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All right. Welcome back to the Spawn’s podcast or. Talking with Kirlian Rachel here. We’re going to be talking about today poor contractors near Tulsa Oklahoma. So if you’re in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and you’re looking for a swimming pool contractor you’ve come to the right place. And we’re going to be talking about the area of which we do business with where we can commute to help you build your pool. And so for further to do will begin. Rachel what’s your first thoughts on this on this topic Tulsa Pools.

Well if you don’t know Sierra is on spazzes actually based out of I know it is about 30 minutes east of Tulsa. We do a lot of pools in Tulsa Oklahoma so we’re mainly categorized as a Tulsa pool contractor. However we do service areas outside of just the Tulsa area. So like I said we’re from I NOLA So we can service out there we can service Claremore a Wasow Sand Springs. Tulsa Pools We even did a consultation in Manford. So if you’re roughly within. I don’t know what would you say 30 to 40 miles in radius around Tulsa. We can help you with your pool design and we can be your support contractor. So we’re we’re not just the word we’re not just only in Tulsa.

Right. And not only that we can help you but we want to help you build your swimming pool in your backyard if you’re near Tulsa Oklahoma. We would love to build your backyard of your dreams. And this is something that swimming pool contractors have been doing for years. And we find ourselves to be the best and we want to do help help build the backyard of your dreams and you don’t want to do this alone you don’t want to just think oh I can I can handle this I don’t need a Tulsa Pools contractor. Trust me it’s a lot of work and it’s a lot of knowing the numbers and lot of gauging what the project’s going to be. And that’s why you want to hire us. You want to hire us to help you guide you through these fun weeks of your life building a pool because I know how exciting that is. And you know we will take all the work load for you and we’ll just help you you know help you understand what we’re doing and help you with everything that’s going on. And we want to again create the backyard of your dreams by building a swimming pool in your backyard. And and if you’re in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and you need a pool you. Need to find a pool contractor all samples that spalls can do that for you.

When you’re looking for a Tulsa contractor or a pool contractor near Tulsa if you don’t live directly in Tulsa. There are some things that you’re going to want to consider some questions that you should think about when you’re thinking about hiring a pool contractor. Some things like you know if you’re getting references and things you want to think about as did the poor contractor. Complete the pool at the agreed upon price or did they go outside of the contract did they end up spraying all these surprise charges on the customer. Another thing is did they complete the pool in a timely fashion and this is a big one that we hear the most complaints about is that swimming pools you know they’re promised that they’ll be done in four weeks or whatever and then a month goes by and they’re still not done and they’re losing their customers losing swimming time because the pool is not completed and they thought it would be completed and they play in parties and all of this sort of thing. And the contractor failed to follow through. So one thing that makes your pools and spas different from any Tulsa poor contractor or a poor contractor near Tulsa is that we have an on time guarantee and we’ve talked about this before but we can’t stress enough how awesome this is for us a customer and how unique it is to our company and all basically just explain it kind of briefly here. So what it is is we when we will meet with you for your first consultation at that meeting we’ll figure out your needs wants and desires of your Tulsa Pools.

Then we will take those notes back to our design lab and we’ll come up with the best design for you at the best cost. And then we’ll meet with you and go over that with you and then once you put in your $500 deposit to reserve our services we will then acquire the necessary permits to start on your pool once we have acquired those permits and we get the go ahead from the city. We will come up with the completion of your pool based on the size of the project. The detail on your schedule and we’ll go over that with you and make sure that. That’s an appropriate timeline for you. And once you have confirmed that it is and you sign our on time guarantee we guarantee that we will complete your pool by the completion date either on or before the completion date. And if we fail to do so on our part that’s like we just failed to get out there we failed to get our subcontractors out there. We will pay you $500 for every week that it’s late. So this is one thing that we do as a poor contractor in Tulsa. That nobody else does and you can’t get this guarantee from anyone else so it’s really a great deal for you as the customer. It gives you peace of mind knowing that we’re going to get the job done. And. Again we’re not compromising quality. You know we can get in a lot of trouble if we cut corners. And your pool. Starts leaking or something. You know you could sue us and we don’t want that. And we just don’t believe that’s good.

As a business so we are. We pride ourselves on being paying attention to detail and building our pools above and beyond the national standards for pools because we just we believe that these things should last you a lifetime provide great joy and just relaxation and not be a headache. So if you’re looking for a possible contractor and you’re worried about completing the pool on time Sierra pools and spas is you’re a contractor because we’re the only ones that offer the on time guarantee Tulsa Pools.

Yeah and you can find all this information that you don’t know you’re not supposed to spas dot com or was talking about here is quality and how we don’t cut quality of our services just because we do it really fast and do it really good. And we understand that you don’t wait six months for a poll to be completed in your backyard.

And just to make an error on that I mean we’re not. So just so that you don’t have unrealistic expectations. We do not. We’re not going to rush the process of your pool. So just because we have an on time guarantee we’re not going to make unrealistic timeframes and then rush through that process we’re not going to tell you your pool will be done next week. Obviously every pool is different and if you know the greater the size of the pool and the more details and features it has the longer it’s going to take and that’s just realistic. And again we don’t want to compromise the quality and there are some things that you just can’t rush for example plaster curing gunfight curing. We can’t rush that we can’t speed that up. I mean I guess we could but it would compromise the structural stability of your pool. And we do not want to do that. So it’s obviously. It’s going to be a realistic time frame. But again we go over that with you. Tulsa Pools We confirm that with you and it’s going to be the shortest amount of time possible for the best quality.

So that’s how we can assure you that we’re not cutting into quarters yes. So pull contractors here in Tulsa Oklahoma. The reason we stress about quality because it is important and we know we can do it in a timely fashion and we will discuss all that come upon contract. And first you know before that we’ll have a conversation with you if you want information about us because of consultation we will come check out your place and you know you’re serious about building a pool will build up your design and it will be all fun and exciting. And again we can’t stress enough about the quality of your pool that we are ensuring we understand that you are us with a large sum of money and that you know it is a big investment it gets pretty pricey. You know 30 40 50 up where the sky’s the limit. We understand that it’s an expensive investment and we we we take that very seriously and we don’t let that scare us. But we we do for great recall of the poor construction in your backyard Tulsa Pools.

A couple of questions that you want to think about when you’re searching for a possible contractor or a poor contractor near Tulsa. Just in closing here are a few questions you can think about. Did the contractor clean up at the end of the day or did they leave debris in the work area. You definitely always want to make sure that cleanup is included in your pool contractor that’s removing dirt or just you know debris that comes with construction. Another question is did you have a good relationship with the contractor. Tulsa Pools Were family owned and operated business. And we believe in the importance of relationship and personal relationship and so we’re going to be in contact with you every step of the way on your project making sure that you are not in the dark about anything and that if you have any questions you are able to reach us at any time. Did the contractor assign one person to be your contact. So that’s really important to make sure that communication is clear because if they’re just kind of like well just call the office and you know we’ll get somebody to talk to you. If if you call the office and the person the answer is doesn’t know anything about your project they’re not going to be able to help you very well so Cody is our project manager and one of our project managers. And so when we meet with you we assign a project manager and they will be your point of contact and for any questions that you have. And then lastly what it is you’re asking like a friend about their pool.

Tulsa Pools Make sure you ask them Would you hire this contractor again. And you know if their response is No then you probably don’t want to go with them. But if they’re happy they’re obviously going to say yes and if if you have any other concerns about your pals spas you can always look at our reviews visit our website testimonials and that’ll give you more peace of mind about your present spazzes Tull’s.

Contractor Yeah and if you’re really concerned I’ll take you to lunch I will convince you otherwise. We would love to do business with you. I don’t know if I’ll take you to lunch but you know we will definitely and treat you with our trust.

OK. Well that’s right. That wraps it up for the day. I remember looking for a contractor here in Tulsa Oklahoma. You come to the right place here falls and Spawn’s dot com 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7. We would love to do business with you. OK. Until next time say goodbye by