As we design and create the Tulsa Pools of your dreams, we have a full and lengthy process that we go through to make sure that every detail is to your liking and that everything turns out just how you would want it to. One of these steps is design and bid. Once the designers have finished creating your design, we create a series of renderings as well as a short video so that we can be prepared to show you everything that you will need to know about your new pool. This way you can be able to see what your custom pool looks like in your own space during the day as well as during the night. We will provide you with a 2d plan that illustrates measurements and labels that explains what all is included in your design and we will give you the exact measurements of every single detail of your pool, new decking, water features, spa, and anything else that you would like us to work on in your yard.

We understand the importance of creating pristine Tulsa Pools for you and your family, so we want to make sure that every single feature of this pool and anything else that we were working on will be within your budget. everything that we present to you during the bid and design will be broken down by price point. we make sure that you will not feel blindsided whatsoever. Next we will request a $500 deposit in order to move forward with construction. This deposit allows us to write up an official contract with you and this way we can begin getting our permits submitted to the city or county. We make sure that everything that we do goes through the correct legal channels so that everything is up to code and will not cause any trouble down the line. Once you have made your deposit, our payment schedule is listed out below.

in order to get Tulsa Pools amazing, this 25 percent down at the beginning of your contract, 25% down at excavation, 25% down at gunite, 20% down at deck setup and 5% at interior finish. We accept check and cash payments for these payments, but can take credit as well for an additional small fee.

Before we finalize the contract though, we make sure that we make any last additional design adjustments that are necessary. We can adjust any detail of the pool project to ensure that your design is exactly to your liking and is exactly the way that you would like it to be. We know that you may change your mind on many of the details of your pool project, and we don’t think that this is a problem at all. Anything that you want changed after your contract has been signed is something that can always be written up as a change order. We encourage our clients to be as detailed as possible when expressing the changes they desire to make.

please visit our website at give us a call at 918-884-8427.

Tulsa Pools | Construction Experts

When we are creating amazing Tulsa Pools, construction is a big part of that. Once we get through all of the paperwork and fine tuning of what the pool will look like, we get to work creating the pool of your dreams. We know that oftentimes companies make this a long and drawn out process, but we do not want that to be your experience. We desire to make this as easy and proficient of a process as possible, and that is why we hire The Very Best of the Best when it comes to Construction crews. We make sure that everyone that we hire is proficient and everything that they need to know related to construction, so that there will not be any mistakes, and everything will be created to your Liking. Once the permits have been approved by the city or county, and also once your contract has been signed, we are able to move forward with the construction process.

Construction is the most exciting time in the process of creating Tulsa Pools! We know how much you are looking forward to seeing actual things happen. We love seeing progress when it comes to pools, and we know you do too. to learn more about our construction process, please visit our swimming pool construction page on the services tab that can be found on our website. Our construction team and managers are always driving to maintain open and full communication throughout the entire pool construction process. We know that communication with you is of the utmost importance, and we do not want to let you down.

We find it extremely important to keep our clients informed as we create their Tulsa Pools. at Sierra Pools and Spas we know how important it is to be able to visualize everything that will be happening in your pool project before we even break ground. We want nothing more than to be able to create something that is an absolute Paradise for you that will only be a few steps away from your back door. If you want to learn about how you can access this amazing experience, we would love to set up your in-home consultation for free. We have lots of design samples that are available on our website, and we would love for you to browse these options anytime you would like.

We have crafted a beautifully designed website that you can visit at any time. We have lots of frequently Asked questions, testimonials, contact information, and galleries that you can browse to make sure that we are going to be able to meet your standards. We are confident that you will love the work that we create, but we make sure that you know this beforehand by offering all of these visuals for you at Feel free to give us a call so that we can talk over the phone about any of this information: 918-884-8427.