Tulsa Pools : Positioning Your Pool

Positioning Your Tulsa Pool

Good morning and welcome to daytime show I’m with you. Curry and my wife Rachel and we’re going to be talking about today about positioning your pool. So we’re trying to reposition what are we talking about meaning today about positioning Tulsa Pools.

So there’s a lot that goes into planning. And one thing that you want to think about is landscaping and landscaping. Your pool includes a lot of different elements and you know a lot of people when they are dreaming of their backyard paradise or their perfect pool setting. You know they they’re thinking about what they want it to look like how they want to create an environment that is relaxing peaceful that provides a pleasing aesthetic to their backyard so it’s more than just plopping a Tulsa Pools  in your backyard.

I mean some people do that but aesthetically if you’re wanting it to be pleasing and really be like a paradise you’re going to want to think of where you want your position. And it’s a lot of factors are going to determine that you know your landscaping if you’re going to have a lot of plants you want to think about sun and shade and interest a lot of different factors are going to kind of talk about some of those factors today on what can determine where you’re going to position your.

Yes. And there’s a whole lot like she was saying to determine on or to place what kind of pool you’re going to go for. You know is it more square shape or preform shape in that can you know what aesthetic is going to look good in your backyard. And of course you know what else do you do in your backyard. You have an outdoor kitchen and I have a different area. You have a spa. You know things like that that could really determine the position of the pool. Where it’s going to get in your backyard Tulsa Pools.

Yeah and you want to create an inviting space that. Again is relaxing and just provides a spot where you can just you know cool off and hang out in the pool. Yeah. And so it’s an inviting environment is important. And that’s why positioning your pool is is really the second thing that you’ll need to think about after you’ve kind of chosen this style of pool. That’s right for you. So once you’ve chosen if you want a geometric pool or freeform pool or something more naturalistic like a balloon then you’re going to want to think about positioning. And the first thing that you’re going to want to do is kind of take stock of the terrain around your house. So look at your backyard or the space where you’re going to be placing the pool and you want to look for things like sun exposure. You know how much sun are you getting during the day when the sun is at its highest point in the US and the summer day.

Where is your Tulsa Pools sitting. And is it receiving maximum sun exposure can it be easily screened for privacy and security that’s another thing that you’re going to want to think about. You want to put it in a place where you can provide that privacy so that when you’re swimming you know your neighbors you’re not seeing your neighbors in their yard. You know if that’s important to you some people don’t mind I guess their neighbors. Seeing them in there. And then other things like if it’s a naturalistic poof you’re going for something that looks more like a natural pond or something like that you want to consider maybe placing it in a low lying area where you might expect to find a pond. It’s just going to look more natural. So those are just some things to think about then you’ll want to think about how far away from the house you want airport to sit. So do you want it to where you won’t see it when you’re not using it. Or do you want the pool to be a focal point when you look out your back windows into your backyard want the pool excuse me to be one of the focal points that you see and if so you’ll want to think about the stylistic elements here and how you want to say it what part do you see.

You know if you have a waterfall in your Tulsa Pools is that what you’re wanting to see and if so how do you want to position the pause that you see that kind of like what’s the centerpiece on your table when you walk out your back door what’s the main thing you want to see and maybe have guests come over. And you know you want that big waterfall to be the first thing they see and it’s got so cool. Or maybe it’s you know this spot right there. I said actually in the middle positioned you know maybe that’s going to be the main focus point in your backyard is this in a lot of really relaxation in the in the. You know a lot of the adult time or whatever kind of something to think about as well.

And on that same note of kind of how far away you want it from the house. Another thing to think about is if your pool is close to your house it provides convenience from getting to and from the pool. So if you put your pool you know away from the house what kind of case that might be kind of a track that you kind of it might be more of like a destination. And that’s great if that’s what you’re looking for. But with support closer to the house it provides convenience for entertaining. I would say especially if you’re going to have something like an outdoor kitchen where you’re going to cook food and you want outdoor kitchen to kind of be near the pool if you place the pool closer to the house this is going to provide convenience for you. Going back and forth. Also if you have children facing that close to the house allows parents you know to keep an eye on their children which is very important for safety and security so all those things you will want to think about when you’re considering how far away or how close you want your pool to be from the house.

And some you might not even have that option of your backyard size if you have a smaller backyard and it’s not really an option to put your pool further away from the house. But that is something I could recommend if you have a big bigger space in your backyard and you can put your pool home further in your backyard. Just think that you know maybe you don’t have. You want patio you know going from your backyard back porch to your pool and just for reasons of getting grass in your pool or something you know you don’t even getting jack and all that stuff in your food and it’s further away from your back porch and you might not really like that you know. Tulsa Pools  I mean a pool come up right to your back door just turn right into it’s pretty cool.

So something to think about as well on that same note as well if you have a smaller yard. One thing that you can do is think about Blackpool’s so Aleppo’s long rectangular like the name is for swimming laps you relax and then you make it very relaxing and riding bulls and some things you can think about and positioning is possibly putting your pool on a diagonal instead of maybe a horizontal or vertical line. Think about putting it on a diagonal and that’s going to give you several feet. Several extra feet in your yard maybe to work with your thinking about where you’re going to put your pool. As I mentioned just briefly earlier about sun exposure and shade and this is a very big factor when you’re thinking about where you want to put your pool. So this is something you want to spend some time on. You want to think about your summer months where the sun is positioned over your house and your backyard because this is going to affect. Not only comfort but even your swim season. So if you put your pool somewhere where it’s going to receive maximum sun exposure that can actually prolong your swim season because your pool is going to heat up a lot quicker. And so it’s going to be ready earlier in the summer for you to go ahead and get ready to swim. If you’re if you’re poor somewhere where it’s going to be getting maximum exposure for them the longest amount of time. Tulsa Pools And also it’s going to keep your pool warmer throughout this winter season.

So you’re going to have more comfortable water temperatures and it’ll even keep it warm you know later into the season. You might be able to swim longer and this is great if you don’t have a pool heater you can use the sun position to heat your pool for you and you can really maximize the benefit of just the pool the sun heating your pool instead of having to buy a pool here. So definitely take that into consideration and then we also want to think about with that. So if you’re in a very sunny spot you won’t want to provide some relief for your guests or yourself to be out of the sun in the shade. So you want to think about maybe adding a structure like a pergola or an outdoor living space or even just some umbrellas some shade umbrellas. Those were great as well with lounge chairs. So definitely take those things into consideration. All of these things have a great effect on the position of your poor. And when you decide when you’re deciding where you want to install your tools. So yeah those are some tips on how to decide where you want to position your toes Tulsa Pools.

Yeah I hope this helps you in your planning process of your pool and. Yeah. So I think that about wraps it up for the day. Thanks for joining us. I remember position very important. Yeah we can help you with that as well you know going to a consultation we can help you design and plan as well as contract. So that’s. But you know some of you guys have got some money to do so. All right here we go. Thank you for joining us.

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