Tulsa Pools : Improving Comfort

Cody: Welcome to the Dive Time Show. I’m your host Cody Albright, and with me as always is my beautiful wife, Rachel.

Rachel: Hello.

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Today we’re gonna be talking about improving comfort, improving your comfort for your Tulsa outdoor kitchen. Let’s go ahead and get on this list. A good thing to do to improve your comfort is shelter. This may seem obvious, but sometimes some people don’t build outdoor kitchens with a roof. Shelter is a great way to improve your comfort. There’s the sun outside, I don’t know if you’ve seen it before, but it gets hot. It gets real hot outside. Maybe you want to cool yourself from that hot sun, and you don’t want to be grilling. First of all, you’ll be next to a hot grill anyways, and so you don’t want to be cooking, prepping your food, your dinner for the night, and you don’t want to be directly into that hot sun. Having a roof over your head is a great way to get the sun off you.

Also, a cool breeze. It also is a good way, to have a roof shelter, is a good way to get away from the wind perse. It’s shelter and you can Tulsa Pools …

Rachel: Yeah, if it’s the fall time, and it’s a little chilly outside. Maybe there’s a southerly wind that comes up through your yard, and you want to put a wall on that south end to block from that. Or maybe you want it open because you like the cool breeze.

Cody: Correct. Also, shelter provides shelter from the rain.

Rachel: Shelter provides shelter, that’s deep.

Cody: Yeah, if you want to talk. It does rain sometimes, especially here in Oklahoma. April showers bring May flowers, we say. From rain, maybe you want to have a great outdoor experience, evening, you’re cooking. You’re chopping the onions, or you’re dicing the onions. I don’t know what you do with your onions. Whatever you do with your onions is your business. You’re getting ready. You’re prepping the meal, and it just starts raining. You’re so thankful that you have that roof above your head because you can still enjoy your evening outdoors with a shelter roof above your head Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: Yeah, you don’t want your outdoor kitchen to be dependent on good weather because say you have party planned. You’ve got a bunch of people coming over, and you still want to be outside, but it’s kind of raining. You can still do that if you have a covered shelter over your kitchen.

Cody: Protection from the sun and rain should be a top priority being outdoors and prepping your dinner in your outdoor kitchen. Also, it protects, when you’ve got something above your head, it protects the appliances and such. Keeps things nice and clean by reducing the time … Wait, what, what, what? What am I saying here? It keeps things cleaner.

Rachel: Yeah, if you don’t have anything over the top of your kitchen, everything’s gonna get rained on. That’s really gonna suck for multiple reasons Tulsa Pools.

Cody: Yeah, gets kind of dirty.

Rachel: You have to worry about water getting in your cabinets. That’s just not a good idea.

Cody: It could be a mess. It could be a mess. Also, you want to think about that could improve comfort for your outdoor kitchen is wind protection because that breeze can get pretty strong. Like I said earlier, maybe a wall or a wind break, makes a huge, and I mean huge difference that can make your outdoor experience better.

Also, to increase the comfort of your outdoor kitchen is privacy. Make sure you have a fence up. Privacy fence, that could be for your neighbors and what not, but also you can just have a screen if you want to get away from the insects. You want to get a little private time away from the insects because no one invites the insects, but sometimes they just come. That’s something to think about. Another thing, houses with deep eaves or porches, they provide natural shelter, but sometimes you don’t really have that option. Maybe your outdoor kitchen is away from your porch, or away from your back porch. A roofing structure that is above your outdoor kitchen, remember it’s a permanent structure.

Rachel: Yeah, so if you already have a house with a deep eave or a porch, we can build the kitchen right underneath that, and that’s awesome. But if you don’t, you can always add a roof porch to the back of your house. That provides a simple solution to not having that area in your back. That would be a permanent structure, so just make sure you know that would be adding a roof to the back of your house.

Cody: Yeah, and roofing materials can match your housing shingles or asphalt shingles, or roll roofing to poly carbonate or fiber glass panels as well. Maybe we’re not adding to your house structure already, and you want to be away from the porch or the backyard porch. You can have detached structures as well, like pavilions, gazebos. You can have them screened in or not. It’s kind of like a sense of getting away from your house. Like a little vacation in your backyard.

Also to provide some comfort, if you don’t have the budget for a roofing structure or adding onto your backyard porch or something, shaded umbrellas are great. If your budget’s tight, like I said, umbrellas, they can provide up to eight to 12 feet, or they can be eight to 12 feet in length. They’re easy to open, and they’re easy to close. It provides great shade. You want to make sure they’re anchored down though because the wind can take those away. Fixed umbrellas may not be a bad idea because …

Rachel: They may be a bad idea.

Cody: Oh, they may be bad because of changing shade patterns.

Rachel: You have the spring solstice, the summer solstice, and the winter solstice, and the position of the sun will change. If you’re umbrella’s fixed in the concrete, it might not work for all seasons. If you’re only planning to use your kitchen in the summer, you could fix it where it’s good for that time of the year, and then it won’t be too bad Tulsa Pools.

Cody: Yeah, and you also want to think about the post for the umbrella. You can get side posts umbrellas that gets the post out of the way. It kind of goes up and then over, and then there’s your umbrella. Instead of just a straight up post for your umbrella. Also, think about outdoor fabric for your umbrella. How you want it to look. You want it to be durable, and also light transmission. How transparent do you want it to be?

Rachel: Yeah, how much shade do you want?

Cody: The best for water resistance are acrylic canvas or PVC fabric.  Tulsa Pools Those will be best for your water resistance, but maybe not so much for the sun. The best for hot UV rays from the sun, and not necessarily water resistance are high density poly …

Rachel: Polyethylene.

Cody: Yeah.

Rachel: High density polyethylene or HDP.

Cody: Yeah, okay. Other shade solutions you could do are awnings. Those are great. A shade cloth, those are fantastic. Free standing gazebos, I talked earlier, and you could fit some outdoor fabric around there, like a shade cloth to help you block out the sun. Also, shade sales, those are really cool. How they look, I think those are neat. They get the name from the way they look. They kind of look like sales like off a ship or something. They’re held together by stainless steel cables. They’re attached with rectangular sails, so that provides some great shade.

What about trellises, pergolas, and arbors? Those are great too. We won’t get too much into this because we’re running out of time it seems. Also, great comfort for your outdoor kitchen is insect control. Screens, misting, misting is like shooting tiny droplets of water, and it repels mosquitoes and other insects. You can also get traps to kill them. Just get rid of them. Or zappers, those are always fun to watch. Also, you can get candles.

Rachel: Citronella candles.

Cody: Yeah, if you like the odor. Some people don’t like it. I like it. It’s fine with me. It’s a candle, so it’s another great source of light when it gets dark. Also, you want to think about heating and cooling. Maybe it’s a cold, October evening. You’re wanting to still enjoy the outdoors, get a heater. Get a patio heater or a fire pit or something just so …

Rachel: Yeah, so you can get something like a propane umbrella heater, or you could incorporate a fireplace or, yeah, fire pit into your outdoor kitchen area that will provide a good source of heat.

Cody: Yeah, and same on the other side of the spectrum. When it gets warm, a hot July day, get some fans out there. Get some mist out there. It feels great.

Rachel: Yeah.

Cody: Or you know, better yet, if you have a pool, just jump in the pool that we’re gonna build for you. Tulsa Pools  Really you just drop it down, you want to make it feel homey. Outdoor carpet, it’s a great touch to it.

Rachel: Heaters, fans, mosquito repellents.

Cody: You want to be comfy. Comfortable.

Rachel: Consider all the elements, and make sure you address each problem that could arise Tulsa Pools.

Cody: Yeah, and I think that’s all we have for today. Comfort is great, so think about that when you make your outdoor kitchen. I think we’re gonna sign off here. I think we’re gonna go get some Five Guys. Is that what we’re gonna do?

Rachel: That sounds good to me. Burgers.

Cody: Good, ole burgers. All right, well thank you divers for listening or reading or whatever you’re doing. Yeah, this is Cody Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: And this is Rachel.

Cody: We’ll talk to you later. See you later, Alligators.