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Cody: Good morning or good evening, whatever time of day you are listening to this podcast divers. So excited for you to join us for this awesome show we have for you today. Don’t we have an awesome show Rachel?

Rachel: Yeah, it’s always awesome Tulsa Pools.

Cody: So welcome to the Dive Time show. I’m your host Cody and as always, my beautiful, lovely wife.

Rachel: I’m Rachel.

Cody: And together we’re the owners of Sierra Pools and Spas of Tulsa. And you can find us online at www.sierrapoolsandspas.com, or you can give us a phone call at (918) 884-8427. And also you can find us on Facebook. We like that. Give us a like there. So, if you ever need to contact us visit us our website at www.sierrapoolsandspas.com or give us a phone call at (918) 884-8427. Or, go ahead and send us a message on Facebook.

All right, so what are we talking about today Rachel?

Rachel: Today we are gonna be talking about the construction of your Tulsa pools.

Cody: Wow.

Rachel: And we’re gonna cover the multiple steps in the construction of your custom gunite pool. And you being the project manager, I think you know, a lot more than I do on this subject. So I’m gonna let you handle that.

Cody: She’s handing over the reins.

Rachel: I am.

What’s the first step.

Cody: Well, the first part of the construction process … So this is after our consultation with you, after you’ve approved the 3D design, and we signed some contracts, signed some paperwork and we’re ready to go. We are ready to start construction. The very first step is to gather the plans and the permits that are needed to start construction. So we’ll generate the construction plans and acquire the necessary permits to begin. Whatever city you’re in will require that city permit to start building and to begin the construction process.

And we’ll also call 811 and we’ll call them and locate all the existing utility lines before the beginning of the construction. Pre-construction parts is actually gathering some of the plans and permits. So before we even put a shovel on the ground we are making sure we have all the right paperwork and documents and plans necessary to start the construction process.

Rachel: Awesome.

So what is the second step of the construction.

Cody: So, after that, after we gather the plans and the permits we are ready for the pool layout. And what we’re doing here is just kind of getting the outline of the pool. We will spray paint on the grass the shape of the pool, the correct measurements. And once the plans are approved and the permits have been obtained construction begins. And so the form boards are set with great care to ensure pool is in the correct position. We want to make sure we get the accurate measurements of the pool that we said that we’re gonna build for you. We’ll paint on the ground, we’ll get it lined up for you. And we’ll put the boards up and then we’re ready for our next step.

Rachel: Which is, I believe, it’s excavation [crosstalk 00:03:29]

Cody: That is correct Rachel. You are such a bright pupil Tulsa Pools.

After we get the line up we’ll get the shape ready to go. And get that set up. We’ll start excavating. And so, after the form is set, the excavation begins. The excavation crew will carefully, and I mean carefully, dig your pool in accordance with the exact pool design, depth, and elevation. So we’ll bring out some equipment, we’ll start digging a hole, we’ll get our shovels and we’ll get our gloves and we’ll get dirty. We’ll start getting that dirt out and start digging your pool. Again, after we set the pool layout, we’ll start excavating to the correct design, and the correct depth, and elevation of your pool.

Rachel: And for most pools the machinery like the backhoes or the skid loaders, whatever you’re using is gonna do all the heavy lifting. And the final digging and shaping is actually done by hand, so it’s really precise.

Cody: Real precise, real precise.

Rachel: Awesome. What’s the next step?

Cody: So, after we get the plans and permits, ┬áTulsa Pools we’ll get the pool layout and then we’ll start excavating. Next step is the steel construction. So this is the bones of the pool. This is the skeleton, this is what holds this together. This is what holds the pool together. Next we’ll get the steel crew and we’ll reinforce the pool, the shell, with number three and number four rebar, placed horizontally and vertically. And this creates the backbone of your swimming pool. Again, it’s like the skeleton. Without it you’d just crumble apart. Just imagine your body without a skeleton, we’d just fall to the ground and you just can’t do without it. It’s also known as rebar, reinforcement bar. We’ll start constructing that. And we’ll place the correct rebar number. It just depends on where at in the pool, deep end or the shallow end. Just the bond beam, it just depends on what’s gonna be handled there or how much weight is going in a particular part of the pool is where we’ll place the rebar.

Rachel: So things are looking exciting. We’ve got the hole dug out, we’ve got the steel’s going in. What’s happening after the re-bar’s all set?

Cody: So we’re not quite yet ready for some gunite. But we got one more step there. We’ve got to get the plumbing. That’s real important in having a pool. Rough plumbing is done immediately following after the steel installation. So this includes the installation of the main drains, the skimmers, the light niches, the return line stubs, and pre-plumbing and [inaudible 00:06:34]. All the PVC we’re getting that laid down. We are getting it to …

Rachel: All the necessary inner workings.

Cody: Yeah, all the water lines. Before we lay down the gunite we are installing that to the precise location.

Rachel: Great. And then we get to start spraying some gunite Tulsa Pools.

Cody: Then we get to start spraying some gunite.

So this is the most fun part, you know, cause this is when it really starts to take shape. So we get to spray gunite. After we got our hole digged, our rebar down, and our plumbing inserted we will then start the process of [inaudible 00:07:12] construction of the gunite. Then the application of the gunite is applied. Gunite is a mixture of sand, rock, and cement. Like you didn’t know that. That will be applied by an experienced technician. The gunite is applied through the hose of highly pressurized air to achieve the desired PSI to provide maximum structural strength. This will be a fun process because, again, like I said, after this step is done you look in your backyard, it’s really starting to take shape of your [crosstalk 00:07:39] pool.

Rachel: It’s really starting to look like a pool.

Cody: Really starting to look like a pool. And so after that, after the gunite we’ll start the tile and the coping. The coping is the edge of the pool, so if you didn’t know what that meant. The tile of your choice is hand laded and grouted around the water line. And then the coping of your choice is then hand laded and grouted at the wall top Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: And that makes it look pretty.

Cody: It makes it look pretty.

Rachel: There’s so many options.

Cody: Tulsa Pools And you have so much choices of tile and really to your personal preference. Your dream pool. And then after that, the equipment and utilities are set up. And an experienced technician will come out and will plumb all the necessary equipment of your pool. Including the water feature pumps and other optional equipment. A last technician will install the breaker box and run electrical conduits for the pool lights and pool equipment. Gas lines to the pool heaters will be run to the equipment in location by a licensed utility specialist as well.

And then, after that we’ll get a deck layout and a pourer. We’ll pour the deck for you. The pool deck should reflect the overall theme from the project, including color, pattern, and type. The deck gets formed after that and reinforced with rebar and poured. And just depending on what kind of deck you’re looking for, for a wood deck or a poured deck, whatever your preference is.

Rachel: So now you’ve really got the whole picture. You’ve got the deck, you’ve got the pool, the coping and the tile is laid. And everything’s looking great except we don’t have any water.

Cody: Yeah, not yet. So, after that we’ll start cleaning up the site. Your pool is really almost complete. And we’ll remove any excess waste and construction materials that’s been prepared for the pool interior to be finished. Construction can get kind of messy sometimes. After that, then we have a finish on your pool. The pool interior is gonna be coated with your choice of materials. Different finishes render different effects and moods upon the pool water and overall appearance of your backyard area. When the coating is finished we begin filling the pool with water. So again, your pool finish, based on your preference. How you want it, what color, what kind of pebble or whatever you want.

Rachel: Yeah, it’s typically gonna be a plaster pool finish. And plaster actually has to cure in the water. So once the plaster is applied, we’ll immediately start filling the pool, because that plaster will actually have to cure for a couple days in the water.

Cody: Yep, yep. And then we’ll start filling up the pool. And it’s just about time for you to start swimming. But we’ll have to start up the pump and the filtration system and give you some instructions. A little bit of pool school. We’ll have someone come out and tell you a little bit about how to operate your pool and actually tell you all the how to operate your pool. So once the pool is full a service technician will check the installation and start all pool and spa equipment. And then once the equipment has been started and fully operational a service technician will set up a time to meet with you and show you a maintenance operation.

You’ll know everything about your pool and how to run it, how to set it up, how to shut it down for the season, how to start it up, and all that good stuff. And then after, the most fun and exciting part? You get to start swimming. So, now that your pool is complete, it’s time to jump in and enjoy Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: And just to make a note. We didn’t talk specifically about spas but your spa will be constructed in the same way that the pool will be. And it will be incorporated into this whole process. So, when we say pool, it’s pool and spa.

Cody: Pool and or spa.

Rachel: If you have a spa.

Cody: Yeah, why wouldn’t you have a spa Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: Yeah, why wouldn’t you really?

It is all included in that process. And it’s also gunite, so it’s the same: rebar, excavation, all that, is included in the construction of your spa as well.

Cody: I hope you enjoyed this swimming pool construction. I hope you educate a little bit better about what goes on in your backyard when you sign up for a pool. If you ever want a pool, Sierra Pools and Spas is the place to go. Again you can reach us at (918) 884-8427 or contact us at our website. You can fill out an application there and send a message through our website and we’ll get back to you at sierrapoolsandspas.com, or we got Facebook. Like us up there and you can send a message there as well. So I think that wraps us up for today. As always, it’s Cody.

Rachel: And Rachel Tulsa Pools.

Cody: And we’ll talk to you next time.

See you divers.