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Hello and welcome to another edition of podcast today with your host Rachel Werris year pools and spas of Tulsa. And we’re here to talk about all your pool needs and wants and knows and all your things you want to know about pool stuff. How exciting. So here we go. We’re going be talking about today almost from your source for in-ground swimming pools repair and maintenance. So here in Tulsa Oklahoma we are here to fix any of your Oklahoma premier source. ¬†Tulsa Pools We’re going to be your Oklahoma’s premier source for your pool if you need. If you have an in ground swimming pool we can help you with repair or maintenance. We have some great knowledge in that area. So if you have any repairs that need to be done or you have some questions about your in-ground pool. Even if we have built you in the past or we haven’t built your point in the past we would love to help you grow some knowledge in what’s going on with your pool if it needs some repair or or some maintenance if there’s some damage to it. I don’t know whatever is going on with your pool. Just contact us and we would love to help you with your repair maintenance of your in-ground and swimming pool. And if we don’t we have some partners that that does some great maintenance. We can we can just one call to us and we can help you with all your air repair and maintenance needs. Rachel what do you think about swimming pool your swimming pool if you need some impairment repairman repair or maintenance new to it.

What do you think about that Tulsa Pools.

So we’re just days swimming pool contractor we’re not a maintenance company. So we do not deal in routine scheduled maintenance. It’s just we chose to stay out of that right now. But it is very important. We do small repairs and we can do some remodels we try not to do too much but hopefully it will give you some good information today about different things you can do on your own and some things that need professional help. So obviously part of owning a pool is maintaining it. No matter what kind of pool you have whether it’s final fiberglass or goodnight. They all require routine maintenance. And if you clean your pool regularly and you keep the water balanced it’s really going to improve the life of your poems. The life of your plaster all your equipment it’s going to improve the longevity of all that if you can maintain your pool properly. So first we’re just talking about you know basic cleaning of your pool and what should be done regularly and what you need maybe fresheners to help you with. So a big thing is just keeping debris out of the pool so leaves and things like that you’ll need some kind of leaf skimmer or that either a robotic one or one that you’d do by hand which is most common and you’ll just have to keep an eye on that if you have plants near your poor trees near your pool. Something that you have to do pretty regularly if you don’t have a pool maintenance company coming out every week then you’ll have to do it yourself Tulsa Pools.

So you have skimmers in your pool and these skimmer baskets will catch a lot of debris. And so those will need to be emptied pretty regularly. And then like I said use a net to skim any leaves or debris off the top of the pool before they sink because once they sink it’s much harder to clean them out. A lot of pools these days especially luxury pools will have in for cleaning systems which are really nice. Tulsa Pools They actually spray the walls of the pool and clean it for you. It’s something it’s really automated and makes maintenance a little bit easier on us. The owner also robot robotic cleaners are very popular and they clean on on their own so you don’t really have to monitor them or do anything manually. That makes a very nice. Maintaining your water balance is very important. So whether you have a clean pool or a saltwater pool you have to maintain the pH balance the alkalinity. All of that you want to make sure is properly balanced otherwise the water can become corrosive to. The pool equipment. You’re decking the tile. You want to make sure it’s all properly balanced. And. If you want to learn how to do that yourself you definitely can there’s plenty of resources online. Google Amenas an amazing venture to find any information that you need. But most people opt to just have a maintenance company maintain that for them and that’s the easiest way to insure that you’re going to have it properly balanced for sure to have a professional come out and do it.

Tulsa Pools So doing all these things and maintaining your trust the cleanliness of your pool and your water balance is going to help prevent a lot of damages that could be done just by improper water bonds or debris getting stuck in your pumps. Things like that. So just maintaining the cleanliness of your pool is going to help immensely.

Yeah ph balance is really important for maintenance. You know your pool will. Last longer. Better maintenance keeping that pH balance around seven point to between seven point five. Make sure you know. And that’s something hard to do. Maybe need to get some professionals to take care of that for you. That’s good. I mean you always give us a call and we can set you up with some partners that we trust in in order to. Do the maintenance side of things like Rachel said. We’re not into the maintenance field but we know some great people that can take care of your needs and it will take really good care of you.

Tulsa Pools And so that’s about the the maintenance part repair on the other we can we can always help you with if you’ve got something that needs repairing done whether it’s some tile workers I’m copying or whatever that’s chipped off or if it’s something that needs to be replastered give us a call because we can definitely help you out with those situations. And we would actually love to do that for you.

Yes so being the being a possible contractor even though we don’t do we don’t call ourselves a maintenance or repair company. We know a lot about it and we can definitely help you and recommend you to people who do know more about it. I’m continuing on kind of with the maintenance and upkeep to prevent repairs. When you’re talking about your equipment this would be like your Palm Beach filter your heater stuff of that nature. Those also need to be maintained regularly. So for example your pump. You’ll need to regularly clean out the strainer basket for your pump. And usually all this entails is removing the housing from your pump and then pulling out the basket and dumping it out. You’ll also want to make sure that the O-ring on your pump is or the gasket that seals the lid of the pump housing make sure that it’s. In good condition. If that is broken it can cause leaks. You want to make sure that’s in good condition that it hasn’t deteriorated or anything like that. If you have a serious pump problem like a major leak a water leak or something like that that would require professional help. And is that’s what we just worked on a pool recently. And what was there.

What do we repair. They need to just need salt generator replaced and we can do that as well.

They needed their heater. The pool here was not working. Cooperatively. So you know we managed to fix that as well. Find out the problem issue is it wouldn’t happen again Tulsa Pools.

So if you do have any major problems with your pump or your filter or your heater that is something that we can help you with and we can make sure you get all the right parts that you need and they’re installed properly and that you get everything back your water balance properly again.

Yes. And back to maintenance and stuff. Again maintenance requires a lot of adding chemicals and knowing the right amount of chemicals and stuff that you’re adding in tablets and you know all that good stuff that requires a little bit of math to figure out how what you need and what you don’t need.

And so again if you ever need some assistance with that and call Sharples and Spawn’s at 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 to 7 we can help you with those issues. We want to any any any maintenance or repair again here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We want to be your premier source for gun night in ground swimming pool repair and maintenance so you can contact us at 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7 or cedar pools and spas. Dot com. And again we can help you set up with situations where we can help you set up what we need to do to take care of you to make sure that your pool is as happy and full function and ready to go for the summer and any other of those needs. Tulsa Pools¬†Rachel do you have a final thought about maintenance. If you had one word to say about.

Just do it. OK. Now that’s two words if you want to know. That’s three words. If you had one word to say about how important it is to maintain your pool what would you say. Crucial crucial. That’s she’s smart guys. OK. That wraps it up for the day. Thank you for listening. We will get back with you next time. Until next time I will talk to you next time. Adios