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Cody Albright: Hello divers, and welcome to the Dive Time show. I’m your host, Cody Albright. And with me as always is my beautiful and lovely and amazing wife, and co-host Rachel.

Rachel Albright: Yes? I’m here, as always  Tulsa Pools…

Cody Albright: She’s currently on her phone.

Rachel Albright: I’m sorry …

Cody Albright: Together we’re the owners of Sierra Pools and Spas of Tulsa. And you can find us online at Sierrapoolsandspas.com, or you can give us a phone call at 918-884-8427. Again that’s Sierrapoolsandspas.com or you can give us a phone call at 918-884-8427. Tulsa Pools  And also you can give us a like on facebook, that would be great. We would really appreciate that, we’d like that. So today let’s go ahead and begin, today we’re going to be talking about creating the perfect plan for your outdoor kitchen. So last time we talked about location, we talked about location, and we talked about location. It’s important. So, if you have selected your location and you know, of course here at Sierra Pools and Spas we’d love to help you with that decision making and just to help you with planning and design and of course, it’s what we’re here for. So once you have selected the location, it is time to start planning. And of course, we’re here to help. So we need to determine the size, we need to determine the shape, we need to determine the height. And also we need to determine the material to construct it with.

The existing surface, if you have an existing surface of kind of an idea of where you Tulsa Pools  want to put your outdoor kitchen, it can be upgraded or enlarged, or you know what? The best thing we like to do at Sierra Pools and Spas is start from scratch. Because we want to make sure that from the very bottom to the very top, we have constructed it and make sure it is great.

Rachel Albright: But we can use existing structures, it’s not a big deal.

Cody Albright: Also, if you’re going to have a fire place or any oven needs, we’ll need a slab of concrete there as well. Again, if we need to upgrade or enlarge some existing surface, we can help you with that.

We need to create a plan if we’re going to have a roof or no roof. That’s some thoughts we need to put in to consideration. And we also need to gauge costs. We need to gauge what all is going to go into creating your outdoor kitchen. It’s better to know the costs sooner than later, and of course we at Sierra Pools will help you, we’ll put a bid for you, and we’ll [inaudible 00:02:57] what you’re thinking. But there’s no sense to design something that you can’t have enough money for Tulsa Pools.

Rachel Albright: Yep, that’s the worst. That is the worst.

Cody Albright: Not having money is usually a problem. But again, if our financial partners H …

Rachel Albright: HFS

Cody Albright: HFS, they can help you with those needs if you need to Tulsa Pools.

Rachel Albright: Yeah, they can definitely finance any project. So, you don’t have to let that hold you back, they can help you out there.

Cody Albright: Right. So gauging costs, here’s some numbers [inaudible 00:03:28] that we can look at together. Stone patio, if you’re thinking about stone patio, you know it’s great, great hard surface. That runs from fifteen to twenty dollars maybe per square foot. Just depending on, you know, depending on kinda what you get. Patio concrete, that ranges anywhere from four to eight dollars per square foot. Two dollars more for a decorative treatment or polished, or stained, polymer, sealer … just two dollars more, so that’d be like a ten dollar per square foot.

A deck, pressure treated wood, also known as p t wood, that can run from fifteen dollars per square foot. Masonry.

Rachel Albright: Masonry.

Cody Albright: Masonry, I can’t even say it. Masonry wood fire oven, that can run anywhere from two thousand dollars to sixty five hundred dollars to install.

Rachel Albright: But those are really cool for pizza making, let me just say Tulsa Pools.

Cody Albright: Really cool, really cool. Outdoor fireplaces can run from two grand to three. Outdoor gas heaters, that can run anywhere from two hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars. Outdoor dining table for eight, that’s, I mean you can get crazy with that, from seven hundred fifty dollars to eighteen hundred almost two grand. Just depending on what, you know, how nice you like it. Outdoor refrigerator, anywhere from fifteen hundred to twenty three hundred dollars. Outdoor sink and faucet can go from a hundred fifty dollars to eight hundred dollars. Outdoor gas and grill, that can run, I mean you can get just your typical outdoor hundred and fifty dollar grill, maybe even sometimes a hundred dollar grill, all the way to like five thousand dollars for a grill. I mean you can get a nice grill, but it’s gonna cost you.

Built in gas grills, you know, that can come anywhere from seven hundred dollars to five thousand dollars as well. And that’s kind of inside the fixture of the outdoor kitchen. Smokers, anywhere from seventy five dollars to a thousand dollars. An arbor, a twelve foot by twelve foot, that could be fifteen hundred to three thousand dollars. A pavilion with a roof, a twelve foot by twelve foot structure would be two thousand dollars to five thousand dollars. A couple more. Privacy or a wind screen, that can be ten dollars to twenty dollars per lineal foot. And outdoor cabinetry, that’s anywhere from two hundred to four hundred dollars per lineal foot.

Again, when you think about size, when you think about height, and we need to think about shape. Now size is anything function available spaces to sizes of your appliances. Height, you know, different level of view. And shape, what’s surrounding. Terrain, landscape. Tulsa Pools Also aesthetics and style. Some guidelines we put together here that you can use toward your outdoor kitchen is you want like a square shape, or almost a square floor plan. So it’s more versatile. I can use this as an example as a kid, in my bedroom when I was younger, I had this furniture and I always found it. What I had found, you know I like to move furniture and the best way I could, but what I had found is that every time I moved my furniture into like a rectangular shape, or just some sort of weird shape, it just didn’t, I didn’t feel like I had the most room. Like laying out furniture in the bedroom, I’d always lay it out in like a square,  Tulsa Pools like have a square floor plan. That’s more versatile and it just feels like you’ve got more room. I don’t know, that’s kind of my design knowledge.

So an outdoor kitchen near the house is great, to be connected to the house, you know you don’t want to just throw an outdoor kitchen, kind of in the middle of your backyard and not connected to anything. Or also, an outdoor kitchen away from the house, you can connect that to like any landscape or your pool that you have out there. Again, you just don’t want to throw out in the middle of your backyard and it’s just going to look funky, it’s going to look weird. So think about that.

Rachel Albright: Some notes on those, so an outdoor kitchen near the house is obviously going to reflect more of the style of the house or echo the shape of the house, so for example if you have a bump-out, try repeating or incorporating the shape in your outdoor kitchen. So you just want to keep it, you know, consistent. And then if you’re going to have one away from the house, you can do a bit more with that. So you can make it more free flowing or more round or more organic because it’s going to be more a part of the landscape. So those are some design ideas that you can decide you want it near the house or away from the house.

Cody Albright: Yep. And also keep in mind close to the grade is less complex, less expensive. So if you we don’t have to raise anything, raise the floor, floor plan, if we have to raise off the grade for any purpose like for a better view or maybe some drainage issues, that’s going to be a little bit more expensive, just keep that in mind. So yeah, some requirements to think about, just kind of space requirements, just so you have enough space and, you know you’re happy with your outdoor kitchen Tulsa Pools.

Typically a dining area, you’d want it three to four feet outside dimensioned for easy getting around. You know, it’s the worst when you’re at someones house or where their table is located, and you just can’t get around someones chair. Or like if you’re at a restaurant, if you’re at the Olive Garden, and you just can’t move your chair, it’s just kind of, it’s annoying not having enough space. So just keep that in mind, you don’t want your outdoor kitchen to have to be limited to the space. Yeah. So a bar, keep in mind, allow two feet for stools. Sometimes we don’t think about that.

Plus at least fifteen inches between counter edges to counter support. You want to give enough, plenty of room, if you’ve ever set in like a bar chair that’s either too tall or too small for the bar, or maybe even like your office chair, like if you think about, if your chair is just not right with your desk. You know how uncomfortable that is. So keep that in mind so when your putting together your outdoor kitchen, just give yourself plenty of room for seating at the bar Tulsa Pools.

Also your grilling area, keep that at least two feet from structures or four or five feet from traffic. You don’t want open flames getting too close to other structures that, you know, may be combustible. And also you don’t want it, if it’s in the way of traffic, you don’t want that open flame being near where people are walking. Also, keep a refrigerator, keep that in mind when you put a refrigerator in, that you have clearance for the door. Sometimes we don’t think about that, that you know, you need to have clearance for the door to open and close it.

Rachel Albright: Yeah you don’t want to put your refrigerator right in the corner of your cabinets and then you can’t open your door.

Cody Albright: Yeah. Also think about the sink. You want one and a half feet for countertop on both sides for food prep. You want some counter space next to your sink, you know, you want to have access to, whether you’re chopping up some veggies or something or whatever you’re doing, just so you’re near a sink. So you have enough countertop near your sink so you can do your cooking accordingly. Also a dishwasher, you get same with the refrigerator, keep in mind about a dishwasher door if you’re going to place a dishwasher outside, in your outdoor kitchen, just keep in mind the dishwasher door and pulling that down and if you have enough space.

Chairs, again, if you’re not at a dining table but just have some chairs for some seating for conversation use, keep that two feet of clearance in front and between chairs because you don’t want everyone crowded and claustrophobic together, you want some good space. You want some adequate amount of space for some great conversation, relationship building, you know, cause all those guests you’re going to have over for your outdoor kitchen. I mean why else would have an outdoor kitchen in you’re having guests Tulsa Pools.

Again, traffic paths, think about where people are going to walk. You want four to five feet between fixed elements. Just so you know, again, comfort is everything. You don’t want to have cramped, claustrophobic areas, hard to get through areas, you want plenty of space for your outdoor kitchen. And also think about fire pits, you want a three foot side distance, you know, you don’t want to get cramped around fire, that’s for sure. So, some stats you want to keep in mind, just some basic numbers, countertops standard height is usually thirty six inches tall. So at times it’s necessary to raise height to thirty eight inches to accommodate to like a fridge or something, but a comfortable range for the most part is thirty six to thirty eight inches. Always design your counters lower than the distance of your clients mid-elbow to the ground. Yeah, so keep that in mind.

Bars, serve counter heights vary from forty two to forty six inches tall. If you plan to use bar stools, select them ahead of time and let the height of the seat dictate your final bar counter height. We have some stools at our house, at out bar that I’m not really too happy for.

Rachel Albright: Yeah they’re bar height but our counters are counter height so …

Cody Albright: But that’s okay.

Rachel Albright: It’s not comfortable, I can tell you that.

Cody Albright: So bar stools are typically twenty eight inches tall, so keep that in mind.  Tulsa Pools There’s a lot of variety depending on style and manufacture. Cantilever, a minimum ten inches to allow room for your knees or any other type of counter. And also table top height standard is thirty inches tall. So you see the difference there between a counter, your table top is thirty inches verses your bar is forty two to forty six inches tall so you wanna make sure you get the correct furniture accordingly. So, okay well that’s just some statistics and some guidelines to creating the perfect plan for your outdoor kitchen. I hope this helped you out in making some decisions with your outdoor kitchen. Of course Sierra Pools and Spas of Tulsa would love to help you create your perfect plan for your outdoor kitchen. And we’re here to help, we’re here for your questions and you can contact us on facebook. You can give us a call at 918-884-8427 or you know, reach us out on our website at Sierrapoolsandspas.com. So I think that wraps us up for the day, so thank your for listening in divers. Can’t wait to talk to you next time, so as always, I’m Cody …

Rachel Albright: And I’m Rachel.

Cody Albright: And we’ll talk to you next time, see ya.