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Tulsa, OK Swimming Pool Contractors

Hello and welcome to this new podcast with coding ritual of shear pools and spas of Tulsa and today we’re when we are talking about swimming pool contractors and how to choose your swimming pool contractors and what how great swimming pool contractors are and all about that. So Rachel what do you think about swimming pool contractors here in Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa Pools .

Well when you’re talking about installing a pool a Tulsa pool there’s usually two different types of professional builders that you’re going to come in contact with one is a Tulsa pool builder and the other would be a tall support contractor and there is a difference. So Tulsa builders will be companies that have their own. Staff who will do the construction in-house so they’ll have their own either they’ll have their own gun night cruise they’ll have their own excavation team they’ll have their own plumbing teams things like that and then a contractor would be a professional who designs and meets with the customers. But then they contract out the work to their subcontractors. So there’s a difference in those two things. And you know some the builders will tell you that they can build your pool cheaper because they have their own crews and tools. And that’s not necessarily true because if you think about it Tulsa pool builders they still have to pay their staff. They still have to pay all their crews they have they have overhead for their equipment. Good night trucks are very very very expensive. You know the rough cost of a truck much the cost is half a million. Yes so that’s that’s a huge overhead for them. So it doesn’t mean just a Tulsa pool builder and also a contractor even though pool builder is going to tell you that it’s going to be cheaper or more cost effective because they’re in-house that’s not necessarily true. Another thing they might tell you is that they are better because they know who’s working for them and they’re not contracting out. That’s airballs and Spa’s Tulsa Pools .

We are also pool swimming contractor and this means that we work with our subcontractors and they do all the work for us while we manage the project and oversee the project. But this does not mean that we’re disengaged with the contractors that we don’t know who’s working for us. We have relationships with all of our subcontractors. And Cody who’s sitting here with me he is our project manager and so he is. In contact with every customer through every part of the construction process and he is in contact with all the subcontractors Tulsa Pools .

Tulsa Pools  Yeah. Yeah I am. And you know swimming pool contractors are hard to choose these days and you know give you some confidence and what you should choose us as a swimming pool contractor. There’s multiple reasons and I can give you a few. We will build the best dagum pool in your life that you will ever see. And I would promise you that. And we promise you great quality and we promise you that it will be in a timely manner and we understand how time is important and how some swimming pool contractors can’t always guarantee time. And so we understand that you live a busy life and your time is important to you as it is important. Also we can guarantee quality we will never shave off quality time or for price. We believe we build the best pools and we mean it. We build the best quality pools and we know that for a fact we just can’t find another swimming pool contractor out there that will build and the things we can build. We are just that confident in ourselves and also what we talked about. We talked about scheduling timing and swimming pool contractors we talked about quality and swimming pool contractors. What else is there Rachel about swimming pool contractors didn’t know about.

Tulsa Pools  Another thing that I can hear having some doubts about a Tulsa contractor is specifically about spazzed just to give you guys a little bit more confidence in who we are and our history and our history in the construction industry as well as besides just the poor industry. We were founded by Paul Bemis who is my father and he has been in the construction industry in Tulsa for over 20 20 years really long time and he has very good standing relationships and reputations with multiple subcontractors in the area and because of his years of experience in the construction industry he has been able to figure out which subcontractors follow through which subcontractors he can count on to get the job done. And because of that we we have a very good relationship with all of our subcontractors and we can guarantee that they are going to follow through and we just have that good of a relationship and that just comes with time and being around and being well known and my father Paul has been able to gain that sort of reputation in the construction industry as well as the pool industry so yeah when you’re thinking of hiring a Tulsa pool swimming contractor we can guarantee that we’re going to get the job done for you in the shortest amount of time possible at the best price for the best quality. Like Cody said we’re not compromising any of the quality we design the best pools in Tulsa and you can go to our Web site Sierre pools and spas dot com and take a look at our samples page those We’ll show you some of our designs.

Tulsa Pools  Every pool that we do is designed and built custom to every customer. So no matter the size of your yard no matter. Where you’re located in the Tulsa metro area no matter what kind of poor kind of style you’re looking for we will meet with you and your free consultation and go over every single detail make sure we nail down every need want and desire that you have for your swimming pool and we’ll take that back to our design lab and we’ll work up the best possible design for the best price. And that’s why we believe that we’re the best possible contractor.

Now let me just say in Tulsa Oklahoma contractors not only are we the best in quality and customer service and in a timely manner guaranteed. We’re also the best looking pool company and I can say that without hesitation and without doubt that we are the best looking. Tulsa Oklahoma contractors and that’s not just opinion that is a fact. You can ask my wife Rachel is that correct.

Tulsa Pools  Yes I’m the best looking.

Yeah that’s that’s that’s not you. No but for real if you’re serious about digging a hole in your backyard and you want the best contractor in Tulsa Oklahoma then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re reading this right now or listening to this you’re already on our Web page and that means that you have been doing a little bit of research and looking into the swimming pool contractors. And I’ll just say that you have come to the right place because we will build you the best quality. Darn tootin shooting pool that you’ll ever seen.

Tulsa Pools  Yeah. And don’t let the Tulsa pull builders you know kind of bully you out of picking a contractor. No disrespect to our competition or to the builders. There’s many great ones in Tulsa. However don’t let them just bully you out by saying that they can get it for a better price because that’s just not true. So definitely do your research. But we are the best. And we we have given our time guarantee which is a written written contract. Nobody else does that in the Tulsa area. No swimming pool contractor no Tulsa pool builder. So we’re the only ones that offer that and we believe that’s one of the things that makes us the best also swimming pool contractor so if you’re looking to build a pool this summer or any time of the year be sure and give us a call at your pools and spas. Our phone number is 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7.

Again my name is Rachel and I’m here with Cody and that is me and I just want to say it’s also going to swing for contractors that talk about quality.

We talked about customer service timely manner and looking good. And so I think in that order that’s how you can figure out who the best contractor is. And so if you do some research and you do some digging in you’ll you’ll come back to us every time. I guarantee it. Again re-assert our Web site and spiles dot com phone number 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7. So if you’re looking for a swimming pool contractor here in Tulsa Oklahoma you’ve come to the right place and we love to do business for you and we’d love to meet you and we’d love to build that relationship with you just so we can just do business with you. We we love doing business with you. All right. I think that we’re. Within. Yes. OK. We’ll talk to you there. By