Tulsa Pools : Costs Of Your Tulsa Pool

Hello this is Cody with your pools and spas and today we’re going to be talking about. Costs and pools all the way from maintenance costs to. Our construction costs maintenance costs liability costs operating costs all the different costs so we’re talking about money. And what’s it look like when you build the pool. So. Tulsa Pools Starting off with construction costs can so many different variables. And so we’re going to be looking at that today and all the different variables that could potentially why a pool can cost a lot of money. We’re doesn’t have to cost as much as you think.

Tulsa Pools Yeah. So to begin with the construction costs is going to be your first cost obviously because you’re going to build the pool before you can use it. So this does cost can vary from pool builder to pool builder but for your total support you can estimate that you’re going to pool it you’re in ground pool a basic. Shape and a basic base pool is going to cost you. About 35 grand. And then it can go upwards of that number based on. Any features that you’re adding to it. This can range from benches in pool tables tanning ledges. Water features fire features. And anything extra that you’re going to add to your Tulsa pool is going to add to that cost of construction. So that’s really just based on your preference and your budget and. What you’re looking for in your Tulsa pool. That you have on then you have the cost of. If you’re going to add. In ground spa. And these can be pretty costly as well. They can go. Anywhere upwards of ten thousand dollars. And again that’s going to depend on the size of the spa. Benches in the spa. There’s spillways. If it’s attached to the pool or if it’s detached from the pool or things like that are all going to affect the cost of installing your in-ground spa and all is very different.

And the contraction phase is you know how big you want your pool the size of it. And yeah I like gracelessly. If you want to Soie the tight spaces to create a spawn in it it adds up costs a lot of money and all the variables you know and the bigger the pool the more rebar you are having to put into place to hold the structure together Tulsa Pools.

You know you’re digging a bigger hole and you know it can. Like she said $35000 start pay it could go upwards to even six digits. So yeah.

The next costs that you’ll have once your pool is completed and you’re ready to swim everything’s ready to go. You’re going to have to think about your operating costs. So your pool and your spark and can be can have some expenses that if you’re not aware of can surprise you. For example the average pool. Holds around 20000 gallons of water so that’s a lot of water. And then if you install something like a water heater the cost of maintaining that is something you need to take into account your fuel costs if you’re going to have a gas heater or if you’re going to have an electric heater which can be beneficial because electric heaters can be ran backwards to actually cool your pool. And this in the summertime. So those are a couple of the operating costs in and electric. For the pumps and everything you’re going to have to take those costs into consideration and then where you live too. So here in Oklahoma in the summertime if you’re going to cool your pool that might be a considerable fuel electric cost excuse me on your heater versus if you lived somewhere a bit cooler. Also if you’re going to heat or poor in the winter time that can be a considerable cost.

And then heating your spa you will need to think about the electric or fuel cost on your heater for your spa as well. And how often you’re going to run that. So those are just a few of the operating.


So many different factors in running your taxable whether you want to hear a full two month how much you know you wanted or operating systems that you know determined on how much plumbing you’re going to need to run it there and more plumbing means bigger size palm to make it efficient to for the water to. Run adequately.

Tulsa Pools Another cost that you’re going to have to consider are your maintenance costs so with every pull comes routine maintenance. So dippin doesn’t matter if you have above ground and ground. And I find all fiberglass whatever it is. Every single pool is going to require routine maintenance. If you want clean water and a great place to relax you’re going to have to keep your water ph balanced you’re going to have to keep the alkalinity balanced you’re going to have to make sure that your chlorine levels are properly maintained and those all add up in different costs. The one thing you don’t want is a pool filled with algae or bacteria that you just you can’t even enjoy in the summertime. So for example if you have a flooring pool one thing that you’re going to have to consider is the cost of chemicals some and also a maintenance company if you’re not wanting to do the maintenance yourself if you’re going to do the maintenance yourself. You might be able to. Redo some of your cost but you’ll have a lot more of your time taken away as well in that you’ll have to be doing the maintenance yourself. But with a maintenance with a pool maintenance company sometimes they don’t include the cost of chemicals in their quote for cleaning your pool. So you always want to keep in mind that any chlorine chemicals is going to be an extra cost that you’re going to have to buy. And then also things like if you’re going to have a robotic cleaner that’s another cost. Those can range from a thousand dollars and up. There are. Cheaper ones.

It just depends on you know how much manually you want to do and how much you want it to be automated. So maintenance costs can vary. Then you have things like salt water pools in which you don’t have to buy chlorine. So that saves on that that cost however you’re going to have an upfront cost of a saltwater generator which basically generates the salt into the chlorine. So there’s a little misconception there that salt water pools don’t use chlorine. They do it’s just not a chemical the salt the salt is being. Generated by the generator to make a coin and clean the pool so that you’re going to have to think of that upfront cost and then you do. There is some maintenance for that as well. Adding salt and different things like that. So your maintenance costs will just depend on your budget. If you’re going to have maintenance company do it Tulsa Pools.

And then if you have a corn or salt water pool and how often you’re going to keep your pool maintained in Kabul there are things your homeowner concerns me as well rise when you have a pool increase for a dollar amount that you’re spending on that. Also you think about.

Some h o A’s require you having fencing around your pools or even in the city like I know Tulsa.

Code requires a fence around any residential pool. So

that’s something to consider. Are adding a dollar amount to your pool costs because it’s going in it’s going to cost you because you have to have those things where cost can cost you. Yes.

And it’s just you know provides extra safety I mean I think a fence is a good idea anyways especially if you have. Children or there’s children in the neighborhood.

It just provides that extra safety and peace knowing random people swimming in your pool if you sense it might prohibit them from doing so.

Tulsa Pools So there are a lot of costs. That come with a pool but it’s definitely worth it. The benefits. Of having a pool. There’s so many I mean just the relaxation the entertainment value and it even adds property value. So for a long time swimming pools were considered just a liability. But recently. You know with the end with new innovation new technology and pools are becoming more and more automated they actually increase property value. The National Association of Realtors actually estimates that a pool might add roughly 5 percent to a home’s value. That number is going to vary based on different factors which is where you live your neighborhood your home. Things like that. But there but it will add some value to your home and especially in in-ground pool. An above ground pool might add some value but something like that is a temporary structure. Whereas an end ground pool is a permanent structure and this can add greatly to the assessed value of your home as well to its appeal to potential buyers. So definitely keep that in mind when you’re estimating the cost. Also think about that you’re investing in the property value of your home.

Tulsa Pools So cost factors a whole lot of things all the way from the construction process all the way to maintenance process. So again a lot of different factors. Construction is going to be your main variable or your main budget or your main money all the way from you know different. You have so many different things you could do just different sizes of pools or you know just the type of stuff that you want. Know if you would like a $5 or square foot tile versus a $20 square foot per time all that all that adds up. So. I think that’s going to be it for the day. Rachel has something else to say. No she’s shaking her head no so. OK. So thanks for joining us. Until next time. Adios