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Cody Albright: All right. Welcome to the Dive Time Show. I’m your host, Cody Albright, and with me as always is my lovely, beautiful cohost Rachel.

Rachel: Hello. Welcome.

Cody Albright: Together we are the owners of Sierra Pools & Spas of Tulsa and  Tulsa Pools you can find us at sierrapoolsandspas.com. Or you can give us a call at 918-884-8427. Again that’s sierrapoolsandspas.com or you can give us a call at 918-884-8427. And today we’re gonna be talking about why build an outdoor kitchen with your custom gunite pool. Why build an outdoor kitchen with your pool. So, you know, first I like to think it looks great, it’s looks great with your gunite pool. There’s nothing like a beautiful, great hosting house. A great way to serve your guests with a kitchen outdoors so you can cook outside. You can cook things outside. You don’t have to be running in and out when you’re having a pool party whether it’s maybe a birthday party or just a Friday night get together. Or maybe you’re having a tiki party, whatever that occasion is.

Rachel: What’s your favorite thing to grill outside Tulsa Pools?

Cody Albright: Hmm.

Rachel: On your grill.

Cody Albright: What favorite thing to grill outside?  Of course I would say it would be some ribeyes.

Rachel: Mmm hmm.

Cody Albright: But it seems like I’m doing hamburgers more.

Rachel: Yeah, that’s my favorite.

Cody Albright: You like hamburgers? Yeah, I like you know putting the cheese on it and making it melt v.

Rachel: Mmm hmm.

Cody Albright: It’s good stuff. But yeah, you can cook outside when you have an outdoor kitchen. You don’t have to be running in and out tracking water in, tracking … sometimes I don’t know kids get, but they get mud.

Rachel: Yeah.

Cody Albright: You know, you get in the pool and then you go in the grass and … it gets muddy Tulsa Pools …

Rachel: Those pesky kids.

Cody Albright: And my cousins … when I grew up, I went to my cousin’s pool and they were real strict about if you got out of the pool and you went in the grass, you would have to wash your feet off before you jumped in the pool because they were real strict about …

Rachel: Yeah, nobody wants wet, muddy grass tracked all across their floor.

Cody Albright: Yeah, so that’s just like two birds with one stone. You get to cook things outside and you don’t have to go … because you don’t have to go inside to grab anything that you need maybe from a cooking station.

Rachel: Especially if you got like the mini fridge there and you can have all your meat in there .

Cody Albright: Absolutely.

Rachel: And your drinks and … you can just have the whole setup.

Cody Albright: If you’re smoking meat or you maybe have … or you know when you’re making hamburgers and you need something from the fridge. You need some ketchup, you need some of that mustard. I’m a mayo guy. You can get some of the mayo.

Rachel: Mustard and mayo. That’s the way to go.

Cody Albright: Yeah. Or, you’re out, you already had your dinner time and you need just a cold drink, you can go just to your little mini fridge there in your outdoor kitchen. It’s always a great thing. And also having an outdoor kitchen is a great escape from technology, from TV, from the internet.

Rachel: Yes.

Cody Albright: You can go out there and have a great time with your family, your friends. Yeah, it’s quite interesting, we spend so much time on our technology these days … that we kind of miss out.

Rachel: Yeah, we really do and I am totally guilty of this but to tell you guys how much and give you a little perspective here and maybe make you feel a little bit convicted … um

Cody Albright: A come to Jesus moment.

Rachel: Yeah, Time Magazine actually found that Americans collectively … we check our phones 8 billion times per day Tulsa Pools.

Cody Albright: Americans … so

Rachel: Yes.

Cody Albright: So, how many Americans? What are we 300 million people?

Rachel: Yeah, something like that.

Cody Albright: And we’re doing it 8 billion … if we did the math there. I don’t know what that math is but it’s a lot.

Rachel: Well, they break it down as … so there’s different age groups, but on average across all age groups, we check our phones 46 times per day.

Cody Albright: Wow.

Rachel: So, on average, we’re checking it 46 times per day.

Cody Albright: Wow, so if you’re awake 16 hours of that day, that’s I mean what, that’s at least 3 times … 16, 30 …

Rachel: (laughs)

Cody Albright: What is that? Almost 3 times every hour. So, that’s every 20 minutes you are checking your phone. Yeah, there’s 20 minutes, divide 60 minutes by a third and that’s 20 minutes.

Rachel: I didn’t understand that math right there but …

Cody Albright: Okay, well, I’ll have to listen back to this and check my math.

Rachel: Another interesting thing though is that the people between the ages of 18 and 24 look at their phones an average of 74 times per day.

Cody Albright: That’s bizarre. That’s crazy.

Rachel: And ages 25-34, 50 times per day.

Cody Albright: Yeah. People are glued to it. I mean, what’s the first thing they do when you wake up, you check your phone.

Rachel: I mean, I’m on my phone right now … so

Cody Albright: Checking this information … So, having an outdoor kitchen, you can escape the technology and you can connect with the outdoors.

Rachel: Yeah, and you can have …

Cody Albright: Without going anywhere … you can just like settle.

Rachel: Like family time you know.

Cody Albright: It can remind you of like the simple days. You can have a little camping trip out there in your outdoor kitchen. Little picnics. You can have barbecues and et cetera. You can just go out there and just have a little vacation at home. You can just go out and have a great pool party with you know grilling some brats and yeah. So, what else … not having to rely on an indoor kitchen for survival skills. I don’t know why I put that point there but I’m gonna talk about it anyways. Let’s move on.

Rachel: So, it’s …

Cody Albright: What …

Rachel: So, you don’t have to you know, maybe you just have the grill out there and you don’t have a stove, or an oven or a microwave, all these fancy things. You’re kind of out there, you as a man, I know men love to grill … and I think that’s because they like to get back to their survival …

Cody Albright: Survival skills … that’s right.

Rachel: Nature … you know. They feel like they’re grilling over an open flame like they’re out in the wild outside. Tulsa Pools They’re not in the domesticated kitchen.

Cody Albright: Right.

Rachel: So, you can …

Cody Albright: Maybe that’s why I like it so much. You know you can  Tulsa Pools have your sense of animal in you or whatever to cook for yourself. Also a good reason to have an outdoor kitchen … it also is a great sense of romance. You can just take your lovely wife out to dinner and some swimming time, just in your backyard. You don’t even have to go out.

Rachel: Hey, that sounds like a great date to me.

Cody Albright: Yeah, it’s a perfect getaway.

Rachel: Nice little candlelit outside dinner.

Cody Albright: Yeah, and another great reason to have an outdoor kitchen is you can …

Rachel: Brain fart.

Cody Albright: Yeah …Oh, you can … you can take back, like I said, you can step away from your technology and enjoy what has been the entertainment for a millennia. You can enjoy the wind.  You can enjoy the stars.  You can look up outside while you’re cooking on that fire and you can look up and see the beautiful stars. You know it used to be the only way for entertainment back in the day when we didn’t have all this technology.

Rachel: Yeah, you can do some stargazing. Find the Orion’s Belt. That’s always what I try to find in the sky. Or the Big Dipper. It’s fun.

Cody Albright: Another great reason to have an outdoor kitchen is that they allow us to prepare amazing meals outdoors. We kind of touched up on that, but you can create … you know if you have a great preparation area and you have your fridge and you got a stove or maybe a grill. You can just do all your outdoor … you can do all your cooking outdoors and you can create some really amazing stuff. It doesn’t have to be steaks or hamburgers or you know kind of that outdoorsy food. But you can cook some Italian food or  Tulsa Pools get some tacos out there. You don’t always have to do kind of the barbecue feel, even though that’s great options, but if you have a whole preparation area and your fridge and all your necessities, maybe a sink you know for clean up. You can just do it all.

Also, it allows you to serve your friends and family. It’s a great way to invite friends over. A great way for family time and we’re always looking for some great family time. And it’s just another method of really making sure you’re getting that family time.

Rachel: Yeah, some of the funnest parties I think in the summer are outdoor barbecues Tulsa Pools and just hanging out at a friend’s house outside in the cool of the evening … maybe around a fire if you have a fire pit and eating your burgers and hanging out in the pool. I mean, that to me is just like, summer. That’s the coolest thing, the most fun thing is when we go to a friend’s house or have friends over and just hang out outside.

Cody Albright: Yeah, you could even put a screen up, or put a bed sheet up, pull a projector out. You could watch a movie outside. You could do some s’mores around the fire and just have a great time.  And if you have a small house, that’s no problem. A big backyard is a great solution for … you want some guests over and maybe you don’t have necessarily the great indoor living spaces for the amount of guests you want to have. Moving outdoors is a great way to solve that issue. Saying that, the average dining rooms feel crowded when there’s 6 or 8 people and that … when you get 6 or 8 people or so and it’s starting to feel crowded …

Rachel: Yeah.

Cody Albright: You know … it’s …

Rachel: We know about this because we kind of have a weird … well, not weird, it’s awesome to us … living situation where we live on a property with our parents and my brother and his wife. So, we all kind of live on the same property. A lot of the times we’ll have shared meals at my parents’ house. So, we live in separate houses. We’re not that weird … but, we go over to my parents’ house often for dinners and there’s like 10 of us there and we all try to squeeze around the dining table and it is very crowded.

Cody Albright: Yeah.

Rachel: It’s very chaotic. It’s fun, but it’s chaotic.

Cody Albright: Yeah.

Rachel: So, in the summertime, we like to go outside and we have a big space and a big barn outside where  Tulsa Pools we can spread out and enjoy the summer air and just hang out.

Cody Albright: Yeah.

Rachel: So that’s awesome.

Cody Albright: Yeah, a deck or patio … you won’t feel crowded outside with a large deck and you know, if you live in an area with a warm climate, it’s a good way to keep the heat out of the house because when it’s summertime and it’s 90 degrees outside and you’re gonna cook a lasagna or something and you gotta preheat the oven to 425. That’s just a burning furnace in your house … heating up your house and more comfort with more room and you don’t have to heat up your house with your oven and you can do that all outside and save you some energy bill.

Many include running water in the outdoor kitchen if you decide to have a sink. It’s easy for cleanup … you know, you have a great family event and all the … it seems like all the moms are inside the kitchen cleaning and it gets cramped cleaning the kitchen and it gets cramped inside the kitchen while they’re doing the cleaning and you don’t have to do that with an the outdoor kitchen and it’s just real simple and you don’t have to be inside for that.

And with a roof, you have a roof outdoor kitchen … you can even cook when it’s raining and you can enjoy the time outside when the weather is not too …

Rachel: I love being outside in a rainstorm. That’s my favorite thing, to sit out on the porch or somewhere and just listen to the rain. Especially when it’s … okay, in Oklahoma we have some crazy storms, but when it’s just a nice rain and some thunder … I love that … being outside.

Cody Albright: And most people agree that for some weird reason, that the food always tastes better when it’s cooked outside. I don’t know why but you just have that sense of hey, we cooked it outside … I don’t know why that is. It’s just …

Rachel: Interesting.

Cody Albright: It always, to me it feels like it’s just better tasting food. A quote here from learn.compactappliance.com about expanding your living space to say,

“No need to add on a room with walls and a roof. Simply incorporate the space you already have on your back porch. If you have a covered patio, you’re all set to bring in appliances and have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. In your outdoor cooking area, you and your family members can celebrate birthdays, holidays, or just enjoy the great outdoors.”

If you’re not blessed with a big patio or a deck, we at Sierra Pools & Spas can always add that for you to add a nice  Tulsa Pools touch to your beautiful gunite pool. So just always keep that in mind.  So, you know how it is … cramped at a house if you’re having a holiday party or just a birthday party. How great would it be to have dinners outside instead of getting hot and uncomfortable at someone’s house, you can have the party outside.

So what do we do about this? Build an outdoor kitchen. There’s no regret. You extend your family time, your friend time, your relaxation time, your enjoyment time. It’s like a vacation at home with great food. It looks great with your pool and all that food that you eat outside, you can just jump in the pool and burn those calories off. It’s great exercise and you create relationships really, you really do. It’s really fun. And enjoy that music and just chill. So that’s some reasons why you should build an outdoor kitchen.

Rachel: And not only should you build an outdoor kitchen, but you should choose Sierra Pools & Spas to build your outdoor kitchen Tulsa Pools.

Cody Albright: Yeah, because we’ll do a great job and really pay attention.

Rachel: And we’ll design everything for you. We’ll listen to … we’ll take into account the style of your house and the style of your pool and your yard and we’ll make sure everything flows and looks aesthetically pleasing. So we can do that for you.

Cody Albright: Yep, so I think that wraps it up for the day. As always, it’s … my name’s Cody Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: And I’m Rachel.

Cody Albright: And we’ll see you next time.