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Well come back you a beautiful day here in Tulsa Oklahoma the most amazing place in the world. I’m Cody. And with me is my beautiful wife Rachel. We are owners of sheer pools and spas. It’s Helsa. And today we’re talking about swimming pool contractors and builders and what’s the difference between those two and what should you go with. A swimming pool builder is named place builds the pool and it’s warm for contractor as the name implies contracts out jobs to build a pool. Tulsa Pools Both are great. Some companies have internal people to build the pools and self to be a swimming pool builder and some are partial Some have some people under them and their swimming pool builders.

But there are some aspects as spring night or some other features that they contract out to do build a swimming pool for you. So a swimming pool builder is wonderful. They they do most the work internally are inside their company and a swimming pool contractor contracts and subcontracts the jobs out and oversees the whole project itself into building your pool in your backyard. Both are great. Let me talk talk tell you about a pool builder that will they will they will sell you on. Now we are a pool builder and not a pool contractor and we do everything ourselves which is just great. Good argument but. And no they’ll say that you know the price could be lower because we do everything internally which is which is true to an extent but not really. So it’s true but not really that makes sense. I don’t know if that makes sense but kind of true that is true. That is true. But they still have to pay. The Saudis pay their people and all their equipment that they have. Personally it’s kind of like Britain or buying a house you know. If you’re buying a house it’s great. You have to pay for it and it’s your house. You have to take care of it because it’s yours. If you rent it you can just move out the next day and just quit running it or an apartment you know to rent a house. That makes sense Tulsa Pools.

Rachel is going to have a thought with us about pool builders and pool contractors because I just see her brain over here just brewing with great thought and great exciting news about what she’s going to talk to you about today and she’s going to be talking to you today about pool builders and pool contractors here in the great state of Oklahoma in the beautiful city of Tulsa and the surrounding areas. So without further ado Rachel is going to be talking to you again about swimming pool contractors and swimming pool builders and maybe the difference between those two here in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Or you know if it’s another city or anyone else listening reading what the difference between those two or pros and cons maybe between both and here she goes and really set three two one go Tulsa Pools.

So does a poor builder you can think of as in house construction. I know what Cuddy is mentioning in this. And a contractor is out of house her subcontracted. So why are you saying advantages to both builders. They can have more control the scheduling because everything is in-house so they they have all their own staff all their own employees so scheduling might be easier for them. They can have lower cost per jobs. And it can show more stability to the consumer if they have a good reputation. Those are some of the advantages however they do have disadvantages. They have a higher fixed cost they have a lot more overhead. So for example they have to pay all of their crew all their staff they have to pay for all the equipment their excavators there if they have a gun at truck that’s a huge overhead cost. So they have a higher fixed cost and it’s not scalable they can’t adjust to fluctuations in sales and insulations they you know they have things that they have to pay for they have employees that they have to pay they have things that debts that they have to pay off overhead. Tulsa Pools So they have a higher fixed cost and it’s not scalable. With a contractor.

Some of the advantages is that there’s no fixed overhead and because of this it’s scalable they can accommodate a few or many projects and that will be based on their relationship with their subcontractors so they have a lot more flexibility when it comes to price because they don’t have the overhead they’re not having to worry about maintaining their excavators or their crews or whatever trucks and everything like that. Some of the disadvantages are that poor contractors are have to take full responsibility for this of contractors work. So it just messes up. It all comes back on the poor contractors their fault so they have to take responsibility and that can lead to some finger pointing which isn’t good for anyone. They have less overall control. And this again will depend on their relationship with their subcontractors so cereals and spas. We’ve been in the industry for since 2007. And my father Paul has been in the construction industry in Tulsa for over 20 years so our relationships with our subs are based on years of experience working with them and we have great relationships with them we have great reputation so we can count on our subs to get the job done. ┬áTulsa Pools They are more willing to work with us because they know who we are and they know we’ve been around and they know that you know they can count on us to pay them for the work that they’re doing. We’re not going to cheat them. So it all depends on you know when you’re looking at a pool builder versus a contractor. The main thing that gets people is well if I go with a contractor they’re not going to have control over when my pool gets done. Yes and no depends on your contractor. So this can happen if the contractor does not have good relationships with his subs. If he doesn’t have a good relationship with his subs then the subs aren’t going to care to show up on time.

They’re not going to be getting the job done in a timely manner for that contractor. So that can be a concern as you know with a pool builder they’ll say well we have more control because it’s our own staff which can be true. So those are definitely things you want to look at. But one thing that we do to further ensure our customers that we are going to complete your. If your poor in a timely manner as we offer an on time guarantee and this basically just states that if we fail to complete your pool in time and it’s our fault because we didn’t manage ourselves or something like that then we’ll pay you $500 for every week that we’re late and this puts a fire under us to get it done for you because we don’t want to lose money for a company we’re trying to be successful. And it also insures you that your project is going to be done and we’re not compromising quality. We’re not cutting corners. It’s just something that we do to kind of. Give our customers just make them feel more comfortable with us as a contractor versus a pool builder that we are Tulsa Pools going to get the project done on time for them.

So those are kind of some of the main differences between being a pool builder and being a contractor me it’s like getting we’re pool contractor.

Tulsa Pools As of right now it’s your pools and spas. And we want to build a swimming pool for you. So if you’re having thoughts about building a swimming pool we would love to be the swimming pool contractor for you and we would love to build you the swimming pool of your dreams in your backyard for you. So just remember that when you look at pools I want you to think about share pools and Spasso Thompson because we will do such an outstanding amazing job. We’ll do the best job here in Tulsa and we can guarantee you that we love our customers we love our we love our jobs we love our business. We love the pools and we just want to make great beautiful creations in your backyard. If you allow us to build that design and to go forward with building a swimming pool in your backyard we would love the opportunity. We love your business we love to build relationships between us and our clients or customers. Pool contractor to clients we love to stay in touch and make sure everything’s going great and everything is working well and make sure that you are feeling really happy about your swimming pool in your backyard.

As you may have hired us as a contractor and also pool builders versus contractors and you’re thinking hey I’m not sure if I want to go this year. There a contract or not possible. BUILDER. Be sure to look at our reviews look at our testimonials. And you know the proof’s in the pudding as they say. You know I’ve never heard that phrase. You know afraid to look it up. We like I said earlier we have great relationships with ourselves and that’s why we are not afraid to do an on time guarantee because we know that we can get it done and we can create the best pool for you at the best price and create it on time. So again we believe that we are the best contractor in Tulsa and we can get the job done right for you.

Here is Zervos the spores have also loved to build the pool for you. Contact us today at 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7 or at year pools and spas. Dot com contact codea or contact Rachel We’d love to design a pool for you. Put it in your backyard and you know continue life that way.

Tulsa Pools Having a pool in your backyard to make your happiness again. My name is Cardium And with me as always is my lovely wife Rachel and contactors today. Let us build a pool for you. You won’t be disappointed. You will love you’ll love it you’ll love it. I can’t say it enough. We’re the best. I guarantee you and we will. We’re not going to eat our words here we’re going to put what we’re saying the truth and show it to you. I’m not going to say it. We’re going to show it to you and prove it to you that we can build you the best pool in your backyard. Anything else you’d like to say. Hey Rachel OK. She’s shaking her head no. Have a great day until next time. Adios. Goodbye.