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Quality Of Tulsa Pools

We’ll come back to a glorious day of podcasting with your pools and spas of Tulsa Oklahoma. And today we’re going to be talking about why gun pools are the greatest And why why it’s our passion why we why we only do good pools. Whereas some companies stretch ourselves thin and do other sort of pools and want that too much. OK. And a focus on other things and you know we really we just get one thing and we run with it. And so what are we talking about today Tulsa Pools.

So we’re a total pool contractor and we specialize in gunfight in ground pools. So we’re we only do custom in ground pools and the reason we only focus on that is so that we can dedicate all of our time and all of our energy into creating the best quality product. There are other companies in town that do multiple things dolphin pool supplies a big one in town they do in ground pools above ground pools vinyl pools. So they kind of have many different areas. And I think in a way this has compromised some of their quality. I mean if you just look at their reviews they get some mixed reviews and like no. No offense to them or anything. There are a big company and they’ve been successful. However once you start getting into multiple areas of interest it is it’s hard to keep the same level of quality for every area and that’s just a fact it’s not because there are bad people or anything it’s just that’s just the fact of life is that once you you know you have your hand in too many baskets you’re going to lose some eggs here in the Congress.

Tulsa Pools A great example of this is Wal-Mart and how they they have they’re not only a grocery store but they do you know all there they’re like it’s what you call a supermarket with like everything like electronics and clothing and you know all that everybody’s been doing. You know what’s inside of them and they don’t just focus on groceries and so what is Wal-Mart known for crappy customer service. And that’s just a little bit a little bit passionate answer to why they stink.

Wal-Mart Cody was a grocery store manager. You do not know he worked at research for many years so he’s very biased against other grocery stores. But I will agree that Wal-Mart has to compromise quality.

Right. And it’s not about customer service they’re about low prices. And so they have to. And that’s the thing. Yeah. So they have to lower their expectations their standards on customer service to get low prices because they’re not about customer service. That’s not what they’re known for their are about what’s their slogan always low prices or something. Some bargain Tulsa Pools.

Yeah. So just you know with a place like Dolfin continue my site in Tulsa. Like I said I’m not trying to bash them or anything. They have their thing and we have ours. And you know they specialize in multiple areas of supply and hot tubs and fiberglass. Well I don’t know if they do for us. I know final and aboveground for sure and good night. And like you said you know we just we chose to only focus on custom in-grown going to Pooles really the trends are heading that way anyways a lot more people are going with custom. Goodnight Pooles more than anything else just because of the quality that you can get. And so custom Ingram going pool is completely Kustom see you as the customer. It can be designed specifically to your yard to what you’re looking for down to every detail of the tile that’s that’s on your water line to the coping to the decking everything. Whereas some like an above ground poor vinyl pool or more standard there’s not as many variations that you can do. And again we just don’t want to compromise customer service quality communication just so that we can have more of a greater reach and a greater net I guess to cast. There’s a there’s a great enough customer base for in-ground pools that we get plenty of business and even you know we get too busy at some points and so to to.

Kind of spread into more areas of different pool supply and things like that would just not be smart for our business model because we are trying to ensure customer satisfaction quality construction and things like that. So again not bashing dolphin they’re very successful here in Tulsa. We just want to point out how we’re different and what makes us different and we believe that we’re the best and we’re not ashamed to say that and we 100 percent believe in that. You can look at our reviews read testimonials go to our Web site sirra pools and spas dot com. That will give you a much better idea of what we do and what we specialize in. And the reason why we specializing on IPOs I kind of touched on it is just the quality so there are some things that can happen with vinyl pools and fiberglass pools especially here in Oklahoma with our soil. It’s one thing with fiberglass specifically so a fiberglass pool is like a giant bathtub. You can think of it that way. So what happens is that you order a fiberglass pool shape so it’s some custom built or custom. I’m sorry they’re not custom made some prefabricated shape that you picked out of a. And and you order it and then they dig a hole in your backyard and they drop it in and this thing is only a couple of inches thick so it’s not very thick and it’s made of fiberglass. I don’t know much about fiberglass. My brother’s Corvette is made of fiberglass and I know that it can crack very easily and I do believe this is a problem with fiberglass in general.

But one thing that I do know is a problem that I’ve heard from many different people who have had fiberglass pools is that so when you dig out the hole you put the you put the pool in when I have to backfill the dirt around the pool to make sure that stays in there when you do that if the backfilled soil is not properly engineered what can happen is that water can get you know rainwater things like that can get underneath the pool and actually pop that fiberglass shell out of the ground a little bit and you’ll get where you have a gap between the lip of your pool and the ground and that’s not good. Then with vinyl again it’s not it’s a composite material that’s not very thick maybe a couple inches. And so that. This is the structural integrity of it is much more likely to crack with shifting of the ground things of that nature. And then you have the vinyl liner itself which can get snagged. You do have to replace it every five or ten years I believe depending on where just general wear and tear. So that’s why we choose goodnite as our area of expertise. A pool is what is 18 inches thick or what. How thick is it going out for the show the show Tulsa Pools.

Yeah it was in Florida and you say senses and then everybody is going to be 12 inches of concrete.

So yes that solid poured concrete and that thing is not going to go anywhere. It’s massive I mean to even demo one takes a huge machine. Hours and hours and hours of work to do. So these things are built to last. They’re built to provide you with years and years and years of enjoyment.

Yeah. Fun fact about concrete. It actually doesn’t dry out or it doesn’t. You don’t sing. Can’t wait for the concrete to dry is not actually correct curing process it’s a chemical reaction it doesn’t the water doesn’t evaporate to make the concrete hard. It’s actually a chemical reaction. And of course you’re going to get little bitty cracks and stuff but actually the longer the concrete sits is the more of that curing process is going to continue. So if you’ve got a pool that’s 20 30 years old it’s actually stronger than you know when it was first brand new.

Tulsa Pools Fun fact. Yes. We just believe in the structural integrity of it and that it’s just the quality of the goodnite paused so much greater. And again just the customizable ability that you have with a pool is just fantastic for customers. And. I just. And our customers have said this too is that the customizable ability. There’s not enough of a price difference between fiberglass and vinyl that really just makes customers not want to go with a customizable experience and it just provides an overall greater experience for you as a pool owner and not just say that the reason you get to is because we find it to be the best swimming pool out there or not.

Tulsa Pools I mean fiberglass and vinyl type pools we just find out to be just the best best of the best. And we believe it is a solid pool that’s going to last you many years of enjoyment of your in your backyard and many memories. So we that’s why we that’s why we’re passionate about pools.


So we we in in this one or we think it’s about time to end this podcast again. Remember if you’re looking for a swimming pool a custom swimming pool we love to be your swimming pool contractor here in Tulsa Oklahoma. So the effort to do well in this podcasts we enjoy talking to you guys about swimming pools and right here in Tulsa. So have a great rest of the day. We will talk to you next time. Adios¬†Tulsa Pools