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Hello and welcome to another Sierra pools and spas podcast. I am Cody and I’m Rachel and we are the, uh, owners and, uh, of, uh, Sierra pools and spas. Um, I am the project manager. Rachel is the designer and the tells me. Yeah, yeah, that is true. Um, so, uh, we’re gonna, we’re here talking about your swimming pool needs and your questions that you may have about, uh, swimming pools and all that jazz. So, uh, today in the swimming pool construction in Tulsa world, we are going to just be talking to you about a little bit, um, about the pool features and such, uh, different, uh, different features and amenities you can add to your pool to really make it a wonderful, uh, beautiful, uh, pool. Of course, every pool that we build is beautiful. Um, but uh, there is some extremely, uh, uh, elegant looking, uh, beautifully well-crafted, uh, with all the bells and whistle pools. Um, that can really, uh, take place if you allow, if you’re budgeted allows us, um, about, I’m sorry, go ahead. No, you’re doing great with Swimming Pool Construction, Huh?

If I cut you off, say, okay, well I was just going to say that with swimming pools, it can kind of seem overwhelming for some people to start thinking about all the different options that you have when it comes to designing your custom and ground gunnite pool. Um, and there are a lot of options. There’s many different things and some people don’t know, um, what the different features are or what the benefits are. Some of the features. So we just want to go through some of those today. Um, the sky is the limit. If you’ve ever watched an epic pools or episode or a pool kings episode or anything like that, pools can get astronomically expensive just based on what the customer wants. You can do anything you want. Um, you know, if you want animatronic pirates, apparently you can get those in a cave in your pool.

Um, and so again, this guy’s limit weren’t, we’re probably not going to be talking about animatronic pirates today, but, um, we will talk about some of the more common, um, features that you can find in an in ground swimming pool on kind of what their benefits are and um, what uh, eh, based on what style you’re going for, what some good options might be. Um, so speaking of style, there’s basically three different styles of pools. You have a geometric pool, um, a freeform pool on a lagoon and each one kind of presents a different style. So with a geometric pool, these are going to be your more modern pools with sleek edges, um, lines. Um, your free form pool is going to be more of just, um, a free flowing shape. Um, they can be more natural, um, design. And then your lagoons are going to be like in a waste of a Swimming Pool Construction.

It’s basically like a tropical, um, paradise where you’re gonna have waterfalls and it is a free flowing pool and it can be, um, installed in a way that it looks like it’s part of the landscape. Um, so all of these things, there’s different features that you can add to each of these pools to make them more than just your basic rectangular pool. Um, one of the most common things that’s added to almost every pool are steps in benches. Um, so of course you have to have a way to enter your pool. And those are our steps. Um, these can be designed in any way with the geometric pool there. They’re most often going to be straight lines, um, just rectangular steps that enter into your pool. With a more free form pool. You might have, um, some rounded bin, um, steps or some more free flowing free form steps. Call now for all the best Swimming Pool Construction.

Um, and then you have benches and basically, um, a bench is just an area in your pool. It’s about a foot and a half, um, in depth, um, and a foot and a half wide. And it’s basically just an area for you to sit in the pool. Um, so you can have them in the deep end. You can have them in the shallow end. It just provides a nice area to, if you don’t just want to swim, you just kind of want to sit in the pool. Um, benches are a great option. Um, another thing that a lot of people, um, right now, um, are installing our tanning ledges. Basically. This is an extended bench, usually rounded on the outside and it only sits about 10 inches deep in the water. Um, and these are usually six feet wide. Um, so that’s enough space for you to lay out. Contact these guys now by calling 918-884-8427 or going to https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/ as soon as you can!

Swimming Pool Construction | Do You Want Superb Pools?

You’re in the water, so you’re cool, but you can also get a good tan. Um, they also make, if you have younger children, um, they can provide a good space for the younger children to just kind of splashing a little bit of the water if they’re being watched. Of course, you don’t ever want to leave a child alone, um, on a pool where they could fall off the tanning ledge into the deeper end of the pool. Um, but these are very popular, popular and a lot of people like to add, um, water features such as bubblers to the tanning ledges just as a nice feature. Nice. Um, kind of gives you that running water sound is just, um, provides an aesthetic appeal. Um, Cody, what are some other things that you can think of that people most commonly liked installing them? Um, well I had something on my mind, not necessarily common, but fire’s always fun. Uh, you can, uh, fire features are just kind of cool. I’m kind of a pyro person. Um, I like fire. Uh, so it’s always an awesome when I see pools with fire on it or fire, uh, you know, fire features, whether that’s being found with fire, um, futures in the middle of it or, or even fire pits are, uh, are always a great addition to your swimming pool and just, I think they, I think fire and water just really compliment each other and it’s kind of just that they don’t like each other, but our fire doesn’t like the water, the opposites attract type thing. Right, right. And you know, uh, I guess I kinda like the, the zone of like a, I don’t know. What’s that like? Tiki torches, kind of like tropical tropical type, but you know, not necessarily Tiki torches island type of Swimming Pool Construction.

What’s that show? Survivor. I think it’s always has fire and next to the beach and stuff. Um, so, uh, that’s just another, uh, if you want to get really, um, on fire when you’re pool, then uh, adding, uh, several fire features could really, um, really add some elegance to your pool. Uh, and just to me it kind of just shows, you know, who’s the boss? Kind of like who Kinda, you know, it’s intimidating when you ha you go to someone’s house who has fire on it and it’s just, it means that they’re determined or something. Anyways, some other features. Um, what’s something that you haven’t touched on yet? Uh, well, swimming pool construction and tall, so it varies all over the board. You’ll see pools that are, um, basic, just simple but elegant all the way up to extravagant, uh, could be hundreds of thousands of dollars pools. Um, and some of the features that are added to these more extravagant pools, uh, waterfalls and water grottoes are really, um, common and they provide a beautiful aesthetic appeal and a relaxing sound. Um, a grotto would be a waterfall that kind of hangs over your pool and you can actually swim underneath it. There might be a bench underneath that you can sit underneath the waterfall. Um, it’s a really nice, um, addition to any lagoon type pool. Um, they really look great if you’re going for that aesthetic. And then, um, things that you can add to these waterfalls or water grottoes or things like, uh, slides or, um, diving rocks. Call now for the best Swimming Pool Construction.

Um, and, uh, there’s just, each waterfall is custom designed to the customer. Um, so we find out exactly what you’re looking for, how big of a water feature do you want and what, what’s the look that you’re going for and the style that you’re looking going for. And we create something designed custom for you, um, that you’ll really love. So those are another popular feature. Then there’s smaller water features that aren’t necessarily waterfalls, but for like a modern pool. Um, there’s something called sheer descent, waterfalls, or basically we could build, you know, if you have some sort of retaining wall or just, um, uh, a wall on the backside of your pool. And we put a couple of shirts in waterfalls that can just take your, your geometric pool to a whole nother level and making it look, um, just even more modern, even, um, more elegant in a way, and just add something to your pool.

Yeah. Um, and all these things are great, you know, to an [inaudible], excuse me, your backyard swimming pool, a design, of course, all these things are great, but it’s also great to just to have simplicity. And if you just want a simple pool, that’s totally okay. Or if not a whole lot of features or you know, just your standard geometric shape with, um, no curves and no fancy, uh, fancy features, it’s totally fine too. And we’ll still wake that look great. Um, even a simple pool, even without water features, that’s still going to look amazing in your backyard from everything from just the quality of work that we can provide. Right. And, uh, so the swimming pool construction in Tulsa, I’m here at Sierra pools and spas. We, um, will definitely make your swimming pool, whether with whatever the budget is, make, uh, look extraordinary. Extraordinarily well done. It’s going to look really elegant. It’s gonna look really, uh, finished. It’s gonna look really f, F on fleek. Um, uh, so just if, if you, um, decide to go with your pools and spas, just expect to get the best, um, just people, some people just don’t really understand what, uh, capabilities to see at pools and spas can, can offer their clients. And it really, um, it’s, it’s a real spiritual moment, uh, building a swimming pool in your backyard and we can understand that. Uh, it is a great decision that needs to be made. Um, a lot of people in Tulsa feel like they need to pray about it, so we’ll pray with them. Reach out if you are searching for Swimming Pool Construction.

Yeah, we will have a great prayer meeting, prayer meeting during our consultations, and we totally understand the power of prayer and, um, Jesus walk on water and well, you’re not going to, you’re going to swim in it. So we are going to, uh, really, uh, help you with your backyard design. And so if you’re in the Tulsa swimming pool, construction business, uh, Sierra pools and spas, choose them, they’re going to do great. That are going to, I’m talking in third person. They’re going to do absolutely everything that you want and more. We’re just going to our, our goal is to wow you and have great customer service and doing that whole entire project. Rachel, any final words? Okay. That’s it. I think you covered it. All right. Well, it was great talking to you guys. Again. I hope we answered some questions and, and, and uh, uh, that you’ve had, uh, maybe some about swimming pools. If you are interested in building a swimming pool, you can contact us at nine one eight eight, eight four, eight four two seven. We specialize in in-ground, goodnight swimming pools. Uh, we were passionate about it. We are passionate about customer service and we’re passionate about being honest and sticking to our word. Um, again, Sierra pools and spas.com or at (918) 884-8427. Let us be your Tulsa pool construction business and let us do a great wonders in your backyard. Um, have a great day. Um, and until next time, God bless. Please check out https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/ as soon as you can!