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Welcome back to a very beautiful historically amazing podcast day last year pools and spas dot com our seer pools and spas of Tulsa. Here we are at the great city of Tulsa in the great state of Oklahoma in the great country of United States of America and the great continent of North America and the great north hemisphere and the great world. OK.  Tulsa Pools  Anyways today when be talking about swimming pool contractors dealers and designs and what does it mean about swimming pool contractors that does designs are they. Are they also good at doing designs as well as building a swimming pool. What do you think.

Yeah so there’s we’ve kind of talked about contractors and how to find one kind of some questions to ask what what the differences between pool builders and contractors in previous episodes. Today we’re going to kind of be talking about like the difference between contractors and maybe dealers. And again like Cody said design and do they charge you for design. How do they do their design things of that nature so to get started again we are a also pool swimming contractor what that means is that we oversee your project. We personally design your project and we personally consult with you about your project. Tulsa Pools  But we do not have our own staff that runs the goodnite machines and all of that the overhead is so great that we find that if we use subcontractors we can get the same quality of work because our relationship with our subcontractors were able to provide the best quality at the best price on the best timeline. So again we’re also pool swimming contractor then there are dealers in the area to also pull dealers. And so these might be like supply stores or places that sell above ground like hot tubs fiber. They might even sell fiberglass pools they might sell chemicals equipment pumps things of that nature. So a dealer is going to a pool dealer is going to be different than a pool builder or a contractor and that they probably are not. In the building process at all.

They’re more of like a supply store or a place where you go to they sell all the chemicals all the pool noodles you know all the water that you fill up your pool.

I’m just kidding. But they do they do they do more of the retail side of things and we’re into construction. So that’s kind of a difference between a pool dealer and a contractor.  Tulsa Pools  Again what was your topic or were you going off on there.

Oh just talking about the difference between dealers and contractors so dealers are probably not going to be able to provide you with a design for an in ground pool like I said dealers they might deal and fire fiberglass pools which are like pre made shapes so they might be able to help you find a. Premade shape for a fiberglass pool or help you with an above ground hot tub. But as far as a poor contractor they’re not going to be able to help you build an ingrown custom pool to your specific needs and wants Tulsa Pools .

Yeah absolutely. All right let’s talk about design swimming pool design and how that happens. So as she and spas we also design pools as well as construct them and. We do a pretty doggone good job with that as well. You know if you you know you look at Pinterest and you look on the Internet and all these beautiful custom pools you know like hey I want that and you know you want to go to someone that can really that can you can trust to design that pool. And at simpleton’s fans we can design anything that your heart desires. And you know if you can’t you can’t even think about the things that you want in your backyard or come to your house. And we will we will talk with you. It we will need good ideas of kind of your personality and your thoughts and what you like and what you don’t like. And we will give it to one of our designers and they just do the magic right then and there and they come up with the design that that is just going to wow you. And so you can be confident in your pools and spas too. Here in Tulsa to give you a great swimming pool design and as well as swim pool contractors we are a swimming pool design squad. I mean I don’t know what you would call that but something that you can be confident in and something that you will absolutely go. You’ll go crazy for. And again you know there might be some things that you like hey can you do this that Tulsa Pools .

And of course we can tweak that for you and get it to your get it to your liking and making sure that you absolutely love it because we want to take your ideas and your thoughts and that picture in your head and we want to put it on a computer screen so you can see what we’re all down what we’re going to do for you in constructing your backyard so to also pull boulders and also pull contractors usually have a design team but not everyone offers a free design.

We at the airport and spazzed do offer free poor design at no obligation to you after we meet with you for a consultation you’ll have a design meeting with your designer or the manager and they will go over the design they’ve come up with for you and make sure that it’s to your liking and work out any details or any changes that you’re interested in.

Tulsa Pools  And I get another thing that I just want to talk about is that so we use 3D design software the best 3D design software you can get in the industry. And we have to go through hours of training to be able to even use the software. And it is the amount of detail that you can get and the software is incredible you can go you can go down to like the sun’s suntan lotion on the table next to your tanning chair that’s what you like the amount of detail you can get down do it’s crazy. But we have to go through hours of training this is not just like anybody can do. And we just plop a photo in and it just generates something for you. This is completely unique and custom to every customer. So just to kind of give you more of an idea when we meet with you for a consultation we ask specific questions things like how big do you want your pool to be. What kind of shape do you want airport to be where do you want the insurance located do you want a diving board. Do you want a spa. What kind of decking do you want around the pool.

And the reason we asked all of these questions is because the designer will generate all of these things custom to what you have said in your consultation and prepare a design that is completely unique to you as a customer and what you’re looking for so you can be sure that what you’re getting is not like anything else that we’ve created for somebody else because it’s going to be completely unique to you and we also not only do we design the pool but we will design your house as well and the software so that you can get an idea of what your pool will look like in relation to your house what the aesthetic appeal will look like and everything and we also as a pool contractor not only do we do pool design but we also do landscape design and outdoor design. So this includes things like planters and pergola and outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces we can design all of that for you and we can also provide our services for all that we can be your one stop shop for your backyard paradise. And that’s one thing that is unique to Europe spas not only are we a swimming pool contractor but we as well a landscape and outdoor design contractor so if you’re looking for a complete overhaul in your backyard and you’re just like I want to turn this thing into like a resort in my backyard. I want a bar and I want tiki torches and waterfalls and pool and all of that cool stuff we will design all of that for you and we can also help you construct all of that and make it just so much easy easier for you and less of a hassle instead of you going around to multiple different companies trying to coordinate everything. We make it all in one place so that you don’t have to go through that hassle and make it an enjoyable exciting fun process. For you so being a swimming pool contractor in the Tulsa area we can offer you. Like Cody said the sky’s the limit with what you’re able to do.

Tulsa Pools  And Penrice is a great thing as Cody was saying also if you get on Pinterest and you just start searching for different things that inspire you. When we meet with you for a consultation Those are great things to give to your designer and if you have pictures if you have just things that inspire you those are great things to give because it’s going to help the designer get a feel for what you’re looking for and help them create a better design for you and something that’s more tailored to what you’re looking for.

And let me just add to that design subject in Tulsa Oklahoma here in Tulsa Oklahoma looking for a swimming pool contractor to design your pool that it’s not just a copy and paste. Let me copy this from Google Earth or something and plug that into a 3-D software. Let me just take a picture of this house and compare it to a 3-D software although I will add that they have come up with that technology where you can take a picture of the house and make a 3-D model. We’ll be looking into that and we can live a lot easier but we don’t just do that. We we hand design or we plug everything into this computer and it takes hours to develop your house into this 3-D software. And every strong grass is is added to this software just so it looks so convincing to you that it is your backyard and so that you can really understand the concept of what it’s going to look like. And we are so confident that you will be absolutely amazed of what it can look like. So I see apples and Spawn’s you know we’d love to build a design for you and beer swimming pool contractor here in Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa Pools .

And one other thing that’s a part of our design process that I I haven’t heard of one that successfully does this but I may be mistaken. We use virtual reality to give you an even more in-depth experience of what your pool is going to look like. So with our design software once we’ve completed the design and we bring it to you in a design meeting we actually have a virtual reality headset that you can you and your family members can put on if you want to. One allows you to actually walk around in your backyard in your virtual backyard to see what your pool would look like and really get a feel for like the scale of the pool and in relation to your house and where things are going to sit and how it’s going to look with the trees that are in your backyard and where the sun is sitting in the summer and it’s just a really immersive experience that customers really seem to enjoy. And just gives you that much more confidence in your design. And also just it really gets customers excited about about their swimming pool.

Tulsa Pools  So you know if you’re in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and your first level contractor would love to be your swimming pool contractor and we can help you with design and ideas for your backyard. If you’re looking for a swimming pool dealer we’re not a dealer. We’re not into the retail. We’re not here to sell you products but we are here to construct a swimming pool in your backyard. And I think that wraps it up for the day. Thank you for joining us again tears for Sierra pools and spas dot com. Our phone number is 9 1 8 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7 almost gave me my personal phone number. But again Swanepoel contractors here in Tulsa Oklahoma we would love to be your contractor. We’re not a dealer and we can do here just simple design. So all right this is it. We’ll talk to you later. Goodbye. Just say goodbye goodbye.