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Cody: Welcome to the Dive Time show. I’m your host, Cody Albright. Here with me, as always, is my lovely cohost Rachel. Say hello.

Rachel: Hello.

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All right, divers. Today we’re going to be talking about what is an outdoor kitchen. What qualifies a space to be called an outdoor kitchen? The definition varies, so we’re going to break that down and we’re going to talk about that. By definition, most will agree, at least one cooking appliance outside, a food preparation area, and a storage area. Having those three, cooking appliance outside, a food preparation area, and a storage area, that, by definition, you have an outdoor kitchen.

Rachel: Yeah. Some people might add, though, that a sink and refrigeration would be added to qualify it as an outdoor kitchen rather than just a grill station or something.

Cody: Right. Usually, to make a beautiful outdoor kitchen, Rachel, you’re going to probably need a custom Gunite pool. We solve that problem for you. When we build your custom Gunite pool, we can also build you a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

What is an outdoor kitchen? You can have a grill. It can be propane or charcoal, whatever you prefer. If you want to be, whatever your Hank Hill side, if you’re propane or you’re charcoal. I lean towards charcoal. I think it, in my experience, is better. For a storage space, you can store anything. I mean, just think about what you have in your kitchen, in your indoor kitchen. You could store your spices or your rubs for your meats, your dry rubs for ribs or your steaks you’re going to make, all those spices. I like to get crazy and put a lot of spices on my food. You store your utensils, your silverware, anything that requires you to eat outside, napkins, your place mats. You can store your cups. You can-

Rachel: You’re going to want … With your outdoor kitchen, you can just put a grill out there, and you could call that an outdoor kitchen, but we’re talking you want to build cabinets for all this storage. You want to have a bar somewhere that people can sit up and talk to you while you’re cooking. You want to have the storage. A grill is great. But just so we’re clear, this is more than just setting up a grill outside and-

Cody: Right. You’ll need a space for your trash, your cleaning supplies, maybe a blender or a coffee pot.  Tulsa Pools That would be important in our household.

Also, you’re going to need some lighting. You might be cooking outside during the night time, so some outdoor lighting is always good to accompany your outdoor kitchen.

Also, you know what I like to do whenever I’m outside or just hanging out with friends or family is to listen to music, so you’re going to want an outdoor sound system. You want to shake it off grilling some burgers.

Also a great touch if you just can’t get away from technology, always add a TV. Bring your friends over for the big game night. Have a TV, grilling on your outdoor kitchen, and it really pulls it together, really brings … connects … builds relationships. Sitting around TV, it’s like can’t get enough of.

Let’s see. What happens if you don’t have a budget? Well, you can also build a kitchen cart if you necessarily don’t want to … If you’re building a Tulsa Gunite pool and you don’t necessarily have the funds for an outdoor kitchen, don’t worry. You can build a kitchen cart. They even come with built-in sinks. It’s not really aesthetically the beautiful thing, but don’t worry if it’s not really … Right now you’re not wanting to get an outdoor kitchen, you can always start there.

Also, a thing that is really cool that you could do with your outdoor kitchen is plant a lot of herbs, your spices and such. When you’re cooking, you can have some plants nearby, fresh herbs, fresh cilantro, or … What’s that one that we had on our window sill that was really good?

Rachel: Basil.

Cody: Basil. Basil’s good. Just those fresh herbs. There’s nothing like it Tulsa Pools.

Things to think about that you can add to your outdoor kitchen to really pull it together, you can add a pizza oven. That requires you having a fireplace. If you have a fireplace outside, you can install a pizza oven and cook some pizzas outside that way. That would be a nice touch.

Rachel: Cook your own brick oven pizzas.

Cody: Yeah. That would be amazing.

Another good touch for an outdoor kitchen, because you’re outside,  Tulsa Pools you’re cooking, you’re next to the grill, a good feature would be ceiling fans. It gets hot. Get some air circulating.

Another thing, you can have a bar, a raised bar counter. You can serve your guests, your friends, your family, straight from the cooking area to the bar and their seated area and just all be connected and having a good time.

The counter tops, you can have counter top of your outdoor kitchen, whether you make it out of stone, or brick, or wood. What you want to do with that counter space is build some shelving underneath or above. You want some cabinets just for storage for anything that you can think of that you want to keep outside during your outside activities.

Another thing that outdoor kitchens … You’d qualify an outdoor kitchen is you need some furniture. You need some good seating for your guests, whether it’s a table and chairs, or maybe you’re just eating on a paper plate and you just want to have a loveseat and you’re out eating a burger with your lady or … I don’t know.

Also, you need to think about flooring. There’s ranges from tile, to outdoor rugs, to stained concrete, which is my personal favorite, or you can have wood flooring, some decking out in your outdoor kitchen. So many varieties of what you can do for your outdoor kitchen.

With an outdoor kitchen, you don’t always have to have an outdoor sink, but it’s a great feature to have so you’re not … You don’t have to clean indoors. You could just clean and clean your dishes and such outside.

Rachel: That’s one annoying thing is when you’re grilling, or you got the skillets outside, or something and then you got to tug or lug all those back inside and wash them up inside. It’s much easier if you can just wash them there, and store them there, and everything is there, and you’re not dragging things back and forth from the outdoor kitchen to the indoor kitchen and all that.

Cody: Yeah. Running water is a great thing to have. Helps you with cleanup. You can wash your hands after you get touching all the raw meat and stuff. You always want it sanitary at its best. Also, if you want a just a cold tap water drink, there you go. Just fill it up at the sink.

Another thing you can add to an outdoor kitchen to your Tulsa pools is you can add a refrigerator. You can store food there. You can marinate your meats into the fridge. You don’t have to run inside. If you’re doing some marinade, you don’t have to run inside to grab the meat you’re marinating. Just do it right there. You can have your condiments, your ketchup, your mustard, your mayo, your Tabasco, all that good jazz outside and convenient to you. It’s also really great for drinks. You want a cold drink? Just go to your fridge and instead of going inside, tracking the water in, you can just have it right there at your fingertips.

Moderately skilled homeowners can build an outdoor kitchen for maybe 1,500 and we can help you with that. We can just take your hand and walk you through every steps and it’s really … get a feel for what you want and help you build your outdoor kitchen.

Fun fact, cooking outside or grilling outside has been around ever since God created the earth because humans had to eat … No. I’m just kidding. Well, that is true. In fact, archeologists have found evidence of grills as early as 2,300 BC. So, yeah.

Rachel: A long time ago.

Cody: Yeah. That was a long time ago. A decade ago, it was hard to find examples of outdoor kitchens like in the Southwest,  Tulsa Pools but today there’s over 1 million full-fledged outdoor kitchens nationwide. Popular where you would expect is probably the Northeast and Midwest area.

Got a quote here from brownjordanoutdoorkitchen.com, “1600s, the first account of outdoor grills in the Western World come from the West Indies. The island natives coined the termed barbacoa, which generally refers to meats or whole sheep slow cooked over an open fire. Colonial settlers and explorers adopted this practice and brought the idea of barbecuing to the southeastern United States, and so the era of grilling for pleasure was born. And today, outdoor kitchens can be created to match any homeowner’s lifestyle and design preferences, from various cabinet door styles available in a multitude of powder and coat finishes to technologically advanced grilling products and accessories, outdoor kitchens living spaces have been extensions of their homes. They are a place made for entertaining and enjoying America’s favorite pastime.” Outdoor kitchens are great-

Rachel: What is America’s favorite pastime?

Cody: Huh?

Rachel: What is America’s favorite pastime Tulsa Pools ?

Cody: You tell me.

Rachel: Baseball?

Cody: Oh.

Rachel: I don’t know.

Cody: Yeah. It’s great. With an outdoor kitchen, you don’t have to wheel out a grill or just … It’s just kind of a hassle. I had a grill when I was growing up at my mom’s. Somehow she managed to buy a piece of poo grill, and the propane … it was a propane grill, and the propane was on the other side where the wheels weren’t, so when you picked it up to wheel it out, because there’s two wheels on the side of the grill, and you would pick it up and all the weight would be where you’re lifting and not where the wheel …  Tulsa Pools So you can imagine it was hard to push and pull out and stuff. I don’t why that was constructed that way. You probably don’t have that [crosstalk 00:12:13]-

Rachel: Not if you had an outdoor kitchen. You wouldn’t have to deal with dragging a grill out all the time-

Cody: But if you had an outdoor kitchen next to your beautiful Tulsa Gunite pool, then you don’t even have to worry about that.

What we can do, gain some knowledge on what you want for your outdoor kitchens. We can help you with all sorts of varieties, whether from the floor, for the tile, or the counter space, what kind of shape you want, an L-shape or a U-shape kitchen, just different preferences and how you want things.

If you want an outdoor kitchen to go along, beautifully paired … It goes together like peas and carrots with your pool, contact Sierra Pools and Spas of Tulsa. We would love to build one for you.

You have anything to say, Rachel?

Rachel: No. I love outdoor kitchens.

Cody: Yeah. They’re really cool. Really fun to hang out and barbecue and stuff. They’re quite beautiful.

Rachel: They look really nice in your back yard.

Cody: They look really great. Yeah. You want one. I know you do.

Okay. Well, that comes to our time for the day. I hope you enjoyed listening to this podcast. Tulsa Pools  Without further ado, we will end the show. Thank you for listening. As always, your hosts Cody and-

Rachel: I’m Rachel.

Cody: We’ll see you next time. Good bye.