If you are looking at Pools in Tulsa , then you may have some questions about our company. a lot of people want to know, how long does construction take? How long does it take to obtain permits? I have a party planned. Will my pool be finished by then? What if I have a sprinkler system? Do you offer any kind of tree removal services? What if the area of my property where I want the pool to be installed is sloped? There are so many questions that everyone has, and luckily we are always available to answer these questions. In addition to answering them in this article, you are free to call us or look at our website anytime to find the answers to these questions.

We make high quality Pools in Tulsa, and with that comes lots of responsibility and questions. First, how long does Construction take? Construction time will vary greatly based on the size of your project. you also depend on any special features being added to your design. Typically, construction for your pool will take between 8 to 12 weeks, but again this will change depending on what all you would like to have installed. At the beginning of your project, we will set up a time structure that will not be broken. we will make sure that we have your pool done by the time that we say we will have it done.

If you have a party plan, it would be fun to have Pools in Tulsa available for you and your friends to use for the party. at Sierra pools and spas, your happiness is our very top priority. We strive to be the best of the best and calculate to the very finest degree exactly when your pool will be finished even with weather and other delays in mind. We offer an on-time guarantee. God gives us beautiful rain in the state of Oklahoma that we cannot control or predict. Sometimes the weather that is too cold to operate in with pool construction can cause us problems. rain and pool construction do not mix, as you might be able to guess. If the weather Falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, this obstructs concrete, solvent welding, and other parts of pool construction. The reality is that the weather is quite unpredictable and we cannot control it. We do not recommend planning special events until the pool is finished.

We would love to work with you to answer all of the questions that you may have. Please let us know if there’s any way that we can answer your questions further. we would love to speak with you at any time.

If you’d like to see past projects that we have done or just get an idea of what we are able to do, please visit our website at https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/. We are also happy to answer any questions that you have over the phone at any time: 918-884-8427.

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When looking into constructing Pools in Tulsa, many of our customers have lots of questions that they ask us frequently. Luckily for them, we have a section of our website that is dedicated to their frequently asked questions. If you would like to know things such as what happens to the dirt that is excavated from my pool, how you will get access to my yard, and other such questions, please reference these materials that are available on our website. We will , however, answer several of these questions here today.

How many people wanting to install Pools in Tulsa wonder what to do if the area where they want their pool installed on their property is sloped. This is an interesting question. Our company will assess your yard when we are there for your free and home consultation. depending on what we see our company will create a general design to account for the slope in your yard. depending on how severe the slope is, a retaining wall or a channel drain may be necessary for the project that we are doing at your home. This will be better determined when we do evaluations to form your pool. all of these options will require your approval as the customer before we move forward. be assured that you will be kept in the loop through the whole process.

You are building Pools in Tulsa, it is important to make sure that all of the necessary utilities companies are aware of what is going on. Before your pool construction begins, make sure that you have a licensed electrician to run electricity to your equipment pad. We also require that you have a licensed plumber run a gas line if you have a heater to the equipment pad and water line to the autofill on your pool. Our company has electricians and plumbers who work closely with us that know exactly what you need. We are happy to let you use our contacts if you would like, and we will get them scheduled for you.

If you have a sprinkler system, you will need to turn off your system during excavation. If your sprinkler lines run in the area where the pool company has excavated, you will want to call your sprinkler company so that they can cap off any of the heads that are located in this area. This way you will still be able to use your irrigation system. If you do not know of any irrigation companies, we will be able to refer you to some reliable ones.

We would love for you to take a look at our website so that you can see what we have done in the past and so that you can be inspired for your upcoming home projects. We are available to help you with all of your different outdoor needs, including tree removal services. Please look at our website to see what we are able to do: https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/. we would also love to speak with you on the phone about this opportunity: 918-884-8427.