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Hello and welcome to an amazing day, uh, here at beautiful talks to Oklahoma with Sierra pools and spas of Tulsa. Ready to talk about all your pool and crazy needs about pool stuff. Um, and we’re here to help and talk to you about everything and anything about pool related articles, anything that uh, yeah, anything. So, um, t uh, just little, little, little convo about, uh, some Sierra pools and spas stuff. And I want to be talking about some landscape designs don’t work, but before we get into that one, just take a minute or so and talk about us. US Mean Tulsa Pool Con Contractors here in the Tulsa area. Um, we’ve been in business since 2007 and, uh, Rachel, I recently Kinda picked up the pool staff. Uh, we’re young and beautiful and, uh, starting into the pool construction business. Um, and so we’re, we’re excited to do that and tell us, uh, Rachel’s father has been in the construction business for 25 years and had the whole business for 10 years as the top Tulsa Pool Contractors.

And, um, we, uh, yeah, we’re excited, uh, doing things. Um, so that’s kind of about kind of the, the this year pool and spa about us right there. And check that out. Little Tab on our website. Um, if you want to know a little bit more about us. Um, so again, your Tulsa Pool contractor, we’d love to be your, we’d love to build a pool for you and all your construction needs. Um, so we can talk about today, we’ll talk a little bit about, uh, Tulsa landscape design and some Tulsa stonework. Um, so of course, you know, being a pool business that comes hand in hand. Uh, we’d love to do all your landscaping needs as well as all of your stone work. And you know, we will talk about that in initial, uh, when we consult with you and, and make a design and, and talk about, uh, landscaping and stone work needs. Um, again, uh, we, we do specialize in, in, in landscaping and, and outdoor kitchen area, uh, and come with that, uh, decking. So it comes with, uh, anything stonework. We can, we can do that for you. Um, what, what, how do you feel about landscaping in stonework?

There are a lot of Tulsa pool contractors in the area, but not everyone, um, does the complete backyard, um, package. And what we mean by that is, um, you know, there’s, there’s plenty of people that can just build a pool, put a pool in the ground. Um, that’s not what we do at Sierra pools and spas being a toss up, walking contractor and, and being, and Tulsa pool construction. We also do, um, Tulsa pool landscape and Tulsa stonework. Um, so basically we, um, look at your house, your land, um, we talk with you about what kind of pool you’re interested in, what kind of look you’re going for. If you’re going for something more modern, um, we might recommend something more geometric with a lot of, um, straight lines. Um, very clean. If you’re going for something more natural, we might suggest something more free form with waterfalls and kind of more, um, natural landscape look.

Um, so, but basically, um, we don’t just put a pool in the ground, we’ll design your pool and then we’ll design the space around it. Um, we’ll design the atmosphere, basically giving you that aesthetic that really makes you feel like you’re in your own backyard. Paradise. Like you can have your own vacation at your home, you can escape into your backyard with your pool. Um, we can build raised decks, we can build raised seating areas. We do, um, we can do stone waterfalls, um, stone grottoes. Um, we can even incorporate slides into the stone grottoes and waterfalls. Um, we can do, um, built in seating areas in your pool. Um, and then as far as landscaping around, um, that’s really just to provide you, like I was saying with an aesthetic, um, appeal. Um, some people prefer to do the landscaping on your own and or on their own.

That’s totally fine. Um, something that we like to do for you though in our design processes, go ahead and work up. Even if you’re not interested in us doing your landscape, we incorporate that into your designs. You can really get a feel for the total picture and what, what it will feel like to have a pool in your backyard and kind of have this space that really flows from your house just out into the backyard, into the pool and creates a seamless kind of environment for you and your family to enjoy. Um, so yeah, if you’re interested in any Tulsa pool landscaping or Tulsa stone work, um, we at Sierra pools and spas specialize in that as well as building your Tulsa Pool. Um, our, our main focus are the pool areas, but again, like we said, along with that, um, is the, the landscaping around and the, any stonework, um, many people like the natural look of a swimming pool where you have, um, waterfalls and even just decorative, um, you know, stonework around the pool to make it look like it’s more part of the environment rather than just a pool that’s been plopped in the ground. Be sure to call us now at 918-884-8427 for the best Tulsa Pool Contractors.

Tulsa Pool Contractors | Are You Ready For The Best In Town?

Um, so yeah, that’s what we kind of mean when we’re talking about Tulsa pool landscaping and Tulsa stonework. Yeah. Let me give you an example of when Rachel means the full package. Now, I know this, this is kind of a poor example, but it came to my mind when people want to do, um, when they, when people, one thing about attractive, one thing that’s attractive about Walmart is that it is a, it, they got groceries and they got, you know, household needs and in all those other departments, which is attractive because it’s a one stop shop. You can kind of just do all your shopping at one place, unlike other grocery stores that doesn’t have all those, um, uh, departments that you shop from. Um, so I know Walmart’s customer services is garbage. Uh, but that’s just kind of a, an example that came to mind when I think about a full package like us being a Tulsa pool contractor that can do the whole Shebang. Be suire to call us now for all the best Tulsa Pool Contractors today!

Uh, you know, we can do the, we can do the outdoor kitchen, we can do the, the stonework, the decking, the, the, um, [inaudible] stonework in landscape landscaping. We, we can do landscaping. Um, we can do that. Uh, I think I’ve already mentioned the outdoor kitchen area. Of course we need the pool and all that stuff. Um, we can do it all. And so that’s what we’re saying about the one stop package. Um, you know, we can do anything that you want us to do. Uh, we are just dedicated to our customers and we want to be relational to them as well. And we want to build a relationship that we can, uh, that you guys can trust, uh, and choosing us to be your Tulsa pool contractor. Reach out if you need the greatest Tulsa Pool Contractors!

And she’s knows did you were landscaping or changing us to do your, your stonework or choosing us to do your, your decking ordered? Of course, building your pool. We understand that it’s your backyard and that’s your, that’s your home, that’s your, that’s your property. And we want to be responsible, uh, and, and use, uh, our time and resources wisely. Uh, in order to build a great backyard, a dream backyard for you, we want to, uh, again, um, again, any, any, any need, any landscaping, you’re just the entire backyard. We can, we can, uh, accomplish in and build the backyard of your dreams.

Uh, yeah. So again, um, we’re here at Sierra pools and spas of Tulsa. We’ve talked just to go over, we talked about landscaping and Stone Lane, uh, today, just two things that maybe other pool contractors don’t really touch upon. And we just wanna let you know that we can do all your landscaping needs, all your, all your a stone decking, uh, lane needs. And we want to just build the beautiful backyard of their dreams. And so if you are interested in having the coolest backyard in town, give us a call at nine one eight, eight, eight, four, eight, four two seven, or even check us out on our website@sierrapoolsandspas.com. Again, um, we want to build, we want to be your Tulsa pool contractors. We want to be your, um, your Tulsa a decking contractor. We want to be your Tulsa landscaping contractor. We can do it all.

We’re your one stop shop. Oh, where your Walmart with customer service though. So if that’s a great example, uh, if anyone is reading this and finds this offensive, because that’s a terrible example. Um, I apologize in advance, but, uh, you know, again, Sierra pools and spas of Tulsa, we want to be your pool contractor. It gives called nine one eight, eight eight four, eight four two seven or@sierrapoolsandspawns.com. You can contact us and have a great day. Uh, Rachel’s gonna leave us with one final word if you can sum it up. Uh, uh, Tulsa, excuse me. If you can. W W what, what is your, uh, additive of one stop shop? What do you, how do you, how do you feel about that? Easy. Easy. We’re easy. All right. Have a great day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye.