Tulsa Pool Remodel | Are You Excited To Have A Pool Again?

Hello and welcome to most amazing show ever created on earth and podcast today at Sierra pools and spas room. You’re talking about, um, a very special, uh, topic. It’s always a special topic here at SharePlus and spas of Tulsa. Today we will be talking about, uh, Tulsa pool remodeling, um, Pool remodels or, uh, and Tulsa pools. Replastered. And so with me, as always is my beautiful wife, Rachel would say hello, hello. And she’s going to help us talk about, uh, what it’s needed for a Tulsa Pool, remodels and Tulsa Pool. Replaster

what do you got? So the most common thing that people do to their pools is a replaster. Um, some people will do full overhauls of their pool re and when, when we’re talking about pulling modeling. But, um, most common thing that you have to do to just remain 10 year pool is a replaster. Um, so we’re going to kind of talk about what that entails and why you have to replaster and kind of the process of what that looks like. You have a timer that’s going. Okay. Um, so replastering so there’s some things that you have to do with the gunnite pool to maintain your pool. And one of these things is replastering and um, this has to be done for every gunnite pool. And when we talk about plaster, this is the finish that goes over the gunnite, um, that, that’s basically what you feel on your feet whenever you’re walking in the pools, the finish on the shell of the pool, um, to protect the gun eye underneath.

Um, so replies or I’m sorry, plaster will break down over time. It will chip and um, it’s called pitting. Um, when it, when it gets worn down by the makeup of the water, if you’re just, even if your water balance is good, just over time, the chlorine is just gonna break down the plaster and it’s just something you have to, um, deal with. Um, so this has to be redone every, it can vary between 10 and 20 years. Um, and that’s based on, you know, your water balance. Like I just said, if you have really, really good water balance, it’s going to be closer to 20 years when you have to start replastering. Um, however, some people do it earlier than 20 years, just because the general look of the plaster, um, dulls and again, you, you will have pitting in different places. It may not be so bad that you have to replaster, but for some people they just, you know, they want their pool to look really nice all year round, so they might replaster every 10 years or so.

Um, now there are lots of different types of plaster finishes that you can get. Um, most popular is just an off white, which is just standard. Um, but there’s different colors. There’s course-based, um, plasters or synthetic based plasters and there’s tons of different colors and even finishes. I’ve seen some glow in the dark plaster, um, which is a new thing. It’s kind of cool looking. Um, but the standard is just, um, an off white plaster. Um, so there’s a whole process that has to take place when you replaster. Um, the first thing that you have to do is drain the pool. And you don’t want to do this yourself. If you, if you hire replaster company, um, they will do it for you. So, um, first of all, you have to remove all the chlorine from the water. And there’s some different ways to do this awesome Tulsa Pool Remodel job.

There’s a product called came out that’ll do that. Um, and then you have to follow city codes and draining your pool. You can’t just dump it into the sewer. Usually it has to be drained somewhere else. So that’s one thing that you’ll need to make sure, um, that either whoever you hired to replace your pool is aware of and, or you are aware of. Um, and then also in draining the pool, you have to be aware of the hydrostatic relief valves. Um, these are space throughout the four of the pool in the shallow and the deep end, but they’re plastered over so you don’t see them when you’re swimming in the pool. So the plaster has to be chipped away around those. And then, um, the caps have to be unscrewed or removed because underneath your pool there’s table water. And so what can happen is if you don’t, um, relieve these valves and you just start draining your pool, um, it can put so much pressure under the pool Shell, um, that it can actually lift the pool out of the ground and that’s not good. Call now if yo want the top Tulsa Pool Remodel today! So as opposed to draining the hydrostatic plugs need to be removed, um, it’s very important to allow the excess water beneath the pool, um, to kind of, um, flow into the pool and release in that pressure. Um, the next thing that has to be done to kind of prepare your pool to be replastered is a cut and chip. Um, this preps the pool. Um, so if you have a tile band around the top of your pool, um, they’ll have to remove that. Call them now at 918-884-8427 as soon as you can! Also go to https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/ when you are ready!

Tulsa Pool Remodel | Are You Needing The Top Services?

Um, and then, um, the goal is kind of to remove a chip under the tile, um, that space where the chip is, um, how the plastic goes up to the child without creating a, a budge. And this will leave a nice Trent’s transition from the plaster to the tile and then they’ll have the chip, um, around the return and drain fittings in the pool. And also they’ll have to chip around any underwater light knishes um,and you want to make sure that they’re falling safety measures. Um, obviously you’re not going to be doing this yourself. So if you hire a company, they’re going to take all the precautions. Um, but this is just kind of to let you know what the process is and why they do what they do. So after you’ve cut in, shipped around the tile and all your light knishes, your drains and all of that, then they’ll do an acid wash on your pool. Um, and this will be from the tile down the walls and all of the full floor and it’ll sit there for several minutes to edge on the old plaster. Um, basically this is going to eat off the old plaster and rough it up so that the new plaster will adhere properly to the old layer. Um, give it something kind of to grab and hold on to. Reach out now if you are ready for all the top Tulsa Pool Remodel today!

And this is very hazardous job because you’re dealing with acid. Um, and so again, they’re going to be using things like a respirator, gloves, and you don’t want to be anywhere near this stuff whenever they’re doing that. So, um, yeah, so that’s the acid wash. And then, um, lastly they’ll plaster the pool and they’ll use a plaster rig, which is um, usually a truck and they’ll have, um, this, the truck will mix the, um, the plaster and then pump it into the pool. And then, um, several guys, we’ll be walking around in the pool with, um, peg shoes and trowels and there’ll be hand trawling the plaster as it’s pumped in. And then the plaster, we’ll have to, um, cure underwater. And then once your plaster is completed, you’ll have to again balance your water or have your own pool service company balance your water to make sure that it’s clean and ready for you to, to, um, swim again.

And that is how you replaced your pool. That’s kind of the process. And then from there, you just want to make sure that you’re continuing to keep up with your water balance. And whether that’s, whether you do that yourself or your, you have a pool service company that does that. Um, water balance is a huge thing and it affects so many things and it can, if you take care of it and if you keep your balance, um, keep your water balance properly, it will increase the longevity of your pull equipment, your plaster, um, everything and just provide for a better swimming, um, atmosphere. Contact us now if you want all the best services today! Call now if you are ready for the top Tulsa Pool Remodel.

Yeah. So if you’re in the Tulsa area and you have a Tulsa Pool and, uh, how do you know when it’s time to replaster? Well, like I said, a good plaster job can last you up to past 10 years. Um, and again, that all requires based upon, um, your ph balance and how well your water’s maintained throughout the years. That really does affect how long do pastures life expect to see will, uh, last. Um, and so, uh, no if it’s been 10 plus years of your pool plaster and you start to see dark areas and what’s your probably seen as the good night underneath your posture. And this means it’s time to replaster. And so, um, again, uh, your plaster is really, it’s the watertight, um, sealant that keeps the water, uh, because Gunna is, is more porous than, uh, than plaster and Lath and plaster what it is it just like little marble dust that is applied to the Ghanaian that, uh, and that’s what really keeps the water from going anywhere and, and the final touch for your pool, because that is actually the last step, cause it actually cures under water. Contact these guys bnow if you are ready for the most amazing Tulsa Pool Remodel.

So as soon as the classroom’s done, it’s time to fill up the pool. And of course, if you’re needing to replaster your pool, you’re gonna have to, we’re gonna have to drain the pool and, and start from there. Um, so yeah. Uh, so if you’re in the Tulsa area and if you need to have a replastering job done, um, you know, Sierra pools and spas can get you connected with that. And we love to do business for you. Um, so Tulsa pools, uh, we’d love to service you guys. Um, so if you’re in the process of, uh, replastering or remodeling your pool, gives Sierra pools and spas of Tulsa call at (918) 884-8427. Or you can visit our website www.sierrapoolsandspas.com. Again, uh, Sierra pools and spas of Tulsa. Uh, your Tulsa Pool needs any remodeling jobs, pool plastering. Uh, give us a call, uh, with that final word for Rachel. No, she’s shaking her head no. All right. Have a great day. We’ll talk to you next time. Adios, Amigos.