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Tulsa Pool Construction

Help. Welcome to another amazing podcast with Cody and Rachel of ¬£0 boss of Tulsa. We’re again force and Spawn’s and you can find us on the web at cereals and Spa’s dot com contact us at 9 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions comments concerns complaints. Anything we want to talk to you and you can call us and we would love to build a relationship with you and do business with you. So today we’ll be talking about a little bit about constructing a pool in the construction process Tulsa Pools.

So this is a fun a fun subject because not many people if you don’t if you’re not into the industry you don’t really know how all the steps and whatnot of building a custom pool. And so this may help you understand if you’re thinking about a pool and you don’t want the pool in your backyard what to look forward to in the weeks to come of the construction process of a good pool in your backyard. And so first you know let’s just let’s just start from the beginning like let’s say you called us in you want to set up you need a quote and you have a pool in mind that you want to build in your backyard. You know the pool of your dreams you’re ready to put it in your backyard and finally you can touch that Pincian or you hit the lottery or you just I guess well often you can afford for now it is time for you to have a pointer backyard or maybe you moved and you had a pool house and you want a pool.

So we’re going to talk about the construction process and kind of the how that’s going to work out Tulsa Pools.

So first you’d call us in the morning you’d call him and we would answer and then we’ll set up a consultation meeting and then we would come and meet with you we talk about your ideas.

We talk about what’s what are you thinking about what you want what you dream. You know all the good stuff and you know we get a better idea of what you’re wanting and we build a relationship with you and get to know you in and kind of what you like what you don’t like about Tulsa pools and whatnot. And so we take that information and we would come and design a pool that you kind of told us about our pool that you have an image of your head that you want in your backyard and we would kind of we’d put that on paper and put that on a computer so you can see what it would look like in your backyard.

And then we present that idea with you and then you’re absolutely just going to love it and we’ll do some contracts and stuff and just say hey this is what we do. So we’re all understanding on good term. And then as soon as that happens the process begins. What are we first do Rachel.

First we have to get the building permit. We have to get the building permits. That’s correct. Once those are approved by the city then what will happen is the crew will come out and lay the form boards for your post. We are ready to construct. Yep basically works out where the pool is going to be so that they can the excavators can come in and dig out the shape. So after the forum boards are set they all come in and excavate dig a hole in your backyard and then we fill it with water and then we’re going to go yeah.

And then we’ve done our part and we all leave happy. Now it’s all we do know.

Oh yeah so an excavator will do the majority of the digging and then some hand digging will be done as well to shape out different parts of the pool and smooth up the surfaces on the inside. Once the excavation is complete the placement of the rebar will begin so. Concrete is strong but without rebar supporting it it can crack under stress. So the rebar makes it strong and resilient.

It’s like the bones of a human body Tulsa Pools.

Yes exactly. So the placement of the rebar will begin. And there are the rebar is placed in a kind of like a grid pattern all along the walls and floor of the pool and then after the rebar is placed not sure what the next step will mend the plumbing comes and all and you know insert all the plumbing and the skimmers and digging trenches to wherever your pool pads are your equipment pads going to be getting all that plumbing lined up for you.

So it’s ready to go. And then after that Rachel what are we going to do with the plumbing.

Tulsa Pools And then this is when you’ll really get to see the shell of the pool come to life because then we will begin spraying the night tonight.

And it is just a mix of concrete. Pretty much. And we got to build that show that for you and so that the concrete comes in so we dig the hole. We put the reinforced bar in and then we put the plumbing in and now we’re ready for the concrete. So continuing on to our construction process after the concrete What do we do.

So after the concrete they will work on tile and coping. So you. Every customer gets to pick which kind of trial and coping they like and what they want installed on their pool. So at this point that’s when that will be installed. Around the the waterline of your pool and this was on the top. Then we’ll go ahead and do the equipment and utilities set up so an experienced technician was actually plomb in all the necessary equipment for the pool including water feature pumps heaters. Things of that nature. And then a licensed electrician will install your breaker box and they’ll run the electrical conduits for the pool lights and the pool equipment and then if you have a gas heater the gas lines will be run as well by license utilities specialist. Then all of this is going on we’ll be doing your deck layout and Port. So depending on the type of decking that you wanted and how large you wanted it they’ll begin pouring that for you and getting that all set up as well. Once your deck layout and poor are done you’re getting close to the end of the process. So we’ll remove any excess waste at this point in construction material and we’ll prepare for the interior of your ¬†Tulsa pools and clean up your backyard.

Because at this point we probably turned it up tore it up pretty good. And you know getting the equipment in and out and you probably don’t have much grass left it’s pretty dirty back there and the part where we start cleaning things up and get started in your backyard. Lipkin little Sammy is looking really nice that part of things.

Then the last thing before we actually start up all your equipment will be that plaster finish. So the plaster crew will come in and they hand trial the plaster with the color of your choice whatever material you chose. And we’ll do that. And then once the plaster is finished there has to cure under water so will fill up your pool and the plaster will have to cure. And then at that point you will go through a mini pool school training and this will be one of our partners and they’ll come out they’ll start up your equipment they’ll tell you how your equipment works show you how to work it and then you’ll have to go through about a week of getting your water balanced properly after the plaster has cured in those years. It’s just kind of a time of balancing your water.

Tulsa Pools All the minerals and such in the tap water that came from the water in your house. All that minerals and such. Got to balance that out according to what it needs to be in a swimming pool at some point to some point six ph balance.

So once all that is done you’ve reached almost you’ve completed the construction process. Your water bounced it right go so you air up the float is the energy you get your pool noodles.

Invite all your friends girl some burgers and go swimming and it’s time the construction process is complete.

So running through this construction process one more time. Just because Mr. so will meet with you. We’ll come in and make a design for you.

Tulsa Pools And then after we agree on like hey this is what we’re going to do. We’ll get plans and we’ll put the permits in the city to get that ready to go. And then as soon as that’s ready to go we’ll start laying out in your backyard or start shaping it how the pool is going to be. We’re going to start spraying the grass down with some spray paint. Lining up the pool before we even start digging and then after that we start digging for excavating trying to get all that dirt out and then we after we get our whole of of what our pool is going to look like we start the steel construction part of things will start reinforcing and putting rebar into the coal and start shaping your pool again. Rebars like the skeleton inside our bodies. That’s kind of what holds everything together. And then after we get that finished we’ll we’ll get the plumbing and all the plumbing all the drains all the inlets all the all the skimmers all the jets to the spa will get all that lined up ready to go. So for the next step we can start spraying some night and then we’ll spray that and then it’s starting to look really good. It’s starting to look hey that’s starting to look like a pool. And so we’ll get going I’m done with that here. Then it’s time to go on to fix it up with tile and fixing the coping of your preference of whatever you chose. And before we do those.

Tulsa Pools And then after we get that lay down equipment and utilities start to get set up and then we start to lay out the deck and in any other decking that we need to accomplish. And then after that we’ll start cleaning up the site cleaning up the backyard because making it all look ready to go ready to start swimming. And then after that the pool is finished and we’ll start it up get you some instructions and you’re ready to start swimming. So it’s pretty cool. That construction process of pretty much basic how it how it runs down. And then the pool business so virtually anything I say that’s going to be OK. Again this because the construction process here but zero pools and spas at the Tulsa pool construction process. Again if you have any questions comes concerns call us now 1 8 8 8 4 8 4 2 7 or at Sierre pool and Spawn’s not calm. All right. Have a great day again. Poor construction common comments questions give us a call. We’ll talk to you next time