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Hello and welcome to another edition of podcast with Rachel and Cody at Sierre pools and spas in Tulsa. You can contact us at 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 set at Cedar Bozon Spaza com Tulsa Pools.

Today we I’m talking about Taso poor contractors and what to think about them. What do you think about all the poor contractors. You know when I first think about if I want to pool in my backyard what I’m going to do I’m going to go to Google and I want to type in Tulsa pool contractors and then what’s going to come up a bunch of pool companies that come up in and it’s going to confuse the heck out of me and I’m going to I’m going to look at reviews and make a good judgment call a couple and get a good couple of quotes. And so this kind of a basic idea of what people do in order to find a good poker pool pool contractor to build a pool in their backyard. And so with that again think about when you do this I have a few things in mind of questions that you want to ask your Tulsa pool contractors and some concerns that you have. And so when they meet with you they can answer and all your questions and needs and want that so that you’re feeling confident in your pool contractors make sure that when they come out that you just you know maybe interview them and see what do you what’s what you’re looking for in a pool contractor. And so that you can have you know a good feeling about the person that is going to build your pool because remember that you’re you’re giving them a responsibility a. You’re paying them to do a certain job and you want that job to be done correctly Tulsa Pools.

And so when you find a poor contractor that you’re looking to are looking for you want to make sure that they’re going to do a great job and they’re going to live up to their name. So Richard what is your thoughts about Also pool contractors.

Well you want to know what you’re looking for. So one thing that you want to look for is experience and sorry excuse me.

Tulsa Pools Not just any experience but an experience installing the type of pool that you’re wanting. And of course that means you have to know what you want out of a pool a good pool contractor will be able to offer you valuable advice and guidance in helping you decide what kind of pool will be good for you and your backyard and where you live and everything. But some questions to consider what type of pool do you want. So are you wanting concrete do you want fiberglass glass. Do you want vinyl. Because most contractors are only going to specialize in one of these areas and it is.

Just you. Excuse me.

So yeah you want to figure out what kind of boy you’re looking for so your pools and spas. We’re a poor contractor that specializes in concrete pools.

So if you’re looking for an in-ground night pool we would be able to help you with that.

Tulsa Pools You definitely want to think about this ahead of time because you don’t want to go to the wrong company looking for one day and get something entirely different. So make sure you do your research on what what you’re looking for.

Then you want to look up and think about are you looking for anything that might require special expertise. So not only are there different kinds of pool materials but there’s also various features and styles that you can choose that might be might require some extra expertise. One thing in particular that I can think of would be a vanishing edge pool. Not every pool builder. Offers vanishing edge or a negative edge. Another thing would be like a beach and tree. Not everyone does that so if that’s if you’re looking for something special like that you’d definitely want to make sure that you ask your contractors they can do that at Super Bowls and spas. Being a contractor we do offer both of these elements as well as various other elements like tanning wedges spas waterfalls things of that nature. So we can help you with all of that. You know the thing you want to think about is how big is your project. If you just want something simple like a small backyard pool. That’s probably not going to be a problem for you. It’s not going to require as much research on your part to find the right contractor or pilt pool builder that can get your job done Tulsa Pools.

Tulsa Pools Again you just want to look at reference and experience because even though it’s a simple pool if it’s not installed properly or by people who don’t understand the voting process or the plumbing is done wrong or anything this can cost you thousands of dollars and endless headaches and just it’s not a good experience so you want to make sure even if it’s a simple project that you do your research on your contractors and make sure that you get somebody that’s reliable that has good reviews. However if you want something very large with really fancy docking state of the art features special design elements things of that sort you need to be confident that you hire the best contractor that you can afford. And we can guarantee you that Sierra pools and spas is going to be the best also pool contractor for any job whether it be a simple backyard pool we can get that done for you and in a costly manner. In a time in a cost effective manner. Excuse me anytime. Timely manner. But also if you have a large detailed project that you’re wanting to undergo we can help you with every detail of that project as well. So those are some questions that you might want to consider before you go searching for contractors that you can already have those things in mind when you’re researching which contractor you want to use.

So remember also pool contractors. There’s there’s a lot of it out there. You know do your homework do some research before you sign any contracts or anything and of course you know here is here spas spazzed we pride ourselves of being the best. I mean we wouldn’t say that if we didn’t think we were we wouldn’t. I mean why of course we thrive to be the best and we want to succeed. And you know if we do some things wrong we want to know why we want to make sure we make sure those don’t happen again. And so that’s also pool contractor just do some research and figure out some questions that you might have and make sure to be ready to have some questions and ideas and thoughts to give to your poor contractor who cares about me. See if they really know their stuff and you know a big thing about Tulsa pool contractors is honest to you and make sure that you know the person that you’re working with is honest and they’re going to be honest with you throughout the whole pool construction process because you know that’s the last thing you want is someone that is dishonest and not sticking true to the word. I don’t think anyone who likes to be lied to. So again Taso poor contractors. Rachel what’s your final thoughts about multiple contractors Tulsa Pools.

There’s a couple of things that might help you find a contractor. So someone that we partner with is home advisor they’re a great source for finding contractors in your local area and it’s completely free to use my visor makes their money by selling leads to contractors like us. So it’s free to the customer. And basically what you do is you fill out a request form for what you’re looking for an adviser will match you up with a reliable contractor in the area. And every company that is partnered with home adviser has been screened. So you can you can feel confident that you’re getting a real company a real contractor not somebody who’s just going to rip you off or maybe not be a real company so you can use things like that. I mean there’s others other Web sites like the Angie’s List things of that nature that can help you find a contractor.

Yeah. And again if you have a bad experience and this is with anything we review so other people can know. So many people base their opinions and thoughts and decisions on reviews and not so many people leave them. So if you have a bad experience leave Review with us you know we hope you have a great experience with sheer Paulson’s bombs but we love your comments. We love your views we love it when people review us whether it’s good or bad we just appreciate people are taking the time and and giving their thoughts about our business. So again she didn’t tell a poor contractor make sure that you are you know being you know if they do a great job a great review if they don’t do such a hard job or it’s such a great job make sure you know on those things like home in Badger Angeles or Google just so other people can be aware of and what they can be aware of to fix things and so that they won’t have that problem again. So again multiple contractors make sure you check out those those questions you might want to ask your contractor. Rachel any final thoughts Tulsa Pools.

I think I think that about sums it up.

But again you can contact us at 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 to 7 or at Cedar Falls and spazzed dot com again. Also pool contractors. Check it out. Check. Do your homework. Do some research so you can know what you’re getting yourself into and have a little bit of knowledge about what to ask questions. For a pool contractor here in Tulsa. Again thank you for joining us. This is Currey. Rachel you talked about┬áTulsa Pools.