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Cody: Hello! Welcome to the [inaudible 00:00:11] Show. I’m your host Cody Albright and my beautiful, lovely wife as well is with me, Rachel.

Rachel: Hello Tulsa Pools.

Cody: Together we are the owners of Sierra Pools and Spas in Tulsa, and you can find us online at Sierrapoolsandspas.com, or you can give us a phone call at 918-884-8427. Again that Sierrapoolsandspas.com or give us a phone call at 918-884-8427. Okay, and today we’re going to be talking about selecting the best outdoor floor for your outdoor kitchen. And so, the point is, we have more flooring option than ever, there’s so much to choose from, you have so many selections. And choosing the right one is critical. Well, to your preference.

Let me give you some examples. Pressure-treated wood is safer than before, with health related issues that involve wood preservatives in the past, so don’t worry about that anymore. We’ve got you covered- a huge choice of synthetic lumber brands, whether vinyl or a composite of wood fibers and plastic. Cut stone has been real popular lately. It’s easy to maintain, sweeping, brushing, it’s a little bit more durable, not really scratchable, Tulsa Pools compared to wood. As well, you got brick and tile and concrete, and also your favorite colors and stamp patterns can be implented, is that a word?

Rachel: Implemented.

Cody: Implemented into concrete, and that’s usually maybe your least expensive way to go, instead of having brick by brick. You just get concrete, you get your beautiful stamped patterns with whatever color you want. So cool these days. So decks versus patios. Let’s talk about that.

So wood decks. Regular maintenance. It dries faster after rain though, and that’s always a plus, you know, puddles of water doesn’t really stay on wood, soaks through or runs off in the cracks. It’s more comfortable to stand on. I don’t know if you ever stand on, stood on wood, and then stood on concrete. Obviously there’s a difference there Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: Wood is a much softer surface. Concrete is very hard Tulsa Pools.

Cody: Yeah, so that’s something to think about, so if you’ve got a pool out there and you’ve got your shoes off all the time, and you’re on this flooring, think about that. You will be standing on it quite often, and even after it rains, if you’ve got a pool and you’ve got kids running back and forth, they’re just getting water every where, that’s something to think about. That could be a potential better for wood, it’s not real, it won’t be as slippery, it won’t contain water as well as other flooring.

So, it’s suitable for lightweight fixtures, you don’t have to, for the grounding, you want to make sure you’ve got good dirt. You don’t want it to be sinking through. With bricks, with stones you have to lay on the ground. With wood you can put that up. You don’t have to initially have that flush with the ground, you can raise that. It’s inexpensive. With pressure treated wood, it’s easier to raise off grade, like I said, like if it’s on the second story. But it is not fireproof.

Rachel: Really. Wood is not fireproof.

Cody: Who would have known that? So, if there ever was a fire, knock on wood. Ha-ha get it? Knock on- okay. So that’s something to think about as well if you ever have the potential

Rachel: Yeah if you have a grill or something

Cody: If you’re just fire prone, I don’t know how you would establish that you would be, yeah Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: I would say if you have a grill or something with an open flame, you know wood’s not the safest option, if you have open flames.

Cody: [laughs] Yeah, it doesn’t last as long as well, as stone or concrete. It’s going to rot faster. Actually I don’t think stone rots, so that’s something you’ve got to think about as well. Okay so pressure treated, untreated wood, or you can treat it yourself, if you buy untreated wood you can treat it yourself. Woods that are naturally resistant to insects-

Rachel: What?

Cody: What?

Rachel: What did you say?

Cody: You can buy untreated wood and make it, Tulsa Pools you know how different between treated wood and wood is? It’s not like just wood that you cut from a tree and install it on your deck.

Rachel: Yeah, you said untreated wood you can treat yourself?

Cody: Yes.

Rachel: What does that mean?

Cody: You can put, I don’t know how you treat wood, that’s something I

Rachel: Oh, treat it yourself.

Cody: Yeah.

Rachel: Oh okay, you said treat yourself, like reward yourself Tulsa Pools.

Cody: [Laughter]

Rachel: Treat it yourself. Okay, you mean if you buy untreated wood, you can treat it yourself.

Cody: Yes.

Rachel: Okay and I understand now.

Cody: I don’t know how that processes, I just know that you can, I haven’t looked into that, but what you want to get are woods that are naturally resistant to insects and decay, are redwood, bald cypress, and deer, I guess it’s different types of wood. You can look into that. I guess insects don’t really don’t care for the tastes, and don’t want to take it out. Pressure treated, you can look at pine, hemlock and fir wood. It’s inexpensive and it’s pretty durable. Pretty durable flooring. And thing about wood floors, it requires early cleaning and sealing. If you don’t take care of it, it’ll splinter and warp and it can go to crap real quick.

Cody: So moving on to masonry patios. Little maintenance, pretty hard surface, better for heaved appliances

Rachel: I think heavy

Cody: Heavy, heavy appliances I don’t know

Rachel: I think you meant heavy.

Cody: Typo. For heavy appliances, if you’ve got a big old, I don’t know, what do you think? You don’t want to be putting heavy stuff on wood flooring, so that’s why it’d be better for

Rachel: Yeah, if you, like if you’re going to have like really heavy granite countertops or marble countertops and big built-in fireplace or something like that, that’s really heavy so you want that to be on a concrete pad, not just on the wood decking that might sink into the dirt below.

Cody: Yep. And it’s lower cost to input. Stone is more expensive. Concrete is lower cost, stone is the more expensive, hard surface patio you can go to in the masonry section. It’s not suitable for outdoor kitchens that are going to be raised more than a few feet. You can’t really, you don’t really want to support, I don’t, you don’t want to support stone, up in the air. You want it to be flush with the ground. You don’t want to raise that off the grade. Also, it is fireproof. So think about that. It doesn’t catch on fire as well as wood does. And it’s durable.

Cody: All right. Moving on to synthetic decks. It’s excellent flooring, composite, it’s composite combined of wood fibers and plastic, or it can be a vinyl, vinyl deck. Also manufacturers make materials for guardrails and handrails for and trim boards, so if you want every thing to match, you’re in luck. It’s kind of cool. It’s not recommended for structural components, joists, posts or beams. You don’t really want to support- it’s not like it’s, it’s not really as strong as wood or for those things. I won’t rot, it won’t splinter, it’s pre-colored, you don’t have to seal it.

It’s expensive though. Much more than the top quality wood products because it’s man-made. It will weather, and it doesn’t feel or look like wood, so keep that in mind, if you think it’s going to look exactly like the wood flooring or it’s going to feel the same under your feet. It’s not, it’s not the same material. It holds more feet, so sometimes that causes discomfort.

Rachel: Holds more feet? Or holds more heat Tulsa Pools?

Cody: Holds more heat. Heat, did I say feet?

Rachel: It sounded like you said feet.

Cody: It holds more heat so on hot summer days, you know how concrete gets real hot. It’s not as deadly as that, but it’s going to hold more heat than wood. And it gets dirty easier, it scratches easier and it can support growth of mildew or mold, so those are things to keep in mind. More expensive, a little bit more hassle, in my opinion.

Two things, or two that are overlooked are aluminum and plywood. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen an aluminum deck, but it is a thing, it’s lightweight, it’s low maintenance, it’s strong, and it’s cool under the feet. And it has a clean contemporary look. Also plywood has several coats of acrylic polymer. Yeah didn’t take much notes on that one. Did you want to say something? Okay.

Stone. Go back to stone here. Requires low maintenance, it’s strong, from rustic to contemporary, you can make it look however you please. It’s expensive to install, I mean the labor, and the stone must be on the ground. Can’t be raised. Concrete can be colored, stamped, can look like a variety of materials, stone, slate, tile, brick. Really cool, it’s still costly but it’s not as expensive as the stone laid down or the tile and brick that you can get it to look like. And it’s pretty neat stuff. And it’s durable.

And also lastly, with tile and brick you get all so many patterns. I don’t think I really have to go into tiles and bricks, you guys know what tiles and bricks look like. But you can get several colors and many patterns with that [inaudible 00:10:47] all for your outdoor flooring Tulsa Pools.

So those are just a few things to think about for your outdoor flooring, and your kitchen. There’s many options, lot of great options, yeah. Rachel you have anything to say that you want to say about outdoor flooring and your preferences of outdoor flooring?

Rachel: Nope, I don’t think so.

Cody: Okay, well. I think that’s about it for the day. We appreciate you listening, if you listened to this. We don’t even know if we’re going to put this on our website, this audio. But the words will be there, the content will be there. Thank you for joining us, I’m Cody Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: And I’m Rachel.

Cody: We’ll talk to you next time. Okay bye. See you later.