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Hello, welcome back to a very special edition of talking swimming pools with Cody and Reginald here at Sierra pools and spas of Tulsa Bixby. Broken Arrow. Jinx. Awasa where? Yeah, I thought you were going to make that intro like a, you know, like talking good or talking. So it’s like talking pools, talking pools. Yeah. Hey, Chris. Me. Yeah. But no, this is, this is a dire time. We’re dive time, right? Or whatever you want to call us. Doesn’t matter. Anyways, if you want to build a pool in the Tulsa area, contact us today at (918) 884-8427 or www.sierrapoolsandspas.com. We’d love to build a pool for you and your what? Where are your one stop shop for all your backyard needs? Landscaping, kitchen areas, um, swimming pools, spas, all of it. We can do it for you. Um, if you wanna build swimming pool, um, call us today. Uh, again, uh, we’re your Tulsa premier swimming pool builders and the Awasa Jinx. Tulsa broken arrow. [inaudible] area continues to that. I know today when we were talking about, uh, public schools. And what’s the difference between an R, why is it benefit to have your own Tulsa Pools rather than a public pool?

Um, public pools are pools that are open to the public, um, usually owned by and maybe a home or housing a neighborhood or, uh, the city. Um, or, uh, yeah, so, um, wouldn’t it be great to have your own pool instead of going to a, a public pool and just like anything, wouldn’t it be great to have? Um, you know, when you have that one friend that has something that you have to go to their house or something to use or, or see or something and you’re like, man, I wish I had my own. Same thing with the swimming pool. Uh, or if you have that, if you’re looking for a tool that you don’t have, or if you don’t have a certain, um, I don’t know, uh, gadget Gizmo and you just want your own, same thing with the pool. You weren’t your own because public stuff or asking others to use your pool or, well, that’s fine. I’m asking others to use their stuff is, uh, not as fun as having it yourself. Um, yeah. So for today we’re going to be talking about, uh, why is it better to have a, uh, a personal residential pool than a public pool? Rachel,

there are many, many, many benefits to having your own backyard pool versus having to drive somewhere to go to, to a public pool, um, and share your space with a bunch of random strangers that you don’t know. So we’re going to get into the many benefits of that. Now here in Tulsa, um, we have a lot of Tulsa public pools. Um, and we have one water park, which is kind of cool. Safari Joe’s [inaudible]. Yeah, of course. That guy is a creeper, but the waterparks. All right. Um, anyway, so the first benefit that I see from my perspective personally is stressed. I don’t have to deal with all the people. I can be out in my own space. Yeah. I don’t have to worry about just crazy children running around, splashing, yelling. That’s Rachel’s first. You know, all of them. My business, or a Tulsa Pools.

my first concern would be what’s in the water. And I would just, I would jump to conclusions and just say that there’s PMR because when you’re swimming, you know when you have your mouth open or you’re in the pool to begin with, but you have your mouth open and the liquids of the water is liquids of the wall. Right. I don’t know if that makes sense. The water is just all around you and it’s touching you. And if there is urine in that pool water, I am just not excited about that. So going to a public pool, my first concern would be is there pee in the pool? Rachel’s first concern if there’s people, mine is, well, is there pizza? Um, so you know when you go to a public pool and it has that really strong chlorine smell like, I mean it’s just, you know, you know, you just smell that and you smell like it when you come home and shower and you get excited about that smell because you’re like, Tulsa Pools.

yeah, it’s like, it’s like, oh this is the smell of summer. No, that is the smell of pee. And sweat and who knows what other bodily fluids floating around in there cause you only get that chlorine, chlorine smell when chloramines are formed and chloramines are formed when any bodily fluid combines with the chlorine that’s in the bowl. And that’s what gives it that strong odor. So when you smell that, that’s dirty water basically. And it’s impossible for public pools to keep it 100% clean with the amount of traffic they have come in there. And they’re, I mean, they’re pumping chlorine and they’re circulating the water and they’re doing everything they can and it’s clean for the most part, as clean as you can be for a public pool. But that corn smell is all the nastiness from all those people getting in and out of the pool all day. Check out https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/ or call 918-884-8427 as soon as you can!

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Super disgusting. We’re last podcast, we’ve talked about poop. Um, retro made a good, uh, uh, statement before we started this is that if someone does poop in the Republic Pool, well you can get out and afford to got clean it. And I think that’s, that’s probably the only thing perk about. Yeah. Well, yeah, in general, you don’t have to clean a public pool, don’t or you don’t have to maintain it. But I ran, I had less. Yes. So I mean, well if somebody poops in your pool, whether it’s your personal board or the public folder, closing the pool down, so you’re going to be not swimming, but the benefit is, yeah, you can go home and you don’t have to clean that. If it’s your own pool, you’ve got to clean that Tulsa Pools.

I think when I think about public pools, I think of that movie. I think it’s saint lot because he, the one in London with the life is that St Lawrence and Wendy pay for corn. You virgins to drown. So if you’re a young lad, if you’re looking for a kiss from a lifeguard, that’s one benefit of a public pool. Um, but you know, that’s, I don’t know, I just want to think about that one scene when he drowns me. If you have a private pool, nevermind [inaudible] married and you have a private pool, okay, let’s stop that stop. This is a family friendly show. This is true. Right? But if you’re married, it’s okay. Anyways, so yeah, let’s get back to my thing with the people back to Rachel’s culture here in Oklahoma. And I’m a bit pale, maybe a little body-conscious because it’s been winter time and we’ve had a lot of yummy food and maybe we packed on some extra on what’s in the hibernation season. And so I’m not feeling like super jazzed about my swim suit bod. So if you know, at, at our pool we can just go privately and I can Tan, I could get my tan off and I don’t have to worry about feeling self conscious out in the public area because I’m just at home and I can just enjoy it. And that’s a nice thing if you’re, if you are a little bit nervous or you’re feeling like, oh, I don’t want to, I don’t want to be pale and feel like everybody’s judging me and, but you know, self confidence is important. So maybe you just go out there and do you. But I’m also like, you don’t have to, um, scar your eyes with the variety of people that you will see at a swimming pool. The women who, and good for them, they have no shame. But for me, I don’t want to see all of that. I don’t want to see, you know that one guy? Yeah. The guy that wears the speedo. You can’t even do that in public schools.

I don’t think so. I think you can. I don’t see that there’s a rule against wearing a speedo. I had a pool. Um, anyways, for me personally, I don’t want to have that image in my mind and it’s just kind of a turnoff. You know, like, oh, I don’t want to swim in the pool. That’s gross. So how do you fix this problem? Rachel, you need to install your own Tulsa. Big speed broken arrow. Waso Jinx. Katusa I know. Wherever you live on this planet, but specifically in the Tulsa area, you need to install a, your own pool in your backyard, cause you can add, another great thing is you can create your pool to be however you want it to be. You can set it up to serve you. If you want. Tanning ledges, if you want waterfalls, if you want grotto, if you want to indoor outdoor pool spas, anything, you can design it to your specific needs. Whereas a public pool, they’re designing that to fit the needs of everyone. You can design your own custom Tulsa Pools.

tell us a little bit. I’m really pretty either they’re just kind of there and then just kind of use the chief of stuff just so I can get a pool. Uh, you know, you go to some of those hotels that have really nice pillows, but it’s usually you’re probably, pools are just kind of your basic, um, uh, you know, all your basic colors. And I don’t know, she’s all generic looking and it’s not really cus custom looking like it’s not, I dunno, you know what I’m saying?
Yeah. So having your own personal Tulsa pool is great for entertainment. It’s great for just personal relaxation, enjoyment. Um, don’t have to have screaming children running around. You don’t have to worry about the p screaming children. It’s okay if you like. Yeah. So, if you’re in Tulsa and you want to a pool in your own backyard, gives you your pools and spas and call because we love to come in and validate your, your, your place and see what options will work for you and work up a design for you so you can have a better idea of what your backyard could look like with a beautiful and ground gunnite pool. Um, so Tulsa Bixby Awaso Jinx. If you’re in this area, broken Arrow to say, I know any of these areas, um, give us a call. We can love t w we love to come, uh, help you out and with all your pool needs. Your swimming pool needs. Um, Tulsa pools. Uh, yeah, we’d love to build a pool for you. If you’re in the Tulsa area. Um, we want to be your Tulsa pool builder. We want to be your Premier Tulsa Pool Construction Company.

Um, we will design the greatest of the greatest for you. We will have the greatest quality. We will have the greatest options available. Uh, we pride ourselves in being the best because why do something if you’re not the best? So give us a call. Um, uh, at 918-884-8427 or at https://sierrapoolsandspas.com/, uh, checks up Sierra pools and spas.com or Facebook or whatever, choose your, uh, whatever way is better for you. Um, again, we want to be your premier Tulsa pools builders. Uh, my name is Cody and we will talk to you next time with all your pool needs on the dap town. Adios Amigos.