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Hello and welcome to see pools and spas dot com podcast with Cody and Rachel halo Rachel and we’re owners of Zervos in and box and Tulsa and we’re going to be talking to you today about going to the pools and Vinal pools and the best pool resources for and also going to pools and Tulsa and pools and the difference between those two and what makes it better. And the pros and cons and all that jazz.

So we’re excited to talk to you today about those two things. And let me just say personally I grew up swimming in Tulsa vinyl pool and my cousins had one and I loved it it was great. And you know it’s an old older pool and I’ve come to found that it pools over time that I just I just see the better better picture there. And so we’re going to be talking about the difference between those two. Rachel what do we got today about Tulsa pools for pools and biofuels.

Yes. Like you said like you said sorry excuse me we’re going to be talking about the difference between vinyl posing as kind of some of the pros and cons of both and why we specialize in Tulsa going to pools and if you’re looking for more information be sure to visit our Web site. We’re the best resource for Tulsa. So make sure you check that out at spazzed dot com. So to get started first of just kind of talk about a vinyl pool and what it is and some of the pros and cons like code he said his aunt and uncle have a vinyl pool and I’ve swam in it and it’s great Tulsa Pools .

It’s a lot of fun as it swam or Swan OK grammar.

So an in-ground vinyl pool is really in a good economical way to get an in ground pool and they can be pretty nice if you can to why it is that it’s a call.

I just took it head on or something. All right go ahead.

OK. And like I was in and ground vinyl pool is a very economical way to get a pool installed in your backyard if you’re looking for an example. When we say vinyl that’s talking about the liner that’s in that pool. So basically the walls of the pool are made out of. Usually like galvanized steel or some type of composite material and they snap together and then the bottom is made of little lead like gravel or Sanders cement. And then the liner is snapped to the top. Give it time. Oh yeah. Start the snap to the top of the Tulsa Pools.

And then the water is filled on and then the weight of the water actually suctions down the liner to the bottom and the walls of the sides of the pool. The vinyl liner is very smooth which can be very nice. There’s no grip business so you know it’s a completely smooth surface all around which can be very nice. Also the vinyl is not as porous as like plaster cement. So usually these sanitization are keeping a vinyl pool sanitized takes about 25 percent less chemicals which can be nice. So those are some nice things about vinyl Tulsa Pools  are some of the pros and they can look pretty nice when installed properly.

Some of the cons of having a vinyl pool so the liner is what’s holding the water. The liner is all that’s between the walls and the ground basically. So if you get even just a pin sized hole in your liner that can create a leak. And so then your Tulsa pools continuously leaking. And if you know if you have a hole that small. It’s very hard to see. And it’s very hard to find where it’s at. So that can create can cause your pool to be leaking constantly and then you’re constantly having to put water back into your poor. And so that can be a real pain in the neck. They do make patch kits for repairing the small holes. But again it’s just so hard to find if it’s that small you’re going to have a real hard time trying to find it and you’re probably going to have to drain your pool and go through all that hassle. And this just is just kind of a nightmare when that happens. Also one thing that can happen is that the liner can actually float if water gets underneath the pool on the inside. So if for some reason ground water is being held underneath the pool like the rainfall gets down under there the liner will float and then its top section down and then you have to drain all that water underneath and you have a real big problem there. Another nightmare. Then another is that the liner has to be replaced every eight to 10 years. It just this son will you know obviously. Fade the liner.

And then also if you get scratches if it gets stretched out wrinkled things like that you’ll have to replace it. So those are some of the cons. But for a budget minded person it might be a good choice. So we do not specialize in mental pools just because we focus on quality and making something that’s going to last. And making something that can be completely custom to you another con with vinyl pools. Before I move on even though that winers so smooth it can become very slippery. Cody’s aunt has actually fallen in her pool and her self pretty bad last summer because it was so slippery. I had forgotten about that. She saw the steps to down into your poor also covered in that vinyl liner. And if it gets I mean if you have any kind of.

I don’t know what even causes the slipperiness I assume some kind of algae growth or anything like that. But in general even just the liner itself is slippery. So if you’re not careful when you’re walking down in the pool you can slip and definitely hurt yourself which she did. And that’s no fun. So you’re not going to have that with again a pool. But with Bino is a can of cause for concern. So moving on to what we do is going to Tulsa pools and what these are completely seamount completely made of cement. Entire show is. Sprayed cement and then it’s covered in plaster. So there’s there’s many pros to having a gun a pool and very few Condes. So the first real pro that we see is the just the germ Milty Yeah. Well durability for sure. It’s not going to go anywhere. It’s you know eight to 12 inches thick on any point of the of the Shaw wall. And yeah this thing is not going to go anywhere. I mean if you think about the foundation of a house your house is built on a what how wide is the foundation of the House 18 inches I think yeah it’s 18 inches thick all the way around your footing the footing for your house is 18 inches wide and it goes all the way around. And then but the house is built on top of that. So obviously with a house you do have some shifting and when the ground shifts and everything but with a pool you have eight to 12 inches thick. But it goes all the way around.

There’s no surface that is not fully fully concrete. It’s very thick. It’s stronger than the foundation of your house. It’s not going to go anywhere. So that’s the first real pro. Another pro is just the the ability to have it custom to anything that you want. There is no limit to how big how wide or how small even you want your pool to be it’s completely customizable. You don’t have to go with any pre-made shapes or premade liners or anything like that. All of that is up to you and your designer. It’s completely customizable. Tulsa Pools  And again on the touching back on the structure not only is it semen but it’s reinforced with steel rebar so. The entire shell has rebar all the way through which is holding that concrete together making it even more structurally stable. You don’t have the slippery surfaces in a pool that you would find in a vinyl pool. So because it’s the cement and plaster it creates a group effect which prevents you from slipping and falling. It can be uncomfortable in the seat. But it’s no different than going to like a public pool or something like that.

Yeah. Believe us when we say it’s really durable and strong because we’ve had the the privilege of tearing a couple down and just the amount of work having to tear those suckers apart.

It’s it’s it’s unbelievably hard and unbelievably unbelievably solid like it’s not. It’s really strong.

And that’s one of my big argument that there’s going to be cracks and leaks and the concrete is just going to fall apart and it’s just a bunch of bogus and. Yeah. So that’s an argument that I hear often about it’s not willing to sustain it’s the life in Oklahoma’s ground with the plaster as well so with the vinyl we mentioned that you have to replace the vinyl liner.

Every day I say five to 10 years something like that.

I think so.

I think it varies between person to person with a gun type pool you don’t have a liner. It’s covered in plaster and plaster when it’s properly maintained. It can last up to 20 years and more average is 10 to 15 years. If you keep your water balance properly you’re not going to have to really posture but maybe every 10 to 15 years. So you’re having to replace that lining. Well if you have a liner you have to replace that much more often than the plastering. Secondly another benefit.

Right. It really depends on your pH balance on your. You’re going to fall on depending on how often you place your plaster if you have a home owner that’s poor management of the pool and just lets the balance get out of whack and too much goals. And then it does really wear and tear on the plaster and you’d have to replace it a lot sooner than the life expectancy that you could be getting out of it. And that is also an argument about between vinyl and excuse me is that you have to replaster it every 10 or so years and that is true.

You do have to spend money to replaster your pool. Whereas as a viable you have to replace the Bible and that is not as cost costly but overall you can you put a price on quality.

I mean the longevity of your post is going to be much more. You’re not going to have to worry about holes in your aligner water floating underneath the liner.

There’s just a lot more headaches to worry about the walls caving in.

That’s a thing too. Yeah. If the is not backfilled properly against those walls I mean there are only a couple inches thick on a vinyl pool. So you do have the potential possibility of it’s not installed properly it can cave in. Yeah yeah.

You’re talking about hundreds of thousands of pounds of water pushing up against that. So that’s something to think about. Think about your time for a podcast today in a over. So again Tulsa got nine pools versus Tulsa pools and you know we would love to talk more about it but only when we run out of time for the day so remember the best Tull’s pool resource for Tulsa pools in about versus house of animals is right here at Cedar Falls and Spawn’s dot com. You can contact us now 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7. Love to talk to you about build the pool. Set up a consultation today. You can contact us via website or phone. We love to talk to you. It’s all next on Twitter by