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Tulsa Custom Gunite Pools and Vinyl Pools

Well hello. Welcome back to our pools and spas of Tulsa. I am Codie in with me as always is my beautiful wife Rachel say hello. We are coming to you today with a topic that we’ve already discussed but you don’t know that because we thought we were recording this podcast but we didn’t and so we are well knowledged about what we’re going to talk about and what we’re already going to say because it’s already happened. Is that not enough. Well knowledged knowledgeable knowledgeable English is hard. OK.

OK. Anyways today we’re going to be talking about Tulsa custom pools and vinyl Tulsa pools.

The pros and cons about both which one is the better glass pool. I forgot to mention those beauties and they’re all going to be talking about how how you should decide on choosing the right pool for you and which one is the best. And if if I’m not biased I can tell you what it’s going to be but we’ll all discuss and it will prove a point tonight.

And in just a moment. So today let’s talk about some pools in some vinyl pools.

Rachel what’s your thought. Oh I suppose Rachel what’s your thought on these three types of  Tulsa pools.

Well they’re all very different from each other being a taxable contractor. We specialize in in-ground pools. However when you’re looking to install a pool in your backyard in Tulsa you have many different options so there is above ground there’s ground there’s vinyl there’s fiberglass there’s going to it and it can be hard to decide which one you want to go with. So hopefully today we can help you clear up just some of the differences between the different types of pools so above ground pools obviously are above the ground whereas in ground pools are built in the ground that is so.

Awesome that you figured that out that we can share with our peeps here.

So but when we talk about in ground pools there’s three different types so there’s concrete there’s vinyl and there’s fiberglass. Like I said mentioned before we specialize in concrete or goodnite swimming pools as they’re more commonly referred to as. And this is usually what most people think of when they think of an ingrown swimming pool. Actually the PSP which is the association of Pool and Spa Professionals did a poll and they estimate that about 65 to 70 percent of pools built each year are going to pools. These numbers are supported. By survey that they’ve done through the group’s members and yeah those just found that when I see them it is the most popular material for Tulsa pools and this is because of many different reasons advances in concrete materials and the techniques for applying it have really helped the material retain its popularity its very stable its longevity outweighs all other types of pools. And this is what’s made it more popular in recent years. So typically you will not typically all. Pools are all seem at pools are either sprayed with goodnite or shot great. They’re basically the same thing just the process is all different. But today for today’s purposes we’ll just call them going to pools and that’s what we use is night. They’re cementing materials. So they’re a mix of cement and sand and different sediment and they’re sprayed at very high speeds outside and out of a gun to create walls that are eight to 12 inches thick on any point of the pool. T-bills are going to pool first. The walls will be reinforced with still rebar.

Again just adding to the stability structural stability of the pool. And because of this the pool can be made to any shape the customer wants so if they want kind of a lagoon the pool builder can create data if they want more of rectangle they can create that multiple steps and benches can be added spa’s can be added. They’re completely customizable to every customer completely unique to each customer’s design which makes them again another popular option because people can really get what they want what they’re looking for get something that matches the aesthetic that they’re going for in their backyard. The finishing part of a tight pool is the plaster and this is what you feel when you walk on giving it kind of that gritty feeling on your feet. This just prevents you from slipping. Tulsa Pools And yeah it’s really hopeful’s that you don’t fall and hurt yourself when you’re in the pool. And plaster again is customizable comes in a variety of colors and that can be unique to the customers. Well a pool typically takes between four to eight weeks or longer depending on the size of the pool and all the features that you’re adding. So it takes the longest to complete. That’s kind of an overview of what a good night pool is. The next type of thing on pool would be a vinyl pool. And when you talk about a monopole you’re referring to the liner of the pool which is what holds the water. The products that are used in a mine will vary from one company to the next so. A vinyl pull consists of the liner in the pool and the pool can be made of.

Aluminum galvanized steel plastic or sometimes even pressure treated plywood. Again each company has its own method. And then the vinyl liner is attached to the top and the water suctions it down to the floor and the floor can be either a thin concrete pad underneath the final line or sometimes just sand and gravel. Not again just depends on the company. Vinyl pools are not customizable. Usually the company has manufactured the shapes and the designs that work for them. The one thing that is customizable about a vinyl pool would be the liner and the liners are very smooth. They create a very smooth surface all over the pool so it’s not hard on your feet. However they can be very slippery. Codys Misi owns a vinyl pool and just last summer she was walking down her vinyl pool steps and she slipped and fell and hurt her hip really bad. So that is a concern with vinyl liner Tulsa pools as they are very slippery and can be dangerous and not paying attention or if you just happen to slip they’re very slippery. So that’s kind of Vinal pulls in the show. And then the last type of pool would be a fiberglass pool a fiberglass pool is basically like a giant bath tub. So again it’s made in you put bubbles in it.

And so the little rubber ducky you’re and go.

So it’s a pre-made shape that basically you pick out a catalog and then it’s shipped to you on a giant truck so it’s me she’s coughing excuse me. So again it’s not customizable. Fiberglass pools have a joke coating which makes it smooth like a vinyl pool. But again can be very slippery. So you want to be careful. Fiberglass is the is the material that the poor shape is built out of which can be very strong.

It can crack.

One thing that you have to be careful of with fiberglass pools is that if not installed properly and if the soil is not backfilled properly you can have the issue of water getting underneath the pool and then popping that fiberglass shell onto the ground which is no bueno. Not cool. So that’s one thing that you have to make sure you have an experienced crew to install your pool. These Tulsa pools can be installed in about a week. Final pools can also be installed in about a week so it’s very fast. However fiberglass falls can cause can cost sometimes 10 percent more than going a pool which can be surprising for some people. But. The cost of shipping a fiberglass can drive the price up even more so when you’re looking at that you definitely want to compare between the two. And most people find that they can get a custom goodnite pool for a comparable price. So if you’re looking for something fast and you don’t care about that then if our gas pulls the way you go. But again it’s going to provide a comparable price for a much better option and the longevity is going to be much longer. I was going to last you for a much greater amount of time and going to be completely accustomed to what you what you’re looking for.

Yes.  Tulsa Pools And all the beautiful pools that you see in pictures and stuff are 95 percent pools and I’m just making this up. But I really believe that that all the you know all the good looking complex pools that you see maybe on TV or Pinterest or whatever you’re looking at and you see all those crazy designs and believing they they have really come with technology and doing great engineering with vinyl pools these days and they can do a lot more than what they used to just a few years ago. But just the diversity the complex the magnificent things you can do with a nice pool is is extraordinary. And so you know if you’re looking for something that you want in your backyard custom that is absolutely beautiful paradise then you know come to see year in swathes of Tulsa and we’ll build that custom going to pull for you. And that’s just a little bit difference between apples and apples and Byron gospels virtually anything else for us today. She did a great job talking this one out. I was sitting here bound about that it didn’t record last time. So I started talks much on this one. But yeah that’s that’s going to be a wrap for the day. Remember Tulsa. She opposes Spaza. Is she ready to serve you for any of your pool needs. We’d love to do business with you. We’d love to build a relationship with you and continue serving you. So again Tulsa pools. Vinyl pools fiberglass pools the difference between those. Yeah and we’re passionate about going to our pools and that’s what we’re doing as of today.

Live and live in the dream.

So OK we will talk to you next time. Until next time I’m Cody. And we’ll see