expert design and installation of outdoor structures to create a relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy year round. Your backyard should be a relaxing sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy. It should be your personal escape at the end of the day. We can make that for you.

Pools in Tulsa is the best option if you are looking to extend your outdoor living area. Porch addition might be the perfect way to provide the outdoor space you are looking for. Our pool specialist can help you decide if porch addition would be the right option for you. We will elevate your yard, take measurements of your house, and provide you with a custom-designed and bid for your condition. Let’s start with arbors. These are simple add-on to your backyard design. Arbors come in all different sizes, styles, and colors, which make it easy to customize to your style. It is a perfect way to spruce up a normal pathway or great for pulling more attention to a focal point in your backyard. They can also be a cost friendly option!

Pools in Tulsa has got you covered if you want to put up a pavilion. This is an upscale option. Pavilions are more permanent structures that can act as an actual outdoor living space. The design for pavilions are endless. They are in for a fireplace, offer seating, and outdoor kitchen area and bar, or a just a shaded lounging spot. They can come in any size, and can be altered to exactly what your family is looking for. Pavilions can also act as a small pool house. Add a mud room, storage room, or bathroom to to create the ultimate pool experience.

Adding a particular to your design can provide you with shade in a stylish way. Pergola structures provide a unique dimension to your yard that you not have to be attached to your house which allows for more versatility. All of our pergolas are custom designed and professionally built. Our pergolas can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes and can incorporate other exterior features such as fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. We can help create the outdoor structure for you and your family to enjoy year round.

With all these customizable add-ons, you are one step closer to achieving your backyard oasis. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. You can call us anytime on our number (918) 884-8427, or check out our online website sierrapoolsandspas.com. You can also check out all of our service options, testimonials, frequently asked questions, and all your financial options as well on our website. We look forward to working with you to bring all of your backyard dreams into a reality.

What’ll Some Of These Pools In Tulsa Be Wonderful For?


We’re here to bring your experience the next level at Pools in Tulsa. Water features provide dimension to fit in your backyard design. They can offer stunning visual effects and create a more soothing background for you and your family to enjoy. The addition of water features to your pool design can enhance the visual aesthetic in your backyard as well as providing soothing sounds and fun water play. This will bring you one step closer to achieving your backyard oasis dreams.

Pools in Tulsa provides multiple different kinds of water features fully customizable to you. We’ll start with natural rock waterfalls. Nothing brings a tropical or natural seem to your pool design better than a rock waterfall. Our rock waterfalls are custom designed to match full aesthetic and visual dimension to your backyard. A rock waterfall can even create other features such as slides, grottoes, and diving rocks to create an interactive space for you and your family to enjoy. Pricing on our rock waterfalls varies greatly. You will have the ability to decide size, style, shape, and the type you want to see you on your rock waterfall and if you are unsure of what you are looking for, our specialist can help you the best style of waterfall for your design.

We also know how much fun water slides can be here at Pools in Tulsa. Water sites can provide endless fun for kids and adults alike! We can offer you a variety of prefabricated standalone water slides or even create a custom waterside to fit your natural life waterfall. Seared is first to history, linear, waterfall. These create a clear arc from water outward from the wall and come in a variety of lengths. Sheer dissent waterfall is a great addition to any pool, they especially complement a modern or geometric design. Spillways are a standard feature on any attached spa. Our spas are typically raised 18 inches above the pool and have one spillway, or sometimes multiple spillways, for the water from the spa to spills over into the pool. Not only do spillways create a beautiful visual, but they also serve a practical purpose of recirculating the water from the attached spa.

For a more elegant water feature, you might consider adding a water bowl to your design. Water bowls come in a variety of colors and shapes such as concrete, copper, and metallic finishes. Deck jets from works of water from your deck to your pool or spa. These water features are a fun and exciting addition to your design especially for kids. Bubbler’s create a column of water that bubbles up off of the shelf in your pool. These small water features are a great addition to any tanning ledge. Kids will love splashing in the water and the sound of bubbly water creates a soothing environment for those who want to relax in the sun. And all of these water features can add LED lights to enhance your nighttime experience.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us anytime by either calling us at (918) 884-8427, or reaching out to us on our online website sierrapoolsandspas.com. We would love to start working with you getting your back your dreams into reality.