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Hello and welcome to share pools and spas podcast. I’m Cody and I’m Rachel and we’re here to talk to you about all pool, uh, needs and, uh, questions you need to know about. Um, so if you’re in the Tulsa Broken Arrow area, big speed, Awaso, jinx any of those areas, uh, we can build you a pool. We are in the Tulsa Metro area. Uh, so, um, you can look us up@wwwdotsierrapoolsandspas.com or you can contact us via phone nine one eight eight eight four eight four, two, seven. Again, any of those areas, uh, check us out. We’d love to, um, come out and evaluate your property to see if you want to pool. Um, so today we’re gonna be talking about some, uh, salty stuff. Uh, have you ever had food that was just too salty? And it was like, but so you know, the, the bad feeling of our, the nastiness of having too much salt in your mouth. So today we’ll be talking about our salt water pools. Salty. So if you’re in the Tulsa Bixby, Jenks broken Arrow Owasso area and you’re wondering this question. Um, well we can we have an answer for you? So Rachel, with all the facts? Yeah, verse Salt, water pools, salty. Call now for the best Tulsa Pools!

Well, we’re going to get into that. So stay tuned. Um, yeah. So when we’re talking about pools and Tulsa, Tulsa pools, pools, big speed, broken Arrow, Jenks and Waso area. You have broken Arrow, basically two options for your water. Well, I guess we have two options. So you have chlorine or salt water. Those are the two most popular. Um, there are some other less popular options like ozone and things like that, but for today’s purposes we’re going to be talking about salt water versus chlorine pools, more specifically, or salt water pools. Actually Salty, can you taste the salt? There’s a lot of benefits to having a salt water pool. And we’ve talked about these before, but I just want to reiterate some of the main benefits of having a salt water pool. Um, for one, it’s much healthier than chlorine pools. It doesn’t burn your eyes the way a chlorine pool oil, it doesn’t dry out your skin.

The way of coring pool will, um, it doesn’t turn your hair green. Um, so there’s plenty of benefits to having a salt water pool versus a chlorine pool. And a lot of people are switching. Um, if they had a growing pool, they’re either converting it to salt water. If they’re installing new pools, most people will go for us all work pool. Another benefit is that it cuts down on your maintenance. I’m with a client bill. You’ve got to, um, constantly add chlorine tablets to your pool to keep it sanitized. With a salt water pool, you actually have the generator that’s generating your chlorine from the salt, which is sanitizing your pool and you’re not having to buy those chemicals every month. Um, and we’re going to kind of talk about that more in more detail in today’s episode. But, um, and so because you’re not having to buy chlorine tablets.

No. And I’m constantly buy chemicals monthly. It saves on cost as well. There is a greater cost up front, but in the long run it’s gonna save you money over the years. Now to get to the question that we’re actually talking about today, our salt water pools actually salty, we have to look at several different things and kind of answer the question of what qualifies as salty water. And so the question that we get asked, uh, is, is most, is, is it like ocean waters are gonna taste like when I go to the beach and the answer is no for that. Um, so I love the beach. I think it’s awesome, but I do find it really hard to swim in the ocean cause I just don’t like this all. Or do you like the salt water? I know you like the solar. Yeah. Um, I don’t really like that.

It’s basic kind of hard for me to want to be in the water. When you take a big gulp of salty, nasty seawater, it’s pretty gross. Um, but actually people do have seawater pools. Um, those are very, very rare, but they actually, uh, require special equipment, special surfaces. Um, those are very rare. So a saltwater pool is not going to be like sea water. I can tell you that much for sure. Um, so, uh, when we’re talking about salt water pools, um, people, um, don’t often actually understand how they actually work. Make sure to call 918-884-8427 or check out https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/ as soon as you can! So let’s get into that a little bit. Um, so when you have a salt water pool, you have something called a salt water generator and the salt water generator has two parts as a power supply and then it has a salt. So, and you’ll hook up your power supply, um, at your equipment pad and assault sale.

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So actually plumbed in line with the pipe that returns the water, um, back to your pool. So as the salt water actually passes through the cell, um, a process called troll esis occurs in this process. Um, actually, uh, splits the salt and water into hydrogen and Hypo Cloris acid and it converts to chlorine. So that’s what’s happening inside of the, the generators basically turning the salt water into the chlorine and sanitizing your pool and the chlorine is then automatically distributed into your pool. So, and then the cool thing about salt systems is that once the chlorine finally breaks down, it actually becomes salty. And so it’s an ongoing cycle that actually saves you money because you’re not constantly having to add salt. Um, because in essence, salt water pool still uses corn and use sanitize the pool. However, the process to get there is different. And then like I said, once it breaks down, it returns to salt. So it’s just continually cycling like a circle of life as a Tulsa Pools.

Yes. So, but, but then people say, well, well how salty is the water? Cause obviously there’s some salt in it. So how, how salty is it? Can you, can you give me a general idea of am I going to taste it and might not? Um, so let’s get into that a little bit. So just to reiterate, it’s not going to taste like the ocean. It’s not going to be that salty. Um, and, and here’s why. Although, um, so every human has assault threshold basically when they tasted salt. And it varies. It can vary from person to person. But generally the average human salt threshold is 3,500 parts per million. And so just to give you an idea, this salt levels in the ocean are approximately 35,000 parts per million. So you are 10 times the average human threshold, and that’s why it tastes so salty at the ocean. Um, so on the other hand, a salt water swimming pool only has assault content of about 3000 parts per million. So you’re just slightly under the salt threshold of an average human being. So I said earlier that the average salt threshold is 3,500 parts per million. So you’re at 3000 parts per million. So you’re not gonna taste that salt. Um, it’s for the most part it’s undetectable. Now I, we have swam in salt water pools and, uh, initially when you get in, for me anyways, I can taste the salt. It’s a little bit salty. It’s nowhere near like the ocean, but as I swim in it, I don’t taste it anymore. Um, so she becomes salty. Yeah, but it’s not, like I said, it is not like it’s an ocean. Like, you can tell, you know that the salt is there, but it’s not overwhelming and it’s not.

And like I said, as you swim in it, um, it’s do they add virtually undetectable? You don’t even notice it. And the main thing that I love, um, is that it does not burn your eyes. It’s just feels so much softer when you’re in it just, it’s so much nicer and cleaner. So if you’re looking to build a pool and Tulsa Bixby, broken Arrow, a Waso or the jinx area, um, and you’re thinking about, should I go with Gordon or should I go with saltwater? We definitely recommend saltwater. There’s so many benefits, um, for you as the owner of a pool when it comes to maintenance, health costs, it’s going to be in the long run, it’s going to be so much better for you. People like Tulsa Pools!

You are really starting to turn away from chlorine. Um, and I, and we just know that salt waters is the better option. Yeah. Um, so water’s great. Uh, let’s see. Um, it’s not really salty. So things that you’re gonna be tasting, like rich said, uh, anywhere ever salt generator is between three to 4,000 parts per million. And, um, if you get too much salt in your pool, there’s a way to, uh, get rid of the salt in your pool. And then you have to dilute the water. You can’t just let the water evaporate because salt doesn’t evaporate, so it just sits in the bottom of your pool. Um, not necessarily the bottom, but in the water. Um, and so if you need to delete your water, you’d have to first test how much salt is in your, uh, in your pool and then, uh, accordingly drain that much when it comes to Tulsa Pools.

Uh, a small bit of water. If it, if it seems like beer, your pool has too much salt in it, um, you can drain of course, drain some water and fill it back up with fresh water to dilute the salt. Um, and that’s just one way and just be, if you have too much salt in your pool, uh, because we know we don’t like the taste salt. Um, but it’s really not that bad and it’s all our pools and sound like anything like the ocean, like ritual scene. Um, so if you’re in Bixby, if you’re in Tulsa, if you’re broken Arrow, James Hill, also, if you’re looking to build pools and you are in debate about salt water, Corrine, um, uh, we, we like salt water. Of course. There’s nothing wrong with chlorine and just we find it better to go saltwater. So again, Tulsa Jenks broken arrow. I’ll also, uh, uh, what I miss makes me, um, if you’re in that area where you, we can service to you. We’re, we’re in the Tulsa area and we are, uh, wanting to build your pool. Uh, and it, it could be a salt water pool, but if you want to go according, there’s no problem in there. But, um, so that’s all we have today. Um, contact us 918-884-8427 or visit https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/. If you want to build a pool will be your premier Tulsa pool builders and all the goodness and, uh, building a pool. You can do it for you. Um, um, Cody, we’ll talk to you next time. Adios.