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Welcome back to the most amazing podcast you’ve ever heard.

If you’re listening or if you’re reading this year pools and spas and also here ready to talk about pool stuff pull related stuff pull amazing awesome stuff with your host. Cody and Rachel my wife. So today we’re going to be talking about pool builders that builds custom pools you know pool builders of Tulsa build pools in-ground Tulsa pools and pool companies that build luxury pools right here in Tulsa.

Your poor construction business here in Tulsa.

Cheerful and sparse we’re going to we’re going to highlight those few key areas about just a little bit about those things. So if you’re looking for a pool builder here that builds custom pool you found the right place. I’m here at cereals and spas so we can we can really ensure that you that you’re going to have a great time great experience building a pool in your backyard of your dreams thinking about ideas and thoughts you know thought about into putting them onto the idea of putting down on to real reality of where you can have that pool in your backyard. So if you’re looking for a boat builder here in Tulsa that builds pools and spas of Tulsa is here to build your every every pool dream every pool need. We build ingrown custom pools and not only do we build in-ground custom going to the polls but they’re they’re a luxury luxury is the word there. Here in Tulsa we build luxury pools and we construct the most amazing things that you will ever.

You can’t even compliment Komfort compliment comprehend comprehend the amazing this of of these pools. Rachel would you like to. What.

What is your thoughts about these pool builders in Tulsa that built in grome pools that are luxury pools here in Tulsa. I

think there is a difference between just a pool and a luxury pool. So we can talk about what makes a pool a luxury pool because lots of people have pools but they’re not necessarily luxury Tulsa pools. So when you think of luxury you think of expensive very nice sharp looking. What do you think of when you think of the word luxury.

I think of it like a car. Are you added to really think like I think the car dealerships or the car companies really hit on that were luxury and really try to draw you in that were a luxury.

Expense. So you think too. And they are but basically a luxury part comes with all the bells and whistles or has everything. So. You know a regular pool may not look really fancy. It might be nice but it may not have all the bells and whistles so there’s a lot of things that you can add to it in ground pool. I’m here in Tulsa that can make it a luxury. Tulsa pool. So it was just kind of go through some things that might make your child support a luxury swimming pool. One thing that I think of is a pool heater. Not everybody has one of these but it makes things really nice especially if you want to extend your swimming season. You know here in Oklahoma we have fairly mild fall and spring. But it can be a little chilly to swim in if you don’t have a pool heater. But however if you have a pointer you might be able to open your pool as early as April and not have to close it down till mid-October. So this can extend your pool season for a really long time and also just give you the perfect water temperature and also some pool heaters can be ran backwards to cool the water heater splash cooler so it can make it really nice if it gets really really high because there’s nothing more disgusting than a hot summer day.

I’m thinking here in Oklahoma it gets sometimes three digits like a hundred plus and it’s absolutely gross. And you’re known to go for a swim and the water you can get in already.

You got your swim suit on. You’re getting ready to make your way out to your backyard and you get your swimming pool and you touch the water and it’s hot.

It’s stupid hot and it’s not really relaxing. It’s not really cooling. And so yeah cold water on a hot day is it is fantastic.

Paul Utor a cooler can make your torso pull a luxury tall so. Another thing that I think of is having an attached spa this can really turn. Just an ordinary pool and to looking like a luxury pool when you attach that spa and just having a spa is a great luxury in and of itself. It’s a great place to relax after a long day of work in the winter. You can still run your spa and relax outside when it’s cold which is really cool. So having that attached spa is another thing that can make your pool a luxury pool.

I would think that someone on my Codys list is that if I think of a luxury pool I think of a pool that has a spa that’s the number one and like that’s like an ingrown spa and ground small like that’s the number one I think every item on the list.

Yeah. Another thing that is added to luxury Tulsa pools like a vanishing edge. Now this isn’t on every luxury pool but it’s definitely a luxury item it’s not necessary for any pool and it’s more of just an aesthetic added addition to upgrade your pool. And if you don’t know what a vanishing edge is it’s also known as an infinity edge or a zero edge or negative edge. And this poor design creates a visual effect of water with no boundary. So the water appears to merge with the horizon or even other bodies of water if your pool is overlooking a lake or something like that you can create the illusion that it’s just running over into that body of water so it creates this really cool effect and looks really nice in different areas depending on where your pool is located. So vanishing edge would be another thing that creates a luxury pool. Some other things that I think are found in a luxury pool would be things like in pool seating so you can create in a table that is actually in the pool with benches around or even barstools around. This creates a really nice space if you’re just wanting to hang out in the pool and drink your drinks or play cards or whatever. Also tanning lodges. These are very shallow basically big benches that are very wide. You can lay out in but also be in the water to stay cool. Beach injury is another thing that would be luxury pool.

So this is what it sounds like it’s basically just create a slope from your deck straight into the  Tulsa pools you don’t have steps it just gradually slopes into the pool which can be really nice waterfalls spillways Grados those are all things that can be fun and a luxury pool slides that are attached to grottos fireballs. You can find those on a lot of luxury Tulsa pools. What else Cody.

I think of when I think of a luxury pool that you’re willing to construct here in Tulsa I think of the more fountains than luxurious it can be the more fountains the more. I don’t know maybe that Jetsons stuff the more the more running water to me I feel like that’s luxurious luxurious.

You get to those really fancy hotels you know in Vegas or whatever and they have this crazy pool with all those fountains and jets and all those craziness that’s what I think of a great also very good landscape lighting.

So you have a lot of very nice looking landscaping around your pool and that can make a really luxurious environment that feels very much like a paradise especially if you have more tropical plants such like. And whiting in your pool can create a very luxurious atmosphere lighting in the pool or lighting on the landscape.

Both I think I think not just lighting but LCD like different color lighting.

I think that’s when you kind of up the game there on luxury on making it look extra luxurious in of itself.

So yeah that I don’t think so.

And then just the overall study looks like you’re your decking you can make that really luxurious. I mean you can get so luxurious It’s like having. Things in different stone imported and to have wire or bridges or things like that they go over your pool and lazy river. I’d be a big luxury item to put in around your pool. Additional decking raised decking around your pool. All these things can contribute to making your point to a luxury.

Yes. So if you are in the tall Seery Tulsa area and looking for a pool Milnor to build you a custom pool here. You have found pseudobulbs and spiles of Tulsa wants to be the pool builder here in Tulsa that build your pool. So if you’re looking for a custom pool in-ground pool here in Tulsa sheer Pullens balls is the way to go. And not only that you’ll get a in-ground Goodnight custom pool here built in Tulsa you’ll get a luxury pool that is constructed here that Sierre  Tulsa pools and spas.

Understands that responsibility understands the the the intensive care that we’re going to put into constructing the pool in your backyard and the responsibility of you giving us that that the the business the the the word responsibility keeps coming up that you provide the output that you allow us to dig a hole in your backyard and tear it all up and then make it something else again. So if you’re here in Tulsa and you’re looking for poor construction samples the spas would love to have your business. Contact us today 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7. You can find us on the web as well it’s your  Tulsa pools and spas dot com and you contact us now. You can e-mail us she has a message you can call us whatever whatever you need to do to contact us. We will set up a consultation with you and we’ll go around your ideas. Ready to build you a luxury pool of Tulsa. So contact us today Tulsa pool builder right here see our Tulsa pools and spas. We love to work with you. We look forward to meeting with you all those future people that are going to contact us and whatnot so have a great day. We’ll see you next time. Until then peace out