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Well come back to see pools and balls of Tulsa if we had a jingle in the beginning I would wonder what it would sound like create a commercial like what would our jingle be. That would be an exciting exciting thing to do. I think I might might do that. Figure out a drink. Anglaise Hi I’m Curdy with me as well. My wife Rachel and we’re going to be talking today about pool stuff and Tulsa Pools related awesomeness.

We’re owners of shear pools and spas of Tulsa and got our phone number is 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7 5. Everyone to contact us about anything pool related. We’d love to talk to you about 80 think so today we’re going to be talking about Tulsa custom in-ground swimming pools. Difference between a custom in-ground swimming pool versus in-ground swimming pool. So we’re going to be talking about custom in-ground swimming pools here in Tulsa and the amazing this awesomeness about custom. What that word means custom we’re going to be breaking that word down tracing it all the way back to its root in Hebrew of what that word custom word that word custom comes from just came from from what does it really. OK. I was going to say that but I wanted to be more dumb. So I said you what does it say about what Tulsa Pools.

Well learning to google the word custom the definition as an adjective not as a noun because noun is a custom is like you know a culture’s causes.

And always custom as an adjective means made or done to order for a particular customer Tulsa Pools.

Okay wonderful made too can you say that one more time made or done to order for a particular customer or a particular customer.

And in our definition of that customer is you. We want to build you a custom in-ground swimming pool. And so let’s talk about custom in-ground swimming pools here in Tulsa Tulsa Pools.

There’s something about the word custom that just make like anything 10 times really. If you have like a jacket versus a custom Jack Yeah.

If I if I did if I sold stuff in retail or if I had a product on a grocery store. Well not not a grocery store but would the kind of custom mix custom peaches or something that with. If I had something like at Wal-Mart if I went you know if anybody went to Wal-Mart I know a lot of people going to Wal-Mart. But if anybody loves to go to Wal-Mart that’s crazy. If I had something that was on the shelf that’s like let’s say a clothing line. Now that is a good idea. Clothing Line. And you just throw on the word and tagged on the line custom on it.

Tulsa Pools It just makes things sounds more attack on the word customer.

Now it sounds more personal it sounds like I guess like what I was saying is like you know if you have the option of getting a jacket so I can go to the store and get a jacket or I can go to this store and get a custom jacket that’s made specifically to my measurements specifically for my body specifically what I mean.

Tulsa Pools Like like a suit jacket like you’re talking about men’s wear whatever.

I have a leather jacket just in this weather jacket. I like it. But if I had the opportunity to go to like a weather I don’t even know you call them Taylor. A leather jacket I guess. I know a leather worker and I could get a custom leather jacket that specifically made to my body measurements with the type of weather that I want with however many buttons I want or zipper pockets or whatever I would choose the custom jacket everyday because it’s mine.

I can choose exessive it’s going to be Googling custom leather jackets and Sierre pulls in Tulsa is going to pop up. I mean I wonder why we’re talking about it. Yeah I always had that appealing too about going to a tailor or something and having it cost them a better example for us would be like custom guitar.

Right. Like I said that is true.

Tulsa Pools I would be really nice. I would love to you on guitar names like it’s always blah blah blah. Custom guitars or something or custom built. And that always you already read about a band that what you know what kind of guitars they use and they always have that custom built manufacturer was made specifically for how they want to play sound that they’re looking for.

Tulsa Pools It’s so cool. So we’re talking about swimming pools to get back on track. We talk about a custom swimming pool. This is a swimming pool that’s made specifically for you with exactly what you want the size that was the shape that you want the color. Blah blah blah. Anything that you can ever think of is made specifically for what you want. It’s not just some pick out of a catalog pop in your backyard. This thing is designed with you in mind.

You are in control. You are the client. You have the money and you’re paying us to do a job and we want to be responsible good stewards of your money that you are entrusting us that you’re paying us to build this pool in your backyard. So this is how it all started to search with your ideas. And we talked to you and get your great ideas and we we try to visualize your ideas and we try to grab that picture and sign your beautiful little brain and take that and put it onto a computer screen and we design that and we get all little specs that you think about all the little Awesome details that you want to have in your backyard. And we put that on a computer into a software and then we make it like Ciro’s pools and spas custom touch on it and then we show it to you and you’re like. Look at all my beautiful thoughts on paper and then if there is some sort of rare instance where it’s not good enough or you know it’s something that’s you know like I want to do this which is OK. It’s OK to have different thoughts. It’s your backyard then you know we will we will try and bribe your feelings and emotions and changes and put that and we’ll put that into the computer and in our software and until we have the perfect product until we have the perfect back yard of your site we help pull out those ideas because a lot of people when we go and talk to them about for like so Tulsa Pools.

So what’s your job how do you want it for whatever they haven’t even haven’t thought about these things. And so we have a whole list of questions that are specifically designed to help pull out your pool dreams so things like do you want a bench in the deep end. Do you want a tanning ledge. Do you want Deskjet. Do you want to fish in your pool. Do you want yeah. Awkward silence log ride pull your personal log right. Yeah call me if you want to lazy river. Do you want. So all of these questions we design and we have thought about to specifically draw out all your ideas and try and nail down every specific aspect of your pool that will make it a custom in-ground pool meaning it’s custom to you.

Tulsa Pools Do you want a swimming pool full of nacho cheese case. Wouldn’t that not be amazing. I would swim in Windows case so and just. I can drink. Could you drink it.

I don’t know. I like I like it with like I have to have something to dip it in. I can’t I don’t think I could just drink it. I think I could just drink. It’s good and it’s pretty good too.

Anyways so yeah. Back to the law when we on it can also custom in-ground swimming pools. And so we’re really dissecting that word custom and what that means to you and what that means to us and how because words matter. Words have a great deal of matter and of what their meaning is. And when we talk about custom we want to build each pool specially for you and what your desires in your backyard and what your thoughts are. We want to build that for you because. Yeah. Oh sorry. Go ahead. Because we quite honestly we love doing business for you.

Tulsa Pools That’s my fault for the fun. Not only can we do custom pool but we can do custom backyard design so that means custom landscaping you could choose where you want different planners. We can do custom pergolas so you can tell us how big you want a pergola what you want it to look like custom outdoor kitchens custom fireplaces all of that can be provided to you. By using says you’re a pool contractor we can offer you the best custom designed for custom pools custom landscaping and custom outdoor design.

Yeah. When people ask hey can you do this. And I’m like yes we can do anything. Your heart your beautiful mind desires because we want to serve you and we want to we want you to leave our Earth finish business with cereals and spas a very happy camper. It’s kind of like what is that spot. What can we. Is Bob the Builder can we fix it. Yes we did. It’s like can we build it out of this. Can we fix it. When he was yes we can build that outdoor kitchen area or some decking that you want to match with your previous decking or new decking or you want you want a pizza oven in the middle of your chimney or something. I don’t know. We can do that landscaping as well any flowers you can think of. I don’t know. Whatever you want. I mean we can do it. I’m just trying to really point that out that we can we can figure it out for you. Anything else Rachel in your final thoughts.

That’s it.

Testim is the only way to go cause storm custom in-ground swimming pools here at Tulsa at sirra pools and spas and also we love to build here in-ground custom swimming Tulsa pools. Contact us today at 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 7. Or visit our website at cear wasn’t spazzed dot com so we can have a great time building a swimming pool of your backyard. Call now. Email today send you a free consultation and we’ll get ideas on paper. Have that beautiful design for your beautiful backyard. Have a great day you great American. We’ll talk to you next time. Until next time I’m Cody. I’m Rachel goodbye.