Tulsa Pools : Multiple benefits

Cody Albright: Welcome to the Dive Time Show. I’m your host Cody Albright and with me as always is my lovely wife, Rachel Albright. Say hello.

Rachel Albright: Hello.

Cody Albright: Together we are owners of the Sierra Pool and Spas of Tulsa. You can find us online at sierrapoolsandspas.com or give us a call at 918-884-8427. That’s sierrapoolsandspas.com or 884-8427. All right.

Today we’re going to be talking about why you should get a Tulsa poos. Rachel, let’s go ahead and start here. Why should we get a Tulsa pools?

Rachel Albright: Why wouldn’t you get a Tulsa pools really?

Cody Albright: That’s a very good question.

Rachel Albright: There’s a lot of different benefits. People have been swimming for a long time. Actually ancient drawings and paintings were found in Egypt depicting people swimming and these date back to 2500 B.C. so swimming’s been a thing for a long time. Currently according to swimuniversity.com, there are 10.6 million swimming pools in the U.S. alone and 50% of those are in ground pools, which is what we specialize in here at Sierra Pools and spas of Tulsa.

Cody Albright: Okay. We specialize in in ground pools. What kind of in ground pools are those? What do we make them out of?

Rachel Albright: Those are gunite pools.

Cody Albright: Gunite pools. Custom gunite pools. Yep. That is correct. So swimming goes way back from Tulsa Pools when did you say that was?

Rachel Albright: 2500 B.C.

Cody Albright: Wow that is a long time. Okay. Let’s continue on here.

Rachel Albright: Leave it to the Egyptians to invent swimming pools.

Cody Albright: Okay.

Rachel Albright: Yeah. There are multiple benefits of having a pool. Actually swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the U.S. according to Swim University and it’s the most popular recreational activity specifically for children and teens age 7 to 17 in the U.S. so it’s great if you have kids. Kids love to swim.

Cody Albright: Yeah. I loved to swim when I was younger.

Rachel Albright: Me, too.

Cody Albright: All the time.

Rachel Albright: The number one benefit that I would say, or one of the benefits maybe not the number one, is relaxation. Swimming can help reduce stress.

Cody Albright: Really?

Rachel Albright: Did you know that?

Cody Albright: I did not know that, but that sounds like a game changer.

Rachel Albright: Yeah. A lot of us have stress. I don’t know exactly what the statistic is on there, but I know almost everybody has stress at some point in their life.

Cody Albright: Even you? You have stress?

Rachel Albright: Even me. Yeah.

Cody Albright: Oh, wow. That’s amazing.

Rachel Albright: An excerpt from Swimmer Magazine titled Staying Happy by Jim Thornton says and I quote, “Regardless of course a growing number of researchers and psychologists alike have become true believers in the efficacy,” … I don’t know what that word means … “of swimming.” I would say efficiency. Efficacy. I guess that’s how effective it is on stress relief. “We know for instance that vigorous exercise like swimming can significantly decrease both anxiety and depression says sports psychologist Amy C. Kimball Director of Mental Training at the Center for Sports Medicine at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Currently there’s a ton of research looking at the various mechanisms by which it works. On the physiological level, hard swimming workouts release endorphins, natural feel good compounds, whose very name derives from endogenous and morphine. Swimming serves as well to stop us excess fight or flight stress hormones converting free floating angst into muscle relaxation. It can even promote so called hippocampal neurogenesis, the growth of new brain cells in a part of the brain that atrophies under chronic stress. In animal models exercise has shown itself to be even more potent than drugs like Prozac at spurring such beneficial changes,” end of quote.

Cody Albright: Wow. Endorphins are great. Always heard good things about those. Efficacy I found it. It is the capacity for producing a desired result or effect.

Rachel Albright: Okay.

Cody Albright: That was efficacy. See right there. Okay. How interesting. Let’s keep moving on. What else? In Oklahoma it gets really hot, probably the hottest in the country. I can vouch for that, but I don’t have proof, but I would say it gets pretty hot. I mean it gets over a hundred degrees a lot of July or average amount I would say is around a hundred. Right? Wouldn’t you say the average temperature in Oklahoma?

Rachel Albright: Yeah. I mean it certainly feels like that a lot of the time. Actually the average temperature in July in Tulsa specifically is 93 degrees.

Cody Albright: Oh, okay. So I was close.

Rachel Albright: So that’s average.

Cody Albright: I was close.

Rachel Albright: So it gets pretty warm in Oklahoma so a second benefit of a pool would be refreshment from that Tulsa heat. Certainly you can jump in a pool and cool down and bring your body temperature down so that’s another great benefit.

Cody Albright: Yeah. That’s a great benefit of having a pool.

Rachel Albright: Then the third benefit is of course exercise.

Cody Albright: Really? Do you get quite a bit of exercise while swimming? Is it like a calorie burner?

Rachel Albright: Yeah. An hour of vigorous swimming will burn up to about 650 calories according to Swimming University.

Cody Albright: That’s like an entire Big Mac, I think. No. Hold on. Maybe I’m a little generous to McDonald’s.

Rachel Albright: Yeah. I think a Big Mac’s a bit more than that.

Cody Albright: I think a Big Mac might be-

Rachel Albright: I think it’s like a thousand calories.

Cody Albright: Oh my gosh.

Rachel Albright: I do love a Big Mac though.

Cody Albright: So you’d have to swim for two hours to burn off a Big Mac so just keep that in mind when you have a pool and eat McDonald’s that disgusting trash food.

Rachel Albright: I love Big Macs.

Cody Albright: Yeah. Well, I don’t really like them, but they’re okay. All right. What else do we got?

Rachel Albright: Moving on.

Cody Albright: Moving on of the today’s show. How else does it benefit you? Does it increase the value of your home?

Rachel Albright: Yeah.

Cody Albright: What it looks like here according to houselogic.com.

Rachel Albright: Yeah. A pool can add value to your home. Of course it can. It depends on some varying factors but according to houselogic.com a swimming pool could increase your home value by about 7%.

Cody Albright: Really?

Rachel Albright: Like I said, this relies on different factors such as your neighborhood, the climate of where you live, the style of the pool, the condition of the pool, the age of the pool. There is some varying factors.

Cody Albright: 7%?

Rachel Albright: Yeah about 7%.

Cody Albright: Wow.

Rachel Albright: That’s pretty good. Those are the main benefits of why you should get a Tulsa pools. Really I wouldn’t say there are any cons to having a pool. A little fun fact about some swimming pools in case you didn’t know, swim fins were actually invented by Benjamin Franklin.

Cody Albright: What are swim fins?

Rachel Albright: Those are like those things that you put on your feet that make you swim like a fish or a mermaid.

Cody Albright: Oh, to become a mermaid?

Rachel Albright: Yeah.

Cody Albright: Yeah. I’d always play mermaid in my parents’ pool. We had a good time.

Rachel Albright: Yeah. Another fun fact President Gerald Ford has the outdoor swimming pool built at the White House in 1975.

Cody Albright: Is it still there today?

Rachel Albright: You know I don’t know, but I assume. I assume so.

Cody Albright: Because I heard that what is it the outdoor pool or the indoor pool that you said?

Rachel Albright: Gerald Ford built the outdoor swimming pool.

Cody Albright: Gerald Ford built the outdoor pool. Oh, okay. Because I remember, I don’t know you can’t trust me on this, but something about the press room something somebody didn’t like the press and they turned it into like the swimming pool room, the indoor pool. I don’t know. I’ll have to look that up-

Rachel Albright: I don’t really know.

Cody Albright: … to be trusted on that. Okay. Anyways. What’s another fun fact for us?

Rachel Albright: Let’s see the Titanic was the first ocean liner to have a swimming pool.

Cody Albright: Really? Now it seems like every boat has a pool.

Rachel Albright: Yeah. Multiple pools even.

Cody Albright: Wonder what they did before. Did they just jump off the side there and just had a good time?

Rachel Albright: Yeah. Probably not.

Cody Albright: Okay. Tell me about different types of Tulsa pools. What do you think based on … Oh, I messed that up. Excuse me. Let me give it to you. This is your section.

Rachel Albright: There’s multiple types of Tulsa pools that you might want to install and your decision on what kind of pool you’re going to want to install is really going to be based on what you want to use the pool for. We talked about it’s good for relaxation, it’s good for exercise and it’s good for recreation. When you’re thinking about getting a Tulsa pools you’ll want to think about what you want to mainly use it for.

For instance, if you just want a recreation center, you might want to think about having a pool with a constant depth, maybe like four or five feet. This is a great choice if you and your family and friends want to hang out and have some good fun. Constant depth will allow you to put up the pool volleyball net and play some volleyball. You won’t have a slope that you’ll have to worry about. Or you could play some pool basketball. That’s always fun. Or you could play the most popular pool game, which is … Can you guess what the most popular pool game is?

Cody Albright: What is the most popular pool game?

Rachel Albright: Take a guess. Come on what’s the pool game that you-

Cody Albright: Chicken.

Rachel Albright: No. Marco …

Cody Albright: Oh, okay. What’s that game when you get on-

Rachel Albright: Yeah. It’s chicken.

Cody Albright: That’s chicken.

Rachel Albright: No. Marco Polo is actually according to swimuniversity.com-

Cody Albright: I was testing you.

Rachel Albright: … is the most popular pool game. Yeah. If you want a recreation center a great option would be either a pool with a constant depth if you want to just hang out and have some fun or you could always get a pool with a deep end with a diving board and show off your cannonball skills or your belly flop skills. Ouch.

If you want to use your pool more for relaxation or exercise, a lap pool or a swim spa is a great option and if you don’t know what a lap pool is a lap usually has about a three and a half foot shallow end and a five foot deep end. An Olympic size pool is about 25 meters long, which is a little over 82 feet. Most yards don’t have that kind of space, but you can usually accommodate a pool that’s usually about 30 to 40 feet long and 8 to 10 feet wide. This just allows you to train and just basically swim laps like it’s called a lap pool. Get some exercise in.

Cody Albright: That is amazing.

Rachel Albright: Or a swim spa is kind of like a hot tub and basically it’s just big enough for you to fit inside of and you put a pump on the side of it or it has a pump built in and it propels the water so that you can swim in place. It’s basically like a treadmill for the water for swimming.

Cody Albright: I have seen those things. Those are so interesting.

Rachel Albright: Yeah. If you just want to relax on the side and still have your pool, you can always add in a in ground hot tub and there are multiple benefits of having a hot tub to get relief from stress and just unwind from the day. Those are the main benefits of having a Tulsa pools.

Cody Albright: That sounds like you have sold me that I think I would get a custom gunite pool from Sierra Pools and Spas. What about you? Would you get a custom gunite pool from Sierra Pools and Spas?

Rachel Albright: Yes. I would.

Cody Albright: If I got one then you’d get one because we’re married and we share things. That about does it for today and why you should get a Tulsa pools from Sierra Pool and Spas. Thank you as always. My name’s Cody.

Rachel Albright: I’m Rachel.

Cody Albright: We’ll see you next time.