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All right welcome back.

Today for another round of podcasts with Geragos and spazzed in Tulsa it’s me.


And Rachel who clearly does not understand deductions. But that’s OK. I’ll help her out. She’s special. So here today when we talked about just our personal lives and how we became the pool builders. Right Rachel.

So originally I was born and ninety one thousand nine hundred ninety three eighty and and then it’s all history from there. Now I’m just kidding.

So Rachel I got married a couple of years back and always had a desire to be business owners and Rachel’s father was in the construction business and had a business and we just kind of took it on from there. I mean it’s pretty much Tulsa Pools.

Long story short how long my back tires and how we found love and became Tulsa for the others.

Yeah that’s a great one. OK.

You go so my family almost. Well my dad everyone on my dad’s side comes from an entrepreneurial family so my grandpa and my grandma started daycare business that has now grown to three locations. Tulsa Pools And my father helped grow those locations and make them what they are today. When he was in high school and then in college then after that he started a homebuilding company. He built custom homes in Tulsa and he started a construction cleanup company. He also had a dirt sand and gravel company. And then he started the pool company. So he’s had multiple successful businesses mainly in the construction industry and then in the daycare industry which is kind of rainbow but so I’ve grown up around a very entrepreneurial family. It was always great in my childhood because my parents had the flexibility. My dad had the flexibility to take us on vacations. He was his own boss so he could decide you know when he wanted to take us on vacations and.

His schedule was very flexible and he was you know always present I don’t ever remember my dad not being present at anything that we did. He was always able to be at every school that. Sporting event or anything like that and I loved that and I had a great childhood. And when I got in high school I began working for my dad. I. Worked as a secretary in his office doing filing billing invoicing things like that. I also worked in one of his daycares which I will never ever do again. I did not last long in a day care. That was the worst job. I just I don’t know.

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. If you love kids I guess you love it and Rachel hates it. Not saying I don’t know she tells me every day that how she never wanted to I’m not saying I don’t love kids but daycare is a very hard environment to work in and the kids don’t. Kids like me. So I had to get off the side and they didn’t like me for that so. Oh yeah poor anyways.

I worked at a daycare you didn’t like it.

Yeah. My dad’s daycare. I would say working in my dad’s businesses.

This is all how you became a pool builder. Yeah. OK. My my my kind of entrepreneurial background right. Right on the road on the way on the road to be a little older. Tulsa Pools So I worked for my parents for a long time when I was twenty one years to move out. She moved out OK.

I made the adult decision that I wanted to learn what life was like without working for my parents and. Having to support myself and just having the independence so I moved out to an apartment with my roommate I met on Craigslist.

My favorite part is coming up with oh my you buy this. OK. We haven’t fallen in love yet.

But the pilot you starting in 2013. Now before I’m out and we started a band together. And then we fell in love.

It wasn’t quite like that but long story short. But. OK.

And. And then I was on the edge of the ship and she came.

And she placed her hand on my on my cheek. And she began to say. I LOVE YOU CODY. I want to be with you forever.

And I want to have your children. And I said. But I thought your. Children.

She said no. Where’d you get that idea. I was like you’ve always had it. When you were at the daycare. Said you hated children.

That she’s like oh no I love children. I was like OK let’s get married and then we got married.

Yeah. I’m just kidding. Are haven’t. We met in 2013 we had a worship band together that was really fun we hung out a lot. We dated.

This is all a story of us becoming a pool builder. Yes. OK. We’re getting there Tulsa Pools.

Yes we dated. We broke date and we broke up.

I moved down and I moved out of my parents house. I said I work two jobs. So I was doing The Rise and grind I was working at a church from 7 to 5:30 and then I’d work at Starbucks from 7:00 at night to about 11:00 just trying to impress my customers.

That’s for sure.

And I go to sleep and I wake up and I do it all again the next day. And that was fun for a while.

But in the moments you were thinking about me and in between those times right.

Sure. OK. It got old really fast working two jobs but it taught me hard work.

And it was good for that time being and over that time Cody and I remained friends and that’s when we saw him of hanging out his friends his best friend. Yes. I.

Pretty much. Told him that I wanted to marry.

Tulsa Pools And then we started dating and then a couple months later and you proposed to me and then she came to me crawling on our knees and said Cody. I need you I want you.

And I was like we’re getting off track. OK you’re right. Ok anyways.

But I always had an entrepreneurial background and I knew that I always wanted to have my own company because from my own business and be be my own boss with my husband because I just saw the flexibility that it gave my dad and our family and I wanted that for my future family.

And so that’s where I was kind of coming from well we’re almost out of time we’re going to have to rename this podcast Rachel’s story instead of our story but that’s OK.

But yeah I guess I can make it. I’m just kidding. We can make it a short story I met Rachel and we fell in love. I’ll make it real short. That’s how guys are.

And then you know what has that passion is kind of own their own businesses just not everyone not every line like working for other people because they don’t have to.

I think there’s a percentage out there a study that you know people have thought about it but actually executing it is a totally different matter in hand.

And and so you know at the encouragement of my beautiful wife Rachel and you know just being alongside her I could do with anyone else beside Rachel.

And that’s again this is how we all on the road to being a multiple builder. We yeah we got married. You know we were working different jobs at the time. We knew we were her own business. Rachel’s father had the poor business open and kind of easy steps. Not easy but it was already it was already grown and it was a great amazing first start for us to start our own business.

Tulsa Pools And so we we got on board and you know just started doing a lot of research and just trying to be real knowledgeable in our field here.

And we just we love the fact of owning something and you just buy that way. Yeah.

And so and that is how we became pool builders. Tulsa Yeah yeah.

So was there a happy ending. What’s the happening. I feel like this was the end of the movie.

So now we’re married and we do have our own business and that’s great. We have weekends that are schedule we get to spend a lot of time with each other sometimes that might not be the best. And you know it’s a great way of working together.

We have a grand time and it’s fun.

And so yeah that’s how we became owners of the airport and spas and Tulsa and how we became builders. And so again if you need a pool needs or any if you want a pool in your backyard give us a call 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7 we love to contact you and engage and meet with you and build a relationship with you and build a pool in your backyard and not just for not just to build and build your pool and be done with you but actually build a relationship with you and make sure we’re there for any pool building or any pool expertise needs that you need. And we’re always available. You can contact us again. And then when 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7 or on our Web site that’s your pools and spas dot com. I’m glad you listened to our beautiful love story of how we came about to be taught to pull builders.

I almost cried.

It was so magical and beautiful Rachel telling her how much she loved me.

And to you OK this is going to wrap up the time Tulsa Pools.

And thank you for joining us and listen in to how we become became a pool builders have a great day. We’ll talk to you next time. Adios Machakos.