If you’re in the market for pools in Tulsa, and you’ve been considering Sierra Pools and Spas you have a few questions. Were going to cover a few of the most frequently asked questions about Sierra Pools and Spas and our custom pools that we build in Tulsa, Oklahoma or the greater Tulsa area. One of the most common questions that we received is how long does construction take? We also get ask how we can guarantee to get the work on time done with our “on-time guarantee”. Another question do we see pretty frequently is that people want to know what the average means the cost is for an inground pool. Were going to cover all these in the next few paragraphs.

So if you’re looking pools in Tulsa, and you want to know how it takes Sierra Pools and Spas on average to construct an inground pool, there is really no definite answer. The shorter answer is that the construction time depends on the size of your project, special features that are added, and the weather. Typically, the average time it takes for us to construct a pool will be between 8 to 12 weeks. It typically doesn’t take more than three months. However, rain and cold weather can delay the pool building process, which we obviously can control, unfortunately. So the answer that question is generally three months tops it usually is no shorter than two months, but it can vary depending on the size of the project, the features that you choose, and the weather.

Also, people that are looking for pools in Tulsa also like to ask is how we can make an on-time guarantee for our customers that are building a custom pool. We do this because once the permits for your pool have been approved and dig site date been that we have people they can determine a completion date your swimming pool. We will then compose the on-time guarantee and send a team. If for some reason we failed to complete your pool on time and we will pay you $100 for every business day that we are late. However, since we cannot do pool construction and whether that is below 40° or any days, we add an additional two business days to your on-time guarantee. As a part of the terms, and unfortunately, as a can control the weather, and is the only thing that we cannot control we do allow extra time to accommodate the weather.

We also quite frequently what the average cost is to maintain an inground pool. Again this varies depending on the size and the scope of the project in the pool and the type of water used. You can do yourself are cheaper in general, but for the many pool service companies in the Tulsa area, they can offer different packages and an average you can expect to spend about $40 a week for weekly cleaning plus the cost of the chemicals in addition to that.

We hope that we’ve answered some your questions about Sierra Pools and Spas, and if you feel like you have the information they need the new want to move forward with Sierra Pools and Spas helping you design-build the pool of your dreams and get in contact with us that your number, or visit us on our website at sierrapoolsandspas.com. We look forward to working with you in the future and if you have any additional questions you can always return to us through our telephone number, in person, or our website.

Pools In Tulsa | Why Do I Need To Call A Company That Only Specializes In Custom Pools?

If you’re looking at purchasing pools in Tulsa, and you are trying to consider your options for the best pool at the best price, and you feel like it could be cheaper to hire a construction company or a small business that doesn’t specialize in custom pools specifically, then you may be gone down a dangerous road. You always want to hire a professional somebody who specializes in weight need to get the best pricing, and above all the best quality. Oftentimes, as you may know, you get what you pay for. If you go for the cheapest option just because it is the cheapest and you often are not going to get the word. And foreign investment for something as large as an inground pool is somebody that knows what they’re doing and cannot the same time.

So you have any these proposals in Tulsa, then look up Sierra Pools and Spas assumed that often. You may see that we, in fact, can offer you some of the best pricing and incentives of anybody, body the doesn’t specialize in pools who may be a will to do it for the cheaper overall price. You always want to go with a professional that knows exactly what they’re doing the Sierra Pools and Spas you get exactly that. We can also offer a competitive race because are competitors in our industry are going to offer you the standard is the industry average pricing. So give Sierra Pools and Spas a call at 918.884.8427, or visit us on our website at sierrapoolsandspas.com. And you can see some of the work that we’ve done in the photo galleries straight for the website.

He also always want to go to the company that specifically does pools in Tulsa, because they going to give you better quality word is somebody who doesn’t specialize in it. You want somebody that is not a jack of all trades and master of none can give you the best quality. As you are going to build give you the best as possible that is what we love to do is what we are passionate about and is what we put all of our editors effort into. With our spread yourself too thin across to many different disciplinary areas. We do pools and we do very well.

Decided that you should call some by the specialize in custom building and get in touch with us today to we can do for you. Step process to a contract with Sierra Pools and Spas is very easy and hassle-free. We’ve simplified it in the meeting process for you as well. All you do is set up a consultation, then you can you the 3-D model that we’ve designed to look like before you start, at which point we will also give you an estimate if you like it. And then after that, all you have to do is sign the contract that we have written up, and then you’re good to go.

If you feel like Sierra Pools and Spas can help you design and build the pool you’ve always wanted at the best rates, give us a call anytime at our number at 918.884.8427, or visit us on our website as well. We visit our website can also find a lot more information such as the history of our company, FAQs, and please former customers who have a swimming pool of their dreams now. If you like to do the same thing for you to get in touch with us and let set that free consultation.