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Welcome back to the most amazing podcast in the United States actually the world she proposes falls to Tulsa. We’re here to answer and talk about your pool swimming pool dream questions and so we’re excited to be here today Tulsa Pools.

I’m Cody and my wife Rachel and we’re going to be talking today about in-ground swimming pools and verses above ground swimming pools. Maybe we can even throw that in there right here in Tulsa Oklahoma. The center of the universe. So let’s go ahead and begin. So I have swam and swarmed swam.

It’s swam or swim and I swam swam. What did I say swam or swam swam swam swam. OK.

So I think it’s pretty common that that word is the past tense of swim is a common misunderstanding. So I don’t feel 100 percent bad about it but I apologize for the poor grammar. So swim I have swam. Is that correct. I have swam in aboveground pool. Actually several of them in my childhood and I say you know it’s great you know got wet and Tulsa Pools.

It was fun. It was a good time.

But Michelle dagum small the getting pretty big now these days I believe but let’s just talk about the looks of them first as the name implies that it’s above the ground who figured in the underground pool is under the ground under ground and ground and ground.

Scuse me it’s not OK because you know what though Tulsa Pools.

Funny story in fifth grade I remember a friend invited me over and I actually know some Fiskars there and a friend invited me over. I may have told the story. A friend invited me over to swim or to hang out and said you know we have an underground pool. And my thinking was is that you actually went under underground into a pool and that’s just how I thought in third grade. So just a fun story. Anyways talking about Tulsa in-ground swimming pools.

So went in and fiberglass and vinyl pools are all under in-ground pools as well as aboveground pools are usually in a circular figure.

Rachel have you ever seen them in a different shape. I don’t know if they can really see. I don’t think they can. Maybe like in like a rectangular kind of shape.

That’s been a rectangular rectangle rectangle thing. Yeah. You’re very limited with what you can get on an above ground pool. One thing in specific is they can only be about four and a half feet deep. Really we’re going to be deeper than that. I mean you don’t want to pull that six feet off.

Tulsa Pools Well you can you can partly put them in ground I believe.

Typically they’re only four to four and a half feet deep. So that’s one limiting factor. It makes it nice if you have children and you just want something that’s very safe that you can get to your kids quickly. That’s one thing that’s nice but if you’re wanting a deep and diving board anything like that you can have that and it’s more of just like a place to get in and cool off and it’s good for like water sports I guess if going to play like a little basketball hoop and if you don’t have a budget that’s a good.

Yes just because it’s just range from like all over the board from my fifth to you remember the soft pools.

Tulsa Pools Remember that was a big thing when that thing when those first timers like you would air up the tube on the top ring and you’d fill it with water and it would float up in it and it’s kind of like a vinyl material. But those we actually had one and first of all it is hard to get the ground level you know because well you know we were practically great engineers at the time to get a flat level to pull up. But we didn’t get it up you know kind of lean that slanted in probably because of the uneven ground. But anyways long story short those things were complete garbage.

They did not last. Have you seen anyone with a softball lately. I don’t think so. I don’t know. They even sell those for like 40 bucks. It’s like you know you can get those for 40 bucks.

Tulsa Pools When they first came out and we spent like like four or five hundred bucks on some sort of softball. I mean it was it was good size. But those things are absolutely trash. Complete cancer. I don’t even know anyone now that has a sock. I haven’t even seen one in any backyards and I’m not looking at like a lot of people backyard. Know drive mine you see pools. They’re not softballs. Anyway that’s my rant about that.

But also you know above ground pools can be those firm say will they may have to give some information about the because.

Oh go ahead. OK.

Tulsa Pools My friend had one aboveground pool not a soft pool but a just a typical aboveground port it was fun it was great time. I want to say you like the the top surface of the pool walls. It would mean like metal or something and then they would YOU know of course kids would hang over them and we’d been doing this so you know you’re pretty rough with them they don’t last long.

Yeah. And above ground pool consists of a vinyl liner and then the pool was usually supported by steel aluminum or resin walls.

Really it’s limit them. Well steel aluminum or resin quite common.

I think aluminum Yeah. OK. Excellent excellent excellent there.

Tulsa Pools All right option if you’re not wanting something permanent if you’re looking for a permanent pool in your backyard don’t go with an above ground pool. They’re not going to last. They will fall apart eventually. Yeah but it’s great if you’re a renter and you’re planning or you’re planning on moving because you can literally take the thing down and pack it up with you and take it wherever you’re going.

But it’s not a good job if you’ve come to our Web site looking for an aboveground pool or sorry we don’t we don’t do that. I mean that might be cool you know. You know they’re called you know for the price I guess but they’re not going to. They’re not going to be as long lasting as that in ground.

If you’re just working for like hey I think I want to get a pool and I want it by this weekend and I’m not putting much thought into it. Yeah. An above ground pool you can literally like choose to get one on Monday and have it ready by Friday if you want to drop you know several hundred bucks on just a. Well that is several thousand and it’s probably more like I’m thinking of this off.

Yeah. A couple of grand on you know those above ground pools and I’ve seen pictures where people try to make it look nice but honestly.

Tulsa Pools They’re just not as customizable you you know aesthetically with an anagram for there’s so much you can do with landscaping and decking and just making it look like it’s a continuation of your backyard. Just going is the way to go if you’re looking for that to really create a paradise in your backyard and not just want a place to get wet and cool off. An above ground pool is fine. Or horse trough but hey not only and around like those are getting big. I just saw a thing on Facebook where people are just taking those round troughs like farms and they’re putting them in the ground and they’re making their own. Mind. How do they get and then they get like a little power. How do they clean it. I mean shouldn’t they put chlorine in oh my gosh. What it’s like from your trench. I have to look at that do it yourself. Truffle Yeah.

All right. OK. Anyways but not only an in-ground swimming pool but a Tulsa Oklahoma in-ground swimming pool is the way to go. And not just any in-ground swimming pool but a custom in ground. Night swimming pool and that will really make your life ten times better. Life is a lot better with a swimming pool in your backyard. Not an above ground swimming pool but an in-ground swimming pool in your. You’ll notice your stress levels will go down when you have an in-ground swimming pool. I’m no doctor and I’m no scientist but these this is proven fact based upon my knowledge at a pool party. You don’t see people mad about having a swimming pool. There’s no one that is. Oh I have a swimming pool. Oh I’m so mad. I get stressed because I have a swimming pool now and grounds for me and food can really be beneficial to you your spouse your children. You absolutely love and then swimming pool in Tulsa Oklahoma because the benefits of having an underground swimming pool are just extraordinary. I mean you can just list the facts. I mean you can just go eight to double ZS because there’s just so many benefits you can get from it. What do you think about Newgrounds from porridge.

Tulsa Pools Well being a swimming pool contractor specializing in ground pools we obviously believe that are the best way to go. You have so much flexibility in terms of size and style you can do traditional shapes to completely free form custom shapes the pool can be as big or small as you want it to be we can fit it in any yard in any landscape in any place in Tulsa or near Tulsa. Just the flexibility that you have with an in-ground pool is just far outweighs all other types of pools and again just how you can design it to fit with your backyard your house and with everything that you want and need is why we believe in ground rules are the best rules for if you’re deciding to install it possible this summer.

Right. And you know think about this meditate about this and your own personal life if you don’t think you’re doing the best why are you doing it. And that’s how we feel about doing in-ground swimming pools. We think it’s the best good night and that’s why we’re doing it because we’re passionate about it and we just we just absolutely love what we’re doing. I’m here in Tulsa Oklahoma. So again if you’re thinking about getting a pool whether it be a pool that treat your kids a pool that you can just relax and just look at the stars at night and have that beautiful running water in the background and maybe just having maybe it’s just you and your spouse and you just want a romantic getaway in your backyard. Well let me tell you a in-ground swimming pool not only just an ingrown swimming pool but a custom gunfight in-ground swimming pool can really really and I mean really have huge benefits in your life that you will have second thoughts about life because it is so amazing so wonderful that I am talking this so up right now because I just believe that your life will be ten times better with an in-ground swimming pool not only an ingrown swimming pool but a custom ground me. Yeah. So if you have any questions about in-ground swimming pool you can call us at 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7.

Or you can check our website out Syracusan spazzed dot com or if you have questions about a aboveground pool and why we can convince you otherwise not to get one but in-ground swimming pool you go out and contact us as well as check us out on line because we’re there as well. Do you have any final comments if you have one thing that you want your people listening right now to go away with take home and think about an in-ground swimming pool rich or what would it be.

I bought one thing. Like one thing it’s not like in a paragraph just one thing that you want.

Anybody that’s listening are reading this.

Tulsa Pools What do you want them to know about in-ground swimming pools. Goodnight and.

The best. OK. That’s all we need right there. Thank you Rachel. Appreciate it. OK. That wraps us up for the day wraps it up for the time that we have. Thank you for listening. Thank you for eating in-ground swimming pools. Good night. Right here in Tulsa she wasn’t spa’s. We can build it for you. We want to we want to build it for you. We want to have your business. Have a great day. Have a great life with the swimming pool in your backyard. We’ll see you next time. Goodbye