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You and welcome to another awesome day of year pool and spa podcast with Cody and Rachel.

I know you’re just so ecstatic to be here as well as I am and to get down to business and start tournaments some great pool advice some pool experts here ready to talk to you today about today’s excuse me topic which is going to be pools of Oklahoma fiberglass pools in the United States we’re talking about fiberglass pools here in United States and we’re going to talk about what it’s not that we don’t necessarily do fiberglass pools but when we go out and talk about what if I was seeing some understanding of kind of the product and just so you have some information to say you know about it you know you like to know about all the jelly beans in the basket for you Tulsa Pools.

I just wonder.

OK. So as far as pool. So fiberglass pool is there is a lot of cons to it. There’s a couple of pros but we’re going to talk about what what a family class pool is here in the United States Tulsa Pools.

It’s it’s well known fiberglass pool. So Rachel go ahead and start with some specks in the nose.

What do you know about if I was poor rich I suppose is why it’s fiberglass poles one thing that’s really good about them is they’re very easy to install. Usually it takes like a week to put them in. So basically a fiberglass pool comes as a prefabricated shape.

Tulsa Pools So you typically pick the shape from a dealer out of a catalog something like that. Then a holistic excavated in your yard. The fiberglass show is shipped to you and then inserted in the hole and then they backfill soil around it and then richer.


And then the plumbing is connected and it’s filled up with water and you’re ready to swim. Fiberglass balls have a joke coming.

That makes them very smooth on your feet.

They can be if I can actually be more expensive than goodnite pools. And in a lot of cases cost a lot to ship these things so the price can be up there.

And for the size of what you’re getting comparable to a pool it’s got 10 percent more than a comparable gun.

Cool. You know shipping costs can drive up the price even more.

In addition it may not even be available in some of your in some areas but it is you know and also.

Tulsa Pools So it’s not because fiberglass pools are ready made they’re not customizable but usually the manufacturers have many different shapes that you can choose from. And there’s they’ve increased a lot of their features. Now I know a lot of them you can even get tanning wedges things like that now so they have come a ways from what they were when they started but still they’re not completely customizable to the customer for a long time fiberglass forms were very inferior to the altar news. And vinyl just because problems such as leaks and buckling from advances in technology have made them a bit better. But the sheer size of the pools just limits their availability because it’s very expensive to ship them on a truck for any distance. So the way fiberglass pool was made is in an upside down mold. And then a coating is applied to create the inside smooth surface. From the gel surface makes it hard for algae to cling to it which is nice you don’t have to use as many chemicals because it’s not as porous is the cement or plaster so it’s easier to keep a fiberglass pool chlorine. But over 10 to 15 years the job coding is going to begin to deteriorate and you will have to recoated and this can be very tricky and can cause a lot of problems. And it’s not always successful because the new the new coating doesn’t usually adhere to the old one very well. So it’s not always successful when you try to recode it to make it very difficult also to ricotta requests for you have to completely drain it.

And this creates problems because the pool itself doesn’t offer much structural support. It’s made of fiberglass and it’s only several inches thick if that i don’t even think it’s several inches thick. I think it’s less than that so because it doesn’t have any structural strength itself it’s really the water that holds the pool down. Draining may cause caveman’s if the pool hasn’t been constructed in the pool has been constructed in expansive soil like clay which we do have a lot of clay here. So when you get ready recoat your fiberglass pool if you drain it the walls of your fiberglass pool could cave in and then you’ve got a serious problem that’s going to cost you thousands of dollars to try and fix or get just get a whole new one. So far because those are great for ease of installation. But other than that they really prevent Tulsa Pools.

Are they really present a lot of problems and they’re just. Compared to the alternatives. I don’t know why you would go with the fiberglass over a pool. You can get it going for a comparable price and it can be custom and it’s going to last you much longer and you don’t have to worry about backfill soil because of a pool being created with rebar and cement. There’s no need to really make sure that the backflow soils engineer still does have to be engineered I think but it’s not as crucial as with a fiberglass or Rhino pool because the show itself is structurally sound. I mean again I shall this trial which is at the bond being and then anywhere from six to nine inches thick on the floors and the walls so it can hold its own basically even without water or as something like.Tulsa Pools  A fiberglass or vinyl. Once you take the water out there’s nothing really holding them down or in the ground so you can have the tendency to pop out and there’s water underneath or cave in if the bakso soil is not properly engineered. And speaking of that you can get all ging paywalls. So in that thought again it is related to the backfilled material. So some companies will use sand as the bakso material and usually it’s OK by it when the circumstances are right or wrong in your opinion. Fiberglass pools can bulge. So when sand becomes saturated with water it liquefies that would be fine if the liquefied sand were resting against something like other than fiberglass like concrete. But fiberglass pools are structurally engineered to remain full of water.

Tulsa Pools And some of the outward pressure from the water works in conjunction with the structure of the pool stabilize the vessel and when the sand liquifies it’s actually heavier than the water that’s inside in a pool. So this is what can cause cause the walls to bulge on the inside and that’s no way you know and that’s a big problem and really expensive to fix.

OK. Well let’s just recap about fiberglass pool. OK. So hey I want to Ira Glass. So this is how it works.

The company comes up with a Moules and then they create the size the shape of that mole that you’re limited to. Some companies have up to about maybe 40 shapes. I mean again you’re limited to the the mold shape which they’re able to build one. And so it’s they they make they make the shape.

And so it’s one monolithic shell sort of like a big bathtub as Rachel said said. And it comes on a big flatbed truck comes to your house and again and then you need a crane to lift this sucker out. To put it in the hole that has already been previously dug. And then once you get that then the contractor whoever is installing the fiberglass pool has to fill the water up and the the back of the fiberglass was moved soil or sand evenly or it again like Groucho’s stated that it could make the walls Schauder.

And because it’s nice to equalize the pressure on those walls it’s one thing with the backfill that’s really where all the problems with fiberglass come from. If the box all settles it’s going to take your plumbing with it. So because your plumbing is running through the backfill from the fiberglass pool to the equipment if your backs obedience to settle your plumbing is obviously going to fall with the backfill and this can cause big leaks that can be very hard to fix. So that’s another issue with fiberglass pools.

So that’s something to think about if you about a fiberglass pool in the United States you and that’s cool.

You know they’re easy to they’re easier to install for the price the size you’re getting and it’s not much lower price than to and again it’s it’s a limited amount of time before it just goes away because like pools are there forever in that room for a lifetime you have anything else to say about it. If you could put in one word of that if you could use one word about fiberglass pools will it be all happy.

Tulsa Pools That’s a good way to put it. OK. Well I think that’s about the time for today again because we don’t know if our glass pools but we’ll sure as heck talk about it. We do custom in-ground pools and we love to install it for you can contact us on 1 8 8 8 4 8:47 or visit us on the web at your pools and spas. Dot com. Again that’s now 1 8 8 4 8 4 2 7 tipples response dot com we love to hear from you and sort of consultation with you and do business with you because we love building pools and you want to own your backyard I guarantee it. You dream about it and you absolutely love it. So until next time. Have a great great day. We’ll talk to you next time. Bye bye.