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Today, we’re going to be talking about the best robotic pool cleaners for your Tulsa pool. Let’s start with that. Best robotic pool cleaners for your Tulsa pools.

Speaker 2: We’ve talked about the best pool filters for your Tulsa pool and we got that list from swimuniversity.com. Today, the best robotic pool cleaners for you Tulsa pools, also from swimuniversity.com.

They do a great job of putting together these lists and really doing their research. I’m just going to run through what the models are and what the benefits are of each one.

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Speaker 2: Everything is robotic nowadays or it’s going that way. You know? Everything is automated. Technology. It’s just advancing and we’re all going to have personal robots.

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Speaker 2: But today you can have a robotic pool cleaner and they’re really the best and the most efficient pool cleaners because they can do it all. There’s three types of automatic pool cleaners you can choose from. There’s suction side, pressure side and robotic.

But really the robotic pool cleaners just offer the best of all three of these types of cleaners combined because, they run on electricity so you don’t have to run your filter while it’s cleaning and they use suction rather than water pressure. It’s just a lot more efficient of cleaning up dirt and debris from the bottom of your pool.

Number one on our list of the best robotic pool cleaners would be the Aquabot Breeze XLS. This is an in-ground pool cleaner. It has high powered suction and it’s used to remove the finest particles of dirt, debris, hair, sand, algae, everything. And it’s going to clean the floors, the steps and the walls. And even the water lines. So this thing does it all. It’s very high powered suction.

Number two is also an Aquabot. It’s the Aquabot Turbo T2 and it has a unique four-way functionality. It scrubs, it power washes, it vacuums, and filters all the way from the waterline down to the floor. And it can do this twice as fast as the original Aquabot. It’s very powerful.

Number three would be a Hayward Tiger Shark. Hayward is a company that’s been around for a long time. Very reputable. Very big. And they build really quality products. You don’t have to worry about being made cheaply or anything like that.

The Tiger Shark will calculate the size of your pool and it pre-programs itself to take the most time and energy efficient cleaning pattern. So, that’s really cool. It calculates everything itself. And it will clean every part of your in-ground pool including bottom, walls, inclines and steps.

Number four is the Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40. The Pool Rover is great for above-ground pools but it can also work on smaller in-ground pools. So, it wouldn’t probably be the best for a large in-ground pool but if you have a smaller size in-ground pool, this will get the job done.

This robotic cleaner uses a linear jet and it cleans moving backwards and forwards. So it can go in reverse as well as drive forward. It can climb an incline or a wall cove with a radius. That’s nice if you have a jut out in your pool, like a curve jut out with a bench or something, it can go around that.

The two filters are accessible from the top and it uses a nylon filter that can filter down to two microns. And that is very, very, very, very, very, very small. So just for reference, you can’t see anything under 30 microns and two microns is very, very small. This thing can clean really, really efficiently Tulsa Pools.

It also comes with a forty foot kink-free cable and a timer with an automatic shut off. So that’s nice. The cleaner can cover 8000 feet per hour and can filter 80 to 85 gallons of water per hour. And that’s Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40.

Number five is the Dolphin Triton. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are really great. This is an advanced robotic cleaner. It has patented technology, so that’s unique to the Dolphin Triton. It cleans your pool floor, coves and walls. It’s recommended for in-ground pools up to 50 ft. in length. So, if you have anything bigger than that, this probably isn’t the cleaner for you.

Number six is another Aquabot. Aquabot kind of dominates this list. Number six is the Aquabot Breeze 4WD. And 4WD obviously stands for four-wheel drive, so it runs on a four-wheel drive system. The system powers all four wheels and it also powers a rotating brush that is underneath the cleaner.

The rotating brush helps to loosen up dirt and debris and the brush is removable so you can clean it, which makes for really easy maintenance. There’s also a large debris baskets on the Aquabot Breeze and these capture a lot of debris and make easy cleaning as well.

Number seven is the Polaris 9400 Sport 4 Wheel Drive, so again another four wheel drive system. The 9400 Sport cleans pools up to 50 feet long, has two cleaning cycles, and an active motion sensor to prevent tipping and cord tangling, also has top access to remove debris Tulsa Pools.

It weighs only 16 pounds and it comes with a matching transport caddy because it’s one of the larger robotic cleaners. It also has a two-year warranty, which is nice.

Number eight is the Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830. Kreepy Krauly is a classic automatic pool cleaner. This brand has been around for a while making quality non-robotic pool cleaners and so now they’re stepping into robotics. And that comes as no surprise. They’re owned by one of the largest pool equipment manufacturers.

The Kreepy Krauly is compatible with any pool service and it runs independently of your pools filter and pump, and it requires no additional equipment, which is really nice. It includes two filter cartridges that can be reused and it also comes with a 50 foot reinforced power cord and a 24-volt transformer.

Number nine is the Smart Pool 9I. So there’s a Smart Pool 7I and this is just the Smart Pool 7I’s big brother. If you’re looking to step up your cleaning power, the Smart Pool 9I is the way to go.

The Smart Pool scrubbing robotic pool cleaner cleans walls, floors and it will even scrub the tile at the top of the pool, which is really nice. It has a rapid drain system that keeps debris in the filter while allowing water to flow from the unit back into the pool.

And the last one on our list today is the Solar Breeze Robotic Pool Skimmer. Tulsa Pools This is not a cleaner, it’s a skimmer. It’s going to skim all the debris off the top of your water, which is just really nice. It’s powered by solar panels on top of the unit.

It’s a little expensive for a pool skimmer, but it’s worth the investment if you don’t want to have to get out there, outside with the net every day and clean the leaves off. It’s definitely worth it if you have the money, if you want to make the investment.

And then we have a couple of honorable mentions here, a couple of bonus cleaners. There’s the Dolphin Advantage Plus Remote Control. This has a remote, which means you can drive it, which is kind of cool. You can stand by your pool and actually drive it around yourself. So, if you see a spot that didn’t get cleaned as well as you’d like it to have been-

Speaker 1: Or if you get bored.

Speaker 2: Yeah, you could just drive it around for fun. But if you have … If there’s a spot that’s really giving you trouble that’s just really hard to clean, you can go over that spot manually and use the cleaner to spot clean and it will save a lot of energy. So, that’s really cool.

And then I talked about the Smart Pool 9I. There’s the Smart Pool 7I, which is a step down from the Smart Pool 9I. This is great for a starter robotic pool cleaner and it’s a really great price. It’ll scrub floors, walls, steps and your water line and it cleans 50% faster than most other robotic cleaners. And it has a duel direct drive motors for excellent traction and pinpoint navigation.

Those are our honorable mentions. That about covers it for the best robotic pool cleaners for your Tulsa pools.

Speaker 1: Thanks for joining us today. I’m Cody.

Speaker 2: I’m Rachel.

Speaker 1: Talk to you next time.