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Cody: All right, welcome to the Dive Time Show. I’m your host, Cody Albright, and with me as always is my lovely wife, Rachel. Say, “Hello.”

Rachel: Hello!

Cody: Together, we are the owners of Sierra Pools and Spas of Tulsa. You can find us online at sierrapoolsandspas.com, or you can give us a phone call at 918-884-8427. Again, that was sierrapoolsandspas.com, or you can give us a call at 918-884-8427.

So, today, we are going to talk about Sierra Pools and Spas Tulsa Pools, and the difference of Sierra Pools and Spas and other companies. Rachel, how about you go a little bit more in depth about that information.

Rachel: First of all, if you don’t know who we are, let me just give you a little history of our company. We were founded in 2007 and we are a family owned and operated company. We were founded by Paul Bemies and his wife Tammy Bemies, who are my parents and Cody’s parents in law. We were founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My dad, Paul, he has been in the construction business for over 25 years and he’s really gained a great reputation for being one of the most reliable contractors in the Tulsa area. Home builders, customers, clients just really trust him. They know that he’ll get the job done right. My dad’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so he actually started his first business when he was just 10 years old, and that was selling crawdads. So, that’s kind of interesting. He grew up in [Okemobi 00:01:52], so it’s kind of …

Cody: You’d say a quarter of a century, he’s been in the construction business.

Rachel: [crosstalk 00:02:01] Yeah, that is a long time.

Cody: He’s a good guy. We’d say, “Dad would do it,” but that’s not really our phrase Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: I think the [Glovers 00:02:10] might get a little mad at us.

Cody: I think they might copyright that or something.

Rachel: So yeah, Dad has been a successful business owner and operator of multiple business. My mum, Tammy, has always been by his side and always helped him with the many businesses that he has started. She’s always been the creative force behind my dad.

Cody: Such a faithful woman.

Rachel: Yes. She has always had an eye for design and she’s actually been independently hired on multiple interior design projects and she’s helped multiple people with creative projects. Everything from VBS and stage design, and different things. She’s the more creative force Tulsa Pools , and she continues to be a guiding force behind pool and backyard design here at Sierra Pools and Spas.

Cody: Is that genetic?

Rachel: I mean, I don’t want to brag, but …

Cody: All right.

Rachel: She is very creative and definitely has an eye for the best designs, so we really trust her opinion and value her opinion when it comes to designing pools.

How the company got started is throughout my dad’s years building custom homes, he noticed that there was a lack of consistency and reliability in the pool building industry. He would go to a house and a pool would be being built, and he would notice that a hole would be dug for the pool, so you get excited, you’re like, “Woohoo, yay, our pool is getting started,” and then a hole would be there for a week and then another week, and then another week. The contractors just didn’t seem like they valued the customer’s time. They wouldn’t complete the project on time and customers were getting upset, and they were unhappy.

Cody: That’s bad.

Rachel: Yeah. It is bad.

Cody: That’s not good.

Rachel: So, seeing a need for a time efficient pool contractor in the area, Mom and Dad,  Tulsa Pools Paul and Tammy, they founded Sierra Pools and Spas. We are dedicated to timely and quality construction of pools, and we are the only pool company in Tulsa that offers a time guarantee on the completion of your pool.

Cody: The only pool company in Tulsa?

Rachel: The only one.

Cody: The only pool company. Wow.

Rachel: We’ll get into that a little bit more later. I’ll go over what that looks like.

My mom and dad’s work ethic and their entrepreneurial spirit kind of carried down to me and my brothers, and specifically, when we’re talking about the pool business, it really carried down to me. I’ve worked in my family’s multiple business. I’ve worked in everything from teaching at one of the daycares my parents own, to even bookkeeping for Sierra Pools and Spas back when it first started. I always knew that I wanted to kind of own and run my own business, but I just never really knew what that looked like. Now, I am proud to say that I am a co-owner of Sierra Pools and Spas, and I am the Head of Design now, here at the company. It’s really exciting, and it’s awesome, and it’s very fulfilling. Fulfilling one of my dreams to own and run my own business. I’m passionate about it and it’s a fun job. And Cody, you are the project manager.

Cody: I am. I am the project manager.

How I got into this whole shindig is … Well, first, I only had one job before this. Tulsa Pools  I was one of the top managers at a grocery store, started from the bottom and …

Rachel: Now we’re here.

Cody: Yeah. Moved my way up to the top. That kind of shaped me into learning management skills and how to deal with situations that I typically wouldn’t … something that normally wouldn’t happen. Anything can happen in a grocery store. There should be a reality TV show about a grocer store. I would watch it. So, that kind of helped shape me into who I am today, management skills and able to stay on a task and make sure it gets done. Doing that-

Rachel: What specifically is your role at Sierra?

Cody: So, at Sierra Pools and Spas, I am the project manager. Tulsa Pools That means that I am staying on top of other people and making sure the project is getting managed. Hah. As the name implies. Make sure that things are getting done according to our standards. Making sure that doesn’t slip. Making sure we don’t go below average or below standards. Making sure we do top of the line job, staying on top of people.

Rachel: And you really … you stay in touch with a customer.

Cody: Stay in touch with a customer, absolutely.

Rachel: And you do really a good job of just communicating each part of the process.

Cody: Yeah. For me, the thing that I would probably hate the most about anything, is not being in the known of what’s going on. And so, at Sierra Pools and Spas, we like to make sure that the customer, our client, is always knowing what’s going on, what process of the construction we’re on, making sure that there’s no flukes, there’s no wondering what’s happening. That would be me, making sure that we’re …

Rachel: So, that’s a little bit of our history, who we are, what we do. What really makes us different, there’s several things, and I kind of mentioned that we are the only Tulsa pools company to offer a time guarantee on the construction of your pool. Basically, what that means, our process. We will have an in-home consultation with the client where we basically figure out the needs and wants of the client. We figure out what kind of pool they want, what kind of backyard design they’re looking for. And then we’ll create that design and we’ll come back in a design meeting, and we’ll finalize everything. Then, based on that design, we will give the client a realistic timeframe of construction.

The average construction time for a gunite pool is anywhere between four and six weeks. That’s the average time. If we set your completion date at five weeks, we will get it done in five weeks. However, if for some reason we fail to complete it, so this excludes acts of God, weather, if the client keeps us from completing the pool, that won’t count. But if we for some reason fail on our end to complete the pool in five weeks, we will take off a thousand dollars from your total price of your pool, every week we’re late. That’s how we’re able to guarantee. It really puts motivation for us to get it done and it gives you the security as the customer, knowing that even if we don’t, you are getting free money, basically.

Cody: Yeah. And why do we do that? Because what hacks off people more than waiting.

Rachel: Yes, especially when it’s Summer time, and you are ready to have your pool. Yeah, you really want that done. So, we want to make that a priority. We want to keep our customers happy.

Cody: It’s mid-March, you want a pool before Memorial Day. And yeah, that’s why Tulsa Pools.

Rachel: Yeah. We want to get that done for you.

Cody: We want to get it done for you.

Rachel: Another thing that makes us different is that we do a free in-home consultation and 3D design. So both of those things are free.

Cody: What? Free?

Rachel: Yes. No obligation to the customer if you decide for whatever reason that you don’t like the awesome, awesome design that we create for you.

Cody: Not to brag.

Rachel: We will not charge you anything. That’s free. The greatest thing, I think the greatest difference, besides the time guarantee, would be our financing option. We are partnered with HFS Financial, and because of that partnership, we are able to offer 0% down, 100% financing.

Cody: What does that mean? Explain to me what that means for our customers.

Rachel: So, zero money down, and you can get rates as low as I think it’s 3.98%. And you can get terms as long as 15 years. So say for example, you’re getting a pool and it’s $40,000. Based on that rate, you could install a pool for $299 a month.

Cody: Amazing.

Rachel: That’s less than a car payment.

Cody: That is pretty great.

Rachel: Those are the things that really make us different, as a Tulsa pools company. The last thing, we do offer one more thing that makes us different, and that is a price match. So, if for whatever reason, you go to another pool company before us and you get a bid and we offer you something different, if you bring that bid in, we will match that price.

Cody: And why we do that, I’ve seen some pool companies in the pool industry say that they’re against price match, and it’s not … you know, companies that offer that, you should be watching out for them because why would they price match, or why would they … It’s kind of fishy if they price match. But, to us, we really want to do business for you, and we’re willing to cut what we make to beat out our competitors, because we want to be the best and that’s what we’re here to do.

Rachel: We know we’re the best, and we know that we can offer you the best design, the best service, and so we want to make sure that we get your business.

Cody: Absolutely. I think that concludes today’s podcast. Thanks for joining us, as always. It’s Cody Albright here, and my lovely wife .

Rachel: Rachel.

Cody: And we’ll talk to you next time.