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Tulsa’s Experienced Gunite Pool Experts

Welcome welcome welcome for another episode of an amazing pod cast with shear pools and spas. It’s me Cody and my lovely wife. As always Rachel we’re here to talk to you today about pool related. Awesome This cool and this greatness. Tulsa Pools Amazing stuff.

You know pretty good stuff today. What are we talking about. Excuse me Tulsa experienced night pool experts Tulsa experience. Good night. Pool experts. Now what makes you experience gun. Pool builder you might ask someone. First of all they are to chose to be in the right field making gun pools and well it just it just takes years in practice Tulsa Pools.

We’ve been in business since 2007 and well you know it’s it’s been a blast. We we build going to port. That’s the only thing we focus on is government pools. Stay away from all the other stuff. It’s just what we focus on what we’re all excited to do.

Three Tulsa’s experience going to experts is what would you say Rachel Renee we’ve been in business since 2007 and we focus on building quality custom in ground when I was and we’ve built pools as big as I can’t remember the biggest eleven or eleven hundred square feet down to 500 500 square feet. So kind of all over the board. So big pools small pools. We’ve done spas we’ve done pools for hotels we’ve done residential pools. So we have a wide range of experience and we pride ourselves on being tosses experience at pool experts and like Cody was saying that’s the only type of pool that we focus on. And this is because of all the materials available that you can build a pool with concrete is by far the most durable and the most flexible with what you can do with it. Not only do they provide just sheer stability but the surface of the plaster it’s easy to maintain and it’s easy to plaster if needed. It’s not a difficult process so the upkeep is pretty it’s not so complex. And you know a long time ago concrete pools had to be constructed by creating forms and then just pouring the concrete in. But with the advances in sprayed concrete gun and shot just makes things so much easier and so much more flexible and stable. And that’s why we we only focus on custom Tulsa Pools.

Do you think they build the world’s strongest structures out of fiberglass right now.

Do you think the world builds super amazing structures.

Out of aluminum walls with vinyl attached to it. Yeah.

Tulsa Pools All the amazing structures have been built with concrete or some sort of rock and even you look back even the Great Pyramid is built with amazing solid rock and you can see it’s still standing today. And you think if that thing was built with fiberglass materials that it would be standing 3000 years later. Probably not. And so we’re here to tell you the concrete is just so dagum durable that you’re going to have a pool that lasts you many many decades and it’s not going to hurt. It’s not going to it’s not going to fall apart it’s not going to crumble. It’s not going a you know it’s not going anywhere. It’s solid. It’s in trust me it’s hard to take them out if you want out. So that too of course to keep it maintain and keep the water balance. Well so the plaster doesn’t deteriorate or you know don’t get a solid lifespan out of that. And of course it’s going to have you know if you drop a bowling ball on the concrete bond beam it’s going to do something. Actually no I and try it. But what I’m trying to say is that it’s really solid and it’s really hard to. I bet it wouldn’t break because I’ve had a stink in trying to turn those things apart and it just it’s so hard. Trust me when I say that it’s so durable that it’s not going to crack it’s not going on it’s not going to fall apart.

I mean it’s reinforced with bar also known as rebar and it is so strong and durable that it’s going to last you a lifetime and you just can’t get that you can’t get that finished result. As a vinyl and or a fiberglass pool I’m not biased or anything. Well a matter of fact I have. But you know we’re passionate about it and that’s what we’re we’re trying to tell you today is that Tulsa Pools.

Rachel had something to say.

Tulsa Pools Oh I didn’t know it. Yeah I was going to be the most stable and most permanent option. For any customer and that’s what we would recommend far above any vinyl or fiberglass or above ground pool. The compressive strength of night is usually exceeds 4000 psi so that’s 4000 pounds per square inch which it is really strong. So and then in Oklahoma our frost depth is only like 18 inches or something like that. So your pool is going to go down. You know if you have a six foot pool it’s going to go down at like seven or the hole is actually going to be. What’s your question. So if you have a 6 if you’re poor six feet deep. Well the concrete sure is going to be down in the ground six feet. So in your frost depth there’s only 18 inches so a lot of people as well. You know is that going to affect the concrete and. No it will not because the frost up is so shallow here in Oklahoma that it’s not going to affect the concrete in any way because it’s down so deep.

And then.

The the concrete itself is 12 inches thick. The bond beam and the floors and walls will be anywhere from six to nine inches thick. So this is a huge structure. And like you said it’s not going anywhere. Even the little earthquakes that we have here in Oklahoma won’t harm it Tulsa Pools.

One time I went to show and some pool expert you could say he specializes in vinyl molding pools try to sell me on pool. He didn’t know I was trying to sell me on a pool here in Oklahoma to do a vinyl pool I the high rollers going to vinyl pools because of all the earthquakes in and acted like earthquakes are just now happening in humanity. And no it’s not. Trust me it’s not it’s not strong enough to. It’s fine. There’s a much garbage anyways. But that structure so so solid and like Rachel talked about once I don’t know if it was this pond Castro but the I mean all that all that concrete is on actually flushed against the ground and that’s not what’s. How do you explain that. And then the footing of the house how it how it is how the concrete is. Is it against the house it’s more structurally OK than the house Tulsa Pools.

Yeah because if you think about your house the footing is only 18 inches wide so it goes around the area of your house but it’s only 18 inches wide it doesn’t.

There’s not Tulsa Pools.

You know that the footing is the part that’s buried in the ground you have the pad on top of the footing but the pad is resting on top of the footings So your footing is only 18 inches deep. And that’s because that’s the frost depth. But your pool will be as much as six feet or more down on the ground and the whole thing is. It’s not like it’s resting on top of something it’s all buried in the ground. It’s not going to move and if you think if you’re worried about earthquakes in Oklahoma they have pools in California and they get earthquakes there all the time.

So they’re hanging by a thread over there. And what is that. Some days that’s the fault line fault line. You know what time we got. I don’t know. We lost count because we started all we were near all we’re going to continue. Just a few more minutes about talking to you.

Good pool experts here in Tulsa Oklahoma here at sea air pools and spas.

We like to pride ourselves in being experts in gun and pool building construction. If you need a pool built in your backyard to have a pool of your dreams and you need to call Sierre pools and spas of Tulsa because we can make that happen for you and just tell you how exciting that could be is just think about the most exciting thing you’ve ever done. OK. Now times that by 10 that’s what it’s like to swim in a pool in your backyard.

And it is so magnificently amazing. Rachel what do you think about that. Yeah Tulsa Pools.

Yeah she’s so thrilled. She’s actually smiling so big because she just she gets so excited when she talks about pools. She’s so passionate about it she’s actually starts to get up and guys you don’t know.

Going out is just one more thing where you can talk about Oh so God I just see it. But it’s actually a mixture of cement and sand and other sediment material.


It’s it’s a little less superior than concrete. And so you’re able to spray it’s a little bit more thicker so when you spray it and that’s how it’s able to we’re able to spray the walls of a pool and not have to use one word Tulsa Pools.

So in applying the gun I the installer uses a hose that mixes the material with the water and then it’s sprayed onto the walls of the pool over the rebar.


And so that forms your pool and your shell and yeah it’s the same materials are the same ingredients as premise is concrete. And so it’s it’s pretty strong and durable and it’s going to be beautiful.

I think that’s about all we have for the day. Thank you for joining us and talking about Tulsa pools today. Cereals and spas you can contact us at 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7. Or you can get online on the Google and at simpleton’s was dot com and you can contact one of our experience pool experts today to talk about your pool. And we would love your business. So have a great rest of the day. We will talk to you next time. Until then Tougaloo My name is Cody by